Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 60 The Keys

Chapter 60 The Keys

Ivan struggled to sit up, his body ached all over.

He should be inside the Slytherins statues mouth now, he was in a large space, just above him was a hole where the basilisk comes in and out.

Strange, very strange, I went back a thousand years, was it a dream? Ivan shook his head and gripped his wand.

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While he gripped his wand, he turned his attention to something in his hand.

Lumos whispered Ivan, with the faint light from his wand he saw that it is a small potion with a darkish gold color.

This.is Salazars potion.

Ivan paused for a moment, he was now certain that what had transpired was not a dream but reality, he used the time turner to go back a thousand years and meet the founders.

As Hufflepuff said, Slytherins wasnt as mean as he looked, and at the end of the day, Salazar gave him a potion which is unbelievable!

Ivan then remembered a potion that was introduced in a magic book, the potion that he held matched its description, the recipe has been lost for ages.

He carefully put the potion in his pocket, if others knew he had it they will most likely try to take it for themselves, even the Ministry of Magic might take it from him.

He was prepared to take the potion when no was around, then Ivan thought of something when he was about to leave, the schools founders said they were going to leave a few secret treasure in the Chamber of Secrets to help him protect Hogwarts from Voldemort.

If he is right the treasures should be somewhere in this statue.

He hurriedly looked around.

As the lair of the Basilisk, the inner part of the statue was larger than the outside, it was filled with bodes of small animals.

After searching a little he found a hidden door.

He opened the dark door, dust flew everywhere.

When the dust settled, Ivan was standing in the doorway of a round room.

The room was exactly the same as the room he had visited a thousand years ago, it was beautifully decorated, it contained statues of the four founders in the four corners.

Unlike the old Slytherin statue outside, the four statues here where the four giants of the Age: Power hungry Salazar Slytherin, Benevolent Helga Hufflepuff, Fair Rowena Ravenclaw, and Bold Godrick Gryffindor.

They looked exactly the same as the people he had just met.

In front of the four stone statues where four stone alters with rounded grooves.

This should be the real chamber of secrets of the founders with the secret treasures they left behind but I must pass the tests first.

Ivan took a step forward and saw different words on the walls.

It was like a gigantic sorting hat, on Gryffindors wall in golden paint was: Bold Gryffindor from wild moor he gives the most courageous people the highest reward, the key to open the treasure is the courage buried in ones heart, you need your proud followers recognition.

Hufflepuff was written in black: The benevolent Hufflepuff comes from valley broad. She treats everyone equally, everyone has a chance to get her treasure. The key to open the treasure is integrity and loyalty, all you need is to trust in your most humble friend.

Ravenclaw was written in blue paint: Fair Ravenclaw, from glen. The brightest of minds deserves a reward. The key to unlocking my treasure is an extraordinary intellect which you will inherit forever from your equally intelligent alley!

The last one was Slytherins wall, it was written in silver: Power hungry Slytherin, from fen. He only believed in the most pureblood wizards, mud bloods cant get anything from me. The key to unlocking this treasure is a mighty power, it is kept in the depths of the earth by his cunning servant.

Ivan finally finished reading, he didnt see any more words, these four guys had really bad taste, the whole room seemed to be a riddle.

He couldnt understand these hints.

Ivan didnt have the slightest clue where the keys to the secret treasures were , who are the followers, friends, allies, and servants mentioned above?

He had to remember all these words, he had to find clues when he gets out of the chamber.

By the time Ivan remember everything he heard a terrible scream from outside the statue.

He finally remembered about Tom and the basilisk, he hurried out of the room.

Just as he came out of Slytherins mouth, Ivan heard Harry shout his name, he hurriedly responded, Fawkes flew down to carry him away.

Harry seemed to be successful in settling everything.

The scream must have been Tom, in the middle of the chamber was the basilisk lifeless body, it was pierced by the sword of Gryffindor. Beside it was Toms diary, which was penetrated by the fangs of the basilisk, the venom had burnt a hole in the diary.

Ivan we won, I defeated Tom, I destroyed the diary-like you told me to! said Harry when he saw Fawkes bring Ivan down, Harry hurriedly asked with a concerned look, How are you, are you okay? I saw you get hit by Toms spell.

Im all right, its a long story, Ill tell you later.

Ivan shook his head, he saw Ron, who was still beneath the statue, he hurriedly said, Lets check on Rons condition.

By the time Ivan and Harry made it to Ron he was already upright.

He had a vacant gaze when he saw the basilisk corpse, he fell on the bloodstained robes of Harry and the equally tattered robe of Ivans, when he saw the diary at his feet.

He shivered and gasped, tears streamed out.

Ivan, Harry, it was all me, I shouldnt have believed in Tom, I wanted to tell everyone, but I was afraid. Riddle said if I do it you would never think of me as a friend again.

Yeah, you are a real jerk. If I wasnt dead tired now, I would beat you up Ron! said Ivan angrily, you believed in Voldemort, not in your friends.

Its all my fault, I should be expelled! said Ron, After the first attack, I felt abnormal, I was naive enough to think everything would be fine if I got rid of the diary but everything just kept getting worse and worse.

Its over now Ron, Harry comforted him and said, We all believe in you, you where just under Riddles control, you didnt do it with your own free will.


I forgive you since you saved Ginny in the common Ron, said Ivan, he dragged Ron to his feet, But in the future, tell us the first time and dont try to solve it yourself.

Chapter end

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