I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – It's my first kiss

It's my first kiss

"T–Thank you for helping me" Anna thanked Alex with an embarrassed expression as she walked beside him.

They were wandering around the campus, Alex knows Anna has problems and struggles, he was hoping she would tell him directly, which would make helping her more reasonable.

"It's okay, be careful next time, you can't trust anyone," Alex said with a calm voice.

"I'm sorry, I was so stupid for trusting him and even dating him in the first place," Anna said bitterly and looked down at the ground while walking.

"It's not your fault, didn't you love him?" Alex asked Anna curiously.

"No, I didn't love him, I just liked his appearance, he is handsome and athletic, and I have never been in a relationship before….so I was curious about it and I ended up accepting his love confession a week ago. I was also so desperate to have someone beside me…. I'm having a lot of problems and struggles, my parents are always fighting and quarreling, I hate going home because of them, and I can tell that both of them dislike me anyway… Furthermore, I'm financially struggling since I have no job or income. With all of this, I needed someone with me, someone who would love me… and help me just emotionally, but I let out my emotions take over me and made a wrong decision, I dated someone who was going to make my life worst…" Alex didn't stop or interrupt Anna while talking.

Alex could hear Anna's sobbing, she was trying her best to stop crying, but she couldn't, she just stood there while looking down as her tears were falling on the ground.

He just met and talked with Anna today, but after hearing out her emotions, Alex felt like he knows her for a long time.

Anna was crying uncontrollably and helplessly, but suddenly she felt warm arms wrapping around her.

She raised her head, her eyes were red and full of tears, after she saw who was hugging her, she started crying more, as she buried her head in Alex's chest.

"It's going to be okay, Anna" Alex comforted Anna while hugging her tightly.

After being comforted by Alex, and after a few minutes of crying, Anna finally stopped sobbing.

They went to a nearby bench and sat there; a quaking aspen yellow tree was beside it, and its shade sheltered it from the sun.

"How do you feel now?" Alex asked as he looked at Anna, who was sitting next to him on the wooden bench.

"Much better… And so embarrassed…" Anna said with a flushed face, her eyes were still red because of crying, but there are no more tears coming out of them.

"I'm glad you feel better now, don't worry, I will try to help you solve some of your problems" Alex said in a sweet tone that made Anna's eyes get a little teary again.

"No, I'm fine, I appreciate you just being with me now, you don't have to bother yourself with me" Anna said while trying to make herself look fine.

Alex knew Anna needed comfort and help, even if she said she is fine, it was undeniable that she wasn't fine.

"I want to help you, Anna, I'm here for you" Alex said in a sweet voice while smiling at Anna, he was trying his best to be sweet and supportive, he knew Anna needed someone beside her, and Alex wanted to be that 'someone'.

"T-Thank you, Alex" Anna said with a shaking voice this time, her gaze was fixed on the ground, but soon she raised her head and looked at Alex, Her eyes' corners were teary, and her face was beet red.

Anna did something Alex didn't expect, she raised her chin up, pushed her beautiful face towards Alex's, and placed her sweet luscious lips on his, it happened so quickly that even with his powerful eyes Alex couldn't predict that Anna was going to kiss him.

"I-It's my f-first kiss, I g-gave it to y-you" Anna said as her whole face turned red, she quickly stood up and ran away to the bathroom area.

"Thanks…" Alex murmured as his face flushed, even a man like him who doesn't let his emotion out and always remain expressionless couldn't hide and stop himself from getting embarrassed.

Soon he stood up too, exited the campus, and walked home, Alex had a long exhausting day, but also an exciting and fun day, he did things he never imagined he would do.

"I lost a lot of my first's today" Alex sighed as he headed toward his house.

'And you will have your second's tomorrow, wasn't today a fun day?" Liza chuckled.

"Yes, it was fun, thanks to you, It has just been 24 hours since you possessed my body, and I'm having the best moments of my life" Alex replied with a smile.

'You are sweet and cheerful suddenly, that's cute' Liza said with a happy tone.

Alex smiled and kept walking until he reached his house.

Chapter end

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