Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 86 – The Deity Dan Realm!

Chapter 86 – The Deity Dan Realm!

Long Chen broke through to the Heaven Dragon Vein and entered the ninth level of Dragon Pulse Realm- the summit of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

After reaching the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, all of Long Chens Dragon Veins were completely opened. The Qi inside his body could now move entirely unobstructed!

After entirely absorbing and refining the Blood Essence of the Blue-Eyed Snow Lion, the amount of Qi inside Long Chens body increased exponentially. His current amount of qi almost made his body explode. He already possessed the strength needed to break through to the 9th level of Dragon Pulse Realm.

Heaven Dragon Vein!

He was sitting cross-legged on the ground, and with Ling Xi keeping watch, he was not worried about what might happen. He suddenly roared lightly and circulated his Qi, directing it towards his ninth Dragon Vein, which was also the longest Dragon Vein, the Heaven Dragon Vein.

The vast amount of Qi suddenly transformed into a Crimson Dragon God, and after letting forth wave after wave of deep bellowing, the Heaven Dragon Vein shattered open with the sound of a crashing meteorite. Then, endless waves of Qi began to pour into the Heaven Dragon Vein.

The Heaven Dragon Vein was the longest Dragon Vein, its length being almost equal to that of all the other Dragon Veins combined. Similarly, the difficulty to open it was like that of all the previous Dragon Veins combined. However, since Long Chen had already absorbed the blood essence of a powerful Demonic Beast that was in the Human Dan Realm, his Qi experienced a qualitative and quantitative change, reaching its peak. The Heaven Dragon Vein simply could not resist advancing!

Rich and vigorous Qi kept increasing inside the Heaven Dragon Vein!

Come on!

Inside the Lingxi Sword, Ling Xi was watching Long Chen nervously, her tiny eyes constantly darting around, and her miniature fist was clenched.

Time was passing slowly. Even though the Heaven Dragon Vein was long, Long Chens circulation speed was now several times faster. He was entirely able to break through to the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. As a result, a quarter of an hour later, he had completely broken through to the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

The muffled roar of a dragon exploded forth from Long Chens body as he broke through the Heaven Dragon Vein. He could feel the tempestuous dance of countless crimson dragons within his body as if they were celebrating his elevation!

Even with numerous bloody manifestations of the Dragon Gods appearing inside his blood vessels, internal organs, and skeleton, Long Chen wasnt the least bit afraid.

The Ancient Dragon Gods sure are unfathomable beings. Do they have anything in common with demon beasts?

As Long Chen was pondering this over, his bones and viscera were emitting a series of popping sounds. A powerful current of pure Qi exploded forth into his surroundings. He suddenly stood up and opened his eyes. Two mysterious beams of light shot out from his eyes!

Feeling his whole body surging with power, Long Chen said, Little Xi, Im already at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and my Qi has increased greatly. It should be approaching the Deity Dan Realm!

Seeing Long Chens excited expression Ling Xis heart stirred and, she hurriedly said, Then quickly use the Soul Diffusion Fruit. Its already been a quarter of an hour. If we delay any longer those two might come and look for trouble!

Long Chen sneered and said, Seeing that Im cultivating, will they dare to act? The Lingwu Family views individual strength with the highest regard. Advancement of rank is the most important moment in raising ones strength. If they were to disturb me at this moment and information of that reached back, they would be in a lot of trouble!

That being said, Long Chen still didnt tardy.

He acquired the corpse of a Blue-Eyed Snow Lion from the hands of Yan Beitan. Furthermore, he was cultivating while powerful enemies loomed nearby. It should have been considered as taking a huge risk!

Long Chen knew he didnt have any choice but to take this risk. The appearance of a profound rank beasts corpse was an opportunity. If he didnt seize this opportunity, then he wouldnt have a chance against Huang Feiyang and Wen Ya, who were at the Human Dan Realms Initial Mastery Stage!

Once I reach the Human Dan Realm, will I, a Dragon Warrior, be afraid of the likes of you?

Long Chen sneered. The Soul Diffusion Fruit that was inside the jade box was already in his hands. Long Chen devoured the fruit without any hesitation, as the aroma from the Soul Diffusion Fruit if leaked out, might attract serious trouble!

Even though it was only an initial profound grade spirit medicine, the Soul Diffusion Fruit was indeed the best Spirit Medicine Long Chen had ever encountered, but according to Ling Xi, the value of the Soul Diffusion Fruit was about the same as that of a middle Profound Grade Spirit Medicine. Without a thousand pieces of Deity Jade, it would be impossible to get your hands on a Soul Diffusion Fruit.

It was because the effect of the Soul Diffusion Fruit was too incredible. Simply put it was a Spirit Medicine that could raise a master from the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm straight into the Deity Dan Realm!

As the Soul Diffusion Fruit entered his stomach, Long Chen felt a cool breeze pervade every pore of his body. It was as if he jumped into a cool and refreshing pond during the warmest day of summer!T/his chapter is updatd by nv((l)biin.co/m

However, as the coolness passed and gave rise to a slight feeling of warmth, Long Chen felt like he was soaking in a hot spring instead, an extremely pleasurable feeling.

Idiot, quickly refine this medicine, and with its help, gather your Qi into your dantian and condense your Deity Dan!

