Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 150 – Lingqing’s Crisis

Chapter 150 – Lingqing’s Crisis

The young man who kicked the door down was looking unbelievably arrogant. This was obviously the little prince of the Gold Faction, Jin Shengen. Even the little prince of the Gold Faction was a self-conferred title.

You two have quite the nerve to not even care about the reputation of I, Jin Shengen, huh?

Upon seeing the unfamiliar face that belonged to Long Chen and faced with Liu Lans back, Jin Shengen had no idea who he was but could guess that Long Chen was nobody special. He was already holding a grudge.

Just as he finished speaking, a sharp, penetrating glare was fixed on Long Chen.

Long Chen could feel a very pointed aura. It was as if Jin Shengen was a very sharp sword, and while the two of them were not physically close, the edged tip from Jin Shengens aura had stabbed at him.

Feeling little beads of blood already seeping from the surface of his skin, Long Chen was certain that this was no accident.

If Long Chen had some status and damaged his reputation, Jin Shengen had nothing to say. However, it was merely a kid at the Human Dan Realm who had done challenged him. The nerve of this kid!

Hence, he had not been the least bit apprehensive while kicking down the door. Letting the power of his Gilding Physique explode, he advanced towards Long Chen.

Hes able to injure me just by standing in front of me. Is this the power of the high profound-grade battle technique, the Gilding Physique?

Long Chen was surprised but unafraid. If he had come here alone, he might have had some reservations about challenging Jin Shengen like he had just then. However, he had Liu Lan around.

As expected, Liu Lan had already stood up and turned, her sweet face and devilish figure facing Jin Shengen.

At the sight of such a beauty, the handsome Jin Shengen visibly gulped and was about to say something, but suddenly found her incredibly familiar. Taking a closer look, he found that it was the woman Chu Yunxi liked.

This kid is the Long Chen that Chu Yunxi spoke of?

Jin Shengen immediately realised who they were. He had planned on teaching Long Chen a lesson and take the Demonic Blood Soul Essence. However, with Liu Lan around, this plan was not viable.

Even if he ignored the issue regarding the essence, Jin Shengen could not let the matter relating to Chu Yunxi go like this.

And here I was wondering who it was so its the shameless couple. Whats your purpose in coming out here today? Finding a place to embarrass yourselves?

Jin Shengen might look cultured, but his words were difficult to bear. Hearing this, Liu Lan immediately revealed an expression of disgust as she spat out, Ive long since heard rumours of the little princes uncultured speech, which is very unbecoming of someone of your status. What Im seeing is truly an eye-opener.

In terms of bickering, she might not be able to win against Long Chen, but Jin Shengen had been the first to humiliate them. She was not so easily bullied.

What did you say?

Jin Shengen was beginning to get angry, but he knew that he had no chances of winning against her. If they were to fight here, the Daybreak Merchants Union might flip out, which was why he could only swallow his anger and mocked Long Chen while looking away from Liu Lan, Ive long since heard of Liu Lans flirtatious ways. Its quite hilarious that someone would like a loose woman like her

Is that so?

Long Chen didnt back down, Why does it sound like a case of a fox saying grapes are sour when it couldnt reach them? Chu Yunxi seems to be that fox.

(TLN: Theres a story about how a fox wanted to get some delicious grapes and couldnt reach it no matter what it did, so it gave up and said the grapes were sour to make itself feel better about not obtaining them.)

What did you say?

Hed thought Long Chen to be a lucky gigolo with Liu Lan providing for him. However, knowing Long Chen had had the nerve to go against him, Jin Shengen immediately revealed his murderous intentions.

His previous words had been a huge blow to Liu Lan. She knew she didnt have a very good reputation, but no matter how strong her heart was, she was still affected by his biting words. However, with Long Chens reply, all feelings of hurt dissipated, and she was able to laugh.

She shot Long Chen a look of gratitude, eyes still holding bewilderment.Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

Ive made myself extremely clear. I believe Young Master Jin should, by right, be able to understand something so simple, yes? I think even swine should be able to understand.

Long Chen spoke nonchalantly while smiling.

Pfft! Liu Lan covered her mouth and laughed femininely.

Their reactions were the ultimate insult to the little prince of the Gold Faction. His fists were now tightly clenched, eyes turning blood-red.

Long Chen, are you wishing for death?

Jin Shengen spat out. Long Chen had expected him to make a move, but in the end, Jin Shengen had restrained himself.

This level of endurance worried Long Chen. The little prince wasnt as impulsive or stupid as he appeared. On the contrary, he was very intelligent and did not lack patience.

