I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – I feel I'm a superhuman now

I feel I'm a superhuman now

Morning, sun rays hit his eyes from the window, After a while Alex got out of his bed and went to brush his teeth and shower, then changed his clothes and ate breakfast, his mornings are normal and quiet.

After that, he got out of the house and slowly walked to his university.

'Good morning!' Liza said with excitement, she just woke up from her 'spiritual' sleep.

"Good morning" Alex replied.

'I have a lot of things to tell you, I didn't have the chance to tell you yesterday, you were so tired, and you slept immediately' Liza said with a calm voice.

Alex got curious about what Liza was going to tell him.

"What? Tell me"

'I'm sure you noticed that as my powers return and I get stronger, surprisingly you also get my powers, and you get stronger, it's probably because we share the same body now, despite that, you can't use most of them because you can't control them, and you're not used to having such powers'

Alex nodded in agreement, Liza was right, Alex can feel that he has powers aside from his enhanced senses.

"How can I learn how to use those powers? And what are the powers I have now?" Before Liza could continue her talk, Alex started asking questions.

'I will show you, try to connect your mind with mine like last time' Liza told Alex to connect his mind with her mind like he did when he wanted to see her appearance.

Alex cleared his mind and tried to relax as he was slowly walking towards his university.

After a while, his mind got connected with Liza's, Alex started seeing what it seemed to be one of Liza's memories.

Liza was standing there in front of two books, one was titled 'Succubus Main Guide' and the other one was titled 'Incubus Main Guide'.

Incubus was the male version of a succubus, they're different races, but they are still from the same roots.

Liza sat down and started reading, a huge amount of information slowly started getting into Alex's mind, almost all the questions he had about Succubus, Incubus, their powers and how it's works got answered.

It's happened so quickly and the memory ended, Alex was able to get all the informations in the books, it felt that he was reading them.

Now with his questions answered, he knows all the things he needs to know, from succubus and incubus as creatures until how to control and use their powers.

'Thanks, I feel so smart right now' Alex said with a smile on his face, he was talking through telepathy with Liza, he learned how to use it, Liza was using it to talk to him all this time but since he didn't know how to use it, he had to speak with her through his mouth.

Alex was also able to know all the skills he can use at this moment and how he can activate them, there weren't a lot, and most of them were for sexual purposes.

[Touch Of Pleasure] (Active)

Description: Touching a person with your hands will cause them to feel twice the normal pleasure when you are in contact with them.


[Incubus Zone] (Active)

Description: Once activated, it will make three meters zone around you, and it will make any woman around you aroused and sexually attracted to you.


[Orgasm Master] (Active)

Description: You can make your partner orgasm any time you want, and also delay their orgasm.


[Infertile Sperm] (Active)

Description: Makes your sperm infertile and have the inability to get a woman pregnant.


[Semen count] (Passive (24/7))

Description: Your semen volume increases along with the increase in thickness.


[Manly Scent] (Active)

Description: Makes your penis release a strong manly scent that can drive women crazy for your penis.


[STDS Protection] (Passive (24/7))

Description: It protects you from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) while having sexual intercourse without the need of wearing a condom.


[Heavenly Rod] (Active)

Description: it makes the person who touches your penis or have a skin ship with it feel so much pleasure.


[Enhanced appearance] (Passive (24/7))

Description: Makes your appearance more charming and attractive with fixing all the flaws in your face.


[Lust Enslavement Kiss] (Active)

Description: You can make any woman's lust and sexual desires bonded to you if you kissed them while the skill is activated, they become like your sex slaves, and they can't have any sexual intercourses with other men expect you.


[Semen taste] (Passive (24/7))

Description: It makes your semen taste sweet, delicious, and addictive.


Alex read all his sex-related skills, and he was surprised by how useful and great they're.

He also noticed that [Succubus Zone] became [Incubus Zone], it was his own skill now and since he was a male and Liza was a female; it got changed to the male version.

'Are you able to understand now? Do you understand how Incubus powers works now?' Liza asked Alex.

'Yes I understand now, I feel like I'm a superhuman now' Alex replied with a smile.

'You will unlock a lot of other skills if you kept **ing women regularly' Liza chuckled.

'Yes, I really feel so horny right now, is it a side effect of having such powers?' Alex asked Liza and didn't ignore her bold statements like before.

'Yes, your libido increased and still will increase, you have to ejaculate daily, you will probably go crazy if you skipped a day' Liza chuckled, it was good for her, she wanted Alex to do a lot of sexual things regularly, so she regains her powers quickly.

'Okay, I will take that into consideration' Alex nodded his head as he saw the university gates.

Alex got in the campus, he saw loads and loads of students talking with each other and chit-chatting with each other.

Then among them, he saw Alice; she was standing with two other girls, Alice was a popular girl and everyone loves her.

After walking around a little, it reached the time his morning lessons starts; he went to the classroom and at the same time, a female teacher entered too.

Chapter end

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