Ling Xi woke Long Chen from his pleasurable state. He followed Ling Xis commands, and immediately used his Qi to refine the medicinal effect that permeated through his whole body!

This medicinal effect of the Soul Diffusion Fruit unexpectedly is vast like an ocean!

The originally peaceful medicinal energy quickly expanded, and like a huge ocean, it sifted through Long Chens body!

Long Chen circulated his Qi through his entire body, gathering up and assimilating all traces of the medicine.

The medicine was solidifying his Qi, but during this process, as the Qi became more and more solid, the effect of the medicine lessened. As the Qi reentered the nine Dragon Veins, it converged into his Dantian. The amount of Qi remained the same, but it was now more than ten times denser!

The medicinal effect of this Soul Diffusion Fruit apparently has a Qi condensing property. No wonder Ling Xi said that this would help me break through into Deity Dan Realm. If I were to solidify my Qi on my own, it would take ages!

Presently, inside his Dragon Veins, all of the Qi had transformed into nine divine dragons, which simultaneously rushed towards his Dantian!

Long Chens whole body was shaking, and a strong current of Qi engulfed his body. This caused his whole body to swell up, but luckily he was currently within his [Dragon Soul Transformation]. With his normal body, he might not have been able to handle this degree of Qi collisions!

The step in which all of my Qi was rushing into my Dantian is also called the Rushing Dantian. If it succeeds, all of my Qi should solidify up to ten times more, forming a Human Dan!

At this stage, Long Chen didnt care anymore. He mustered up his courage, and willed all of his Qi to rush into his Dantian!

The Dantian was connected to the nine Dragon Veins. At this time, inside every Dragon Vein, there was a total of nine crimson Qi dragons rushing through the nine different Dragon Veins. Very quickly they all collided inside the Dantian.

At this moment, Long Chen, who had never experienced anything like this before, was scared beyond belief. According to his predictions, with this amount of Qi colliding, the obvious result would be an explosion!

Unexpectedly, this crimson Qi suddenly melted into a sphere of mist. Each crimson dragon first had its head, its body and then its tail dissolved. As all nine dragons were merged into that Qi mist, Long Chens dantian was completely filled with that crimson mist!

This ball of mist, it is unexpectedly shrinking!

Inside this crimson ball of mist, there seemed to be millions upon millions of blood dragons. Long Chen could almost hear the innumerable dragons roaring in his ear. This sound was inaudible to other people, but to Long Chen, it made his blood boil. It was as if he had returned to the chaotic era when dragons dominated the world!

An innumerable amount of dragons rummaged within the crimson mist. Even though they were illusionary dragon shadows, they still left Long Chen with a sense of wonder!

As the blood red mist slowly shrank, the illusory dragon shadows also slowly shrank. A quarter of an hour slowly passed. At this moment, Huang Feiyang and the others were already walking towards Long Chen. A light sound was emitted from his Dantian, and the mist was slowly consolidating. In the end, it unexpectedly condensed into a crimson dan ball that was no larger than an egg!

This was a Deity Dan Realm cultivators Human Dan. Long Chen had previously read up upon the Human Dan, and he immediately discovered that his Human Dan was unlike others. Most evidently, his Human Dan was crimson in color!

[Devil82 TLN: Dan in this case is a core/sphere]

Most importantly, he discovered that there was a mark shaped like a dragon upon his Human Dan. This dragon shaped mark radiated a soft red glow. Even though it wasnt that distinguishable within the crimson mist, the feeling that it gave off could shake one to their core!

Unexpectedly, upon his Human Realm Dan, there was a mark of a crimson dragon!

Upon becoming a Dragon Warrior, Long Chen no longer thought that this was peculiar. Reaching this state, he clearly knew that he had completely entered the Human Dan Realm.

Reaching the Human Dan Realm, his Qi was condensed into a crimson colored Human Dan. His body no longer felt inflated but gave off a rather reserved feeling. Long Chen even looked much more calm, like a supercilious pretty sunshine boy.

[Devil82 TLN: () meaning sunshine is what people refer to someone outspoken and social]

However, when exercising his strength, he would still turn back into a king of slaughter!

Even though I no longer give off a feeling of viciousness, my current strength has risen by more than 100 times compared to the eighth level of Dragon Pulse Realm!

Only drafting a tiny bit of Qi from his Human Dan, Long Chen could feel a tremendous force. He had more or less gauged his own strength.

With my current power combined with my [Dragon Soul Transformation]. Huang Feiyang

Thinking about this person, who previously could kill him at any time. Long Chens eyes flashed with a cold light.

You are most likely waiting to take action against me at the East Yan Mountain, but when that time comes, I will give you a pleasant surprise. For right now, lets play

Upon seeing Long Chen successfully entering the Human Dan Realm, Ling Xi let out a sigh of relief. She looked with trepidation at the youth in front of her and said, Luckily, you were smart enough to get your hands on this Profound Grade Demonic Beast corpse, or else, this time, you would have been in serious trouble. This guy, even though hes character is of poor quality, he sure is lucky all the time. The heavens must be god damn blind.

Ling Xi had been following Long Chen for a while now, and she no longer held back when speaking to him. Long Chen was speechless. Just as he was about to tease her, his expression suddenly changed. His mouth perked up in a smile and looked out through the door.

With a dark face, Huang Feiyang gradually entered, with Wen Ya and his men trailing behind!

Chapter end

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