A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 25 The Camp

Chapter 25 The Camp

”My storage skill.” , After answering her question he went back to eating, just as he finished they noticed the caravan started to move. , The both of them made their way over. , As they walked along the dirt road while his face was getting hit by a summer breeze, Archer checked his status. , Experience: 1300/2000 , Level Up: 25>26 , SP: 4>12 , Eldritch Blast: 1>2 , Cosmic Sword: 1>2 , Archer was happy as he leveled up 2 of his spells, and gained a new level. , The caravan moved along the road for a few more hours before they could see a village in the distance. , They arrived not long after, Rowana, Ephrain and Ludo all said their goodbyes to Archer as the caravan passed through without stopping. , Rowana quickly approached him and hugged him so hard that he was getting suffocated between her two massive mountains. , ”Look after yourself, we will see each other when I’ve completed this quest, be careful when you’re travelling.” , She made her way back to the caravan before it passed through the southern gate, Archer went off to find the village chief. , Looking around he spotted the best house in the place, he made his way over to it and knocked on the door. , Knock!~ Knock!~ , After a few minutes a young man in his early 20s answered the door with a cocky look on his face. 𝘪.𝘤𝑜𝘮, ”What do you want boy?” , He knew where this was going. , ‘He’s the young master type.’ , Before the man could say anything Archer stared into his eyes and spoke. , ”Fuck this and ** you, tell the Chief I’m here to clear the goblins.” , Not giving the man a chance to speak, he went to look for any villagers roaming around. , After searching for a while, he found a woman outside a house hanging up clothes, he approached and greeted her with a smile. , ”Hello miss, do you happen to know where the goblins have been seen?” , The woman turned around and looked at the boy who spoke. , Her eyes widen as she has never seen anyone who looks like him, she could tell he wasn’t human but couldn’t figure out what he was. , She nodded her head and answered the boy. , ”Yes, leave through the west gate and head towards the ruined farm, they were seen there yesterday.” , Archer thanked the woman and headed to the western gate. , He walked for an hour and arrived at the ruined farm. , After looking around for a while he couldn’t find anything, so he decided to search the forest. , When he entered the forest the afternoon sunlight got blocked out, but it didn’t effect him because of his dragon senses. , While walking past some strange looking tree he got attacked by some monkey looking beasts. , They were throwing things at him from the branches. , He was dodging all the projectiles, until a sneaky monkey snuck up close before throwing one. , It smacked him straight in the face, he came to a stop to get whatever they threw off. , This angered him as he chased the damn creatures while ranting and raving. , He caught two of the damned things and butchered them in front of the other monkeys, sending them in a wild panic as they saw the demon child tearing apart their kin. , Archer cast cosmic sword and chased the things down, slaying them one by one, as he stored them in his item box , After killing 4 more he stopped chasing the beasts, and he got back to his goblin search. , A few hours later he came across a clue, loads of little foot prints heading further into the forest, he followed them and kept out of the way. , He didn’t want to be spotted so soon, after following the tracks for a little while he came across a massive clearing with a camp built in it. , Looking up and finding the perfect branch, he jumped up to it and climbed higher so he could get a better view of the place. , What he saw kind of shocked him, it was a big goblin camp. , There was hundreds of goblins walking around, that’s when archer felt his heart beat starting to get quicker, he wanted to jump down and start slaughtering everything. , He wanted to rip them apart and eat their hearts. , Archer was losing his mind thinking about all the hearts he will be able to eat and how much experience he will gain. , Casting cosmic sword twice and plunging the blade into the first goblins chest, he pulled the blade out and rushed forward while starting to rhyme. , ”Goosey, goosey, gander. , Where shall I wander.” , He ran towards another goblin slicing its throat, then he shot 4 fire missiles at two groups of goblins who were running towards him. , He went back to rhyming as he butchered every goblin he came across. , ”Up stairs, down stairs. , And in my lady’s chamber” , Blood was flying everywhere as Archer slashed and stabbed everything he got close to, the goblins were clueless and didn’t know how to react. , They were thrown into a panic as all they could see was white and black streaks as more of them were falling to the floor. , Archer was thunder stepping around the camp not letting any goblins catch him. , ”There I met an old man. , Would not say his prayers” , Archer was out of breath so he started to use magic. , Casting loads of void blasts, plasma shots and fire missiles while he finished his rhyme with a big smile. , ”Take him by the left leg. , Throw him down the stairs.” , Archer laughed as he finished rhyming, he looked around at the carnage he caused with a smile, a little under 100 bodies lay motionless. , ‘Loads of hearts Hehe.’ , His senses screamed out to him to quickly block, so he did just that. 𝘳.𝑐ℴ, And was sent flying as a massive great sword swiped at him as he blocked it just in time. , He managed to land on his feet, looking up he saw a big goblin, unlike the skinny ones, this one had muscles and a decent weapon. , Smiling as he prepared himself, he charged forward after casting body enhancement, strengthening his whole body for the fight ahead. , The big goblin swung his sword again but Archer fired a plasma shot at the blade directly hitting it, making it change course allowing him to easily dodge it. , When he dodged the swing, he sliced the goblins wrists, making it scream out in pain. , Archer kept firing plasma shots and fire missiles at it, getting the regular feeling he is used to he quickly cast cosmic shield, , The shield deflected an axe strike from behind. , He turned around and stabbed the goblin, flinging the body away he turned to the big guy who was half burnt and struggling to stand. , Smiling as he saw his opponent in a horrible state he attacked again, speeding forward he fired a plasma blast at the goblin. , It blocked the attack but Archer slashed it’s leg, bringing it to the ground. , He spun around and jumped towards its back, stabbing both swords into the base of it’s neck. , Looking around he spotted the surviving goblins fleeing, so like a police dog he sprinted after them. , He was like a hound on a hunt and slew loads of goblins. , Archer stopped because he was out of breath. , He dismissed his swords as he took a slow walk back while collecting every heart and body he came across, arriving back at the camp he went about collecting the hearts, bodies and loot. , After hours of looting, Archer looked up and realized it has turned night time, he gathered 147 goblin corpses and 156 hearts, 100 gold coins, 200 silver and 1023 copper. , He found some human and demi human corpses in one of the ram shackled huts, they must of ambushed a caravan or adventurers party recently. , Archer started eating the hearts he had, so he can obtain their experience and reduce the amount he has. , Once he finished them all he will check his status. , He gathered up everything he wanted and left the camp not before firing missiles at all the shacks and burning them to the ground. , Archer walked away as he was looking for a tree to sleep in. , For some reason he has become very comfortable in trees, not long after looking he found a tall sturdy one. , Climbing up it, he took out his water skin and had a drink. , Watching the stars in the sky as he ate. , Before long he felt sick and stopped after the 30th heart. , He laid down and fell asleep hoping he didn’t have any more nightmares. , The next morning Archer opened his eyes to see a bird-looking creature in front of him. , When the creature saw him looking it flew off quickly. , Archer got up while scratching his head, he looked around and remembered he fell asleep just outside the goblin’s camp. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, This content is taken from 𝘪𝘦.𝘤𝑜

Chapter end

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