An opponent like this and of such strength was extremely terrifying.

If theres nothing else, please leave. I doubt you dont know how impolite it is to disturb a couple when theyre enjoying each others company.

Long Chen did not yield.

Good, good!

Jin Shengen snickered and watched Liu Lan, and then Long Chen. What a great shameless couple. Youre definitely despicable enough! Long Chen, was it? I heard that youre going to participate in the inner faction selection. I hope youll be able to return to the Green Faction alive, or else this woman might fool around when she starts feeling lonely

You dont have to worry about that, Im definitely able to satisfy her.

Long Chens expression was very natural here, but Lingxi couldnt take it anymore. He suddenly felt a piercing pain at his ear, and could only grit his teeth and bear it.

How could I forget this little devil was still around!

Meanwhile, Jing Shengen, who had noticed that Long Chen was still unperturbed by the threats, could feel his thirst for blood rising.

He could only suppress the anger he felt and sneered, Since you arent afraid of death, let me tell you something else. For the first part of the inner faction selection, I am Chu Yunxis teammate. Im pretty sure nobodys willing to be yours, right? Haha

While laughing, he spoke to Liu Lan after a quick glance at Long Chen, Bitch, Ill make sure you see him kneeling before me, begging for mercy in front of everyone. I might even let him off he does that

Snickering, Jin Shengen turned and left the compartment elegantly.

The powerful aura that had been pressurising Long Chen disappeared.

Long Chen found that from Jin Shengens powerful Gilded Physique, there were already tens of fine injuries on his body, as if he had been pricked by needles.

Are you alright?

Seeing the traces of blood on Long Chens face, Liu Lan asked worriedly.

Dont worry about it.

Lightly rubbing the blood away, these tiny injuries disappeared under Origin Reversion in moments.

Are you satisfied now?

Rolling her eyes at Long Chen, Liu Lan took a seat bonelessly, eyes full of despair.

Initially, you had the beast spirit and crystals. If you didnt offend Jin Shengen, you might just have a chance, but things are different now. You have nothing left. How can you compare with Chu Yunxi and Jin Shengen, whose battle strength is nearly comparable to the perfect mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm?

Long Chen laughed but made no explanation. There were some things that needed no explanation, and only required actions.

Looks like you arent feeling the pressure yet

Liu Lan shook her head helplessly.

Long Chen, theres something I didnt tell you because Id thought it would stress you out.

What is it? Liu Lans grim expression was making Long Chen nervous.

Liu Lan pursed her lips and looked at Long Chen, Its about your sister entering the inner faction.

At the mention of Yang Lingqing, Long Chen had a very bad feeling about this. He questioned closely, What can happen to Lingqing?

You dont understand how things are in the inner faction. Most of the people there were originally of the inner faction, with their surnames of Dongfang, Ximen, Nangong and Beitang. For the past few years, the Lingwu inner faction has been taking in new blood from the outer faction, and from what I know, all of the girls who enter, and have acceptable appearances become targets for the young and talented in the inner faction to fight over. Male cultivators are usually sent straight to the Lingwu inner faction. Do you understand what I mean?

Long Chen furrowed his brows, Youre saying that in order to prevent the members of the outer faction who have entered the inner faction from differing from the inner faction, they have found a way to make these outer faction members completely theirs. This is through making the outer faction members family and therefore tying them firmly to the inner faction, completely becoming one of them. Is that right?

Exactly. Basically, as long as you enter the inner faction, you must marry someone in there.

In other words, if Long Chen entered the inner faction, his future wife would be someone of the inner faction. Of course, men were allowed to take on multiple wives, and if Long Chen was truly powerful, it was possible to take other wives.

Liu Yuan initially did have such plans. If Chu Yunxi entered the inner faction, he would allow Liu Lan to become Chu Yunxis wife, but she would definitely not be his main wife.

This was the reason why Liu Lan had not chosen Chu Yunxi.

It was impossible for a prideful woman like her to share her husband with someone else.

Meanwhile, Long Chen was not thinking about himself, but Yang Lingqing.

In other words, Lingqing will marry into the Beitang Family even if she isnt willing to do so?

At this thought, he frowned deeper.

Liu Lan nodded. Exactly. You still remember Beitang Mo, right? After hearing that Yang Lingqing had the Abstruse Shadow Body, he immediately rushed to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. His intentions were actually very clear. He will groom Yang Lingqing as quickly as he can and marry her


Long Chens expression turned incomparably dark.

Chapter end

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