I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Wanna enjoy lunch together?

Wanna enjoy lunch together?

Alex and Alice breathed heavily after they both came. Alice leaned her curvy body on Alex's, she was still on Alex's lap, feeling exhausted but also satisfied.

"How was it?..." Alex asked me while breathing heavily, he was tired too, having a big dick doesn't mean having a good stamina.

'You should start going to the gym to increase your stamina, I don't think I have any skills that can make you buffed immediately' Liza remarked.

Liza was right, Alex lacked muscles, he wasn't fat nor thin, but he wasn't well-built neither.

"It was amazing..." Alice answered with a pleased voice.

"I never felt this good before..." Alice added.

Alex was proud to hear that; he did great in his first time, Alice did good in her first time too.

They stayed hugging for a few minutes before Alex suggested.

"Only 5 minutes left before lunchtime, how about we go grab lunch together?" Alex proposed, he didn't want to have an awkward relationship with Alice, they had sex just after talking for a few minutes in the morning.

They were strangers to each other. So, Alex wanted to build a good relationship with Alice and spend time with her aside from having sex.

"Yes, sure." Alice said with a flushed face and a happy expression.

They got up from the couch and wore their clothes.

Alex opened the window of the room, so the smell of his cum and Alice's fluids gets out.

"I will go out first and check if there's anyone around, If we got caught coming out together, we will be suspicious," Alice said with a nervous expression.

Alex already knows there's no one around in the hallway, and it's safe to get out. He can hear better than most humans, and it got stronger more than when he was in the library, his senses grow stronger as Liza gets strong.

Alex nodded at Alice, he can't tell her he can hear that no one is there, so he went along with her plan.

Alice unlocked and opened the door slowly, then got out, after a couple of seconds, she opened the door again.

"No one is here, you can come out" Alice declared in a low voice even though no one is around.

Alex came out and looked at Alice; she was a beautiful like always, but the only difference now is she's no longer a virgin.

Feeling Alex's gaze on her, her face flushed, but she didn't avert her eyes from his.

Alice closed her eyes and rose her chin up; Alex knew what she wanted, he closed himself to her, lowered his head and placed his lips on hers.

That kiss last for about a minute without stopping until the bell rang.


The bell on rings two times a day, one time at lunchtime and the other one at evening after lessons finish.

The bell sounds were the only thing that brought them back from their world, Alice separated her lips from Alex's lips and looked at him with a flushed face and teary eyes.

Alex looked at her back with a smile, he was satisfied with the kiss.

"Let's go" Alex said as he turned around and started to walk, Alice started walking too, and they headed outside.

A lot of students ate at the cafeteria, but Alex doesn't like cafeteria food, so he goes to the nearby fast-food restaurants to eat his lunch, Alice does the same, she usually goes to eat lunch outside too with her friends.

After walking out of the gate, Alex decided to ask Alice.

"Where do you want to eat?" Alex asked curiously.

"Hmm... How about we go eat at McRonald's? They released a new cheeseburger; how about we go try it?" Alice suggested as she pointed at a McRonald's restaurant.

"Okay, Sure," Alex agreed to Alice suggestion.

They entered the restaurant, and it was full of people, all the seats were occupied; so they had to order their food and go eat outside.

Seeing that every seat was occupied, Alex and Alice went to place their order.

"Welcome to McRonald's, What can I get for you?" The counter server asked.

"Two new-released cheeseburgers." Alex answered with a calm voice.

"Right away, sir"

Alex and Alice wait for about a minute before their order came, two burgers with two free small bags of fries.

"How about drinks, sir?" The counter server asked again.

Alex turned back to Alice to ask her, but she answered before he could even ask.

"I want sweet iced tea," Alice said as she looked at the man in the counter.

"As for me, I want an iced coffee." Alex said.

The counter server nodded and went to bring their drinks.

After waiting for another minute, their drinks came.

They took their food and drinks and got out of the restaurant; they still needed to find a place to sit in, but Alice quickly suggested a good place to sit in.

"How about we go to the benches in the campus? It's not crowded at this time."

"Okay, let's go there." Alex said as he smiled at Alice.

After walking for a few minutes, they reached, Alice was right, there weren't many people there, and there were a lot of free benches. Alice and Alex sat on one of the free benches, and started eating.

"Mumm yummy!" Alice exclaimed as she took a bite of her burger.

"Yes, it's delicious." Alex said after he had finished chewing his first bite.

Alex and Alice enjoyed their food and drinks while talking about casual topics, they were having a good time together.

But soon Alex heard footsteps coming towards them, he raised his head to look; it was a girl.

A dark blue short-haired girl with green eyes, she was wearing dark blue leggings and a white tank top, Alex remembered seeing her with Alice multiple times.

"Oh, I have been looking for you for half an hour! And here you are with... Alex?" The girl had an annoyed expression on her face, but it turned into a blushed surprised expression after she looked at Alex.

"Yes, it's me, Wanna enjoy lunch together?"


Author's Note:

I don't know why space between words doesn't appear for mobile app users sometimes, I fixed it now, and if you guys faced the same problem again, let me know in the comments. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Chapter end

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