I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – You're definitely a pervert

You're definitely a pervert

Alex pointed his hard cock to Anna's pussy and slowly pushed it inside of her.

Anna instinctively lifted her butt as she felt Alex's big rod enters her.

Alex felt unusual tightness wrap around his cock when he pushed it inside of her, it was getting tighter and more slippery, despite that having unbearable tightness on his cock, he still thrusted it all in.

"A–Ahhhhh~" Anna moaned as she glanced up and stretched her tongue out. Her loud moan echoed in the room.

'She is moaning so loudly without caring about anyone hearing her' Alex said with a satisfied expression but with a worried tone, he can hear if anyone is in the hallway, but he can't be sure about people outside.

'Don't worry about that, I wrapped this room with a magical barrier that cannot let the sound out, it's totally fine, just carrying on and ** her aggressively' Liza snickered.

Alex felt relieved after knowing that the room was soundproof, which made him let out all his lust and not worry about Anna moaning loudly.

Her big butt trembled with the force of his thrusts. Squeezing her small, curvy hips with his hands. Alex moved his thick rod back and forth hammering her small tight cave.

"Yeess~ Ahhh! Ahhh~"

Alex thrusted deeper and deeper and aggressively groped Anna's peach-like ass.


His thighs slapped her fat butt and made it bounce like sea waves as he pounded her stretched pussy.

"Ahhh~ Aaaahhhh! Ahhhhh~" Anna moaned loudly and none stop as Alex's thick long cock stretched her canal more and more, making her belly feel full.

Looking at her bouncy fat butt, Alex couldn't hold himself. He raised his hand above and spanked her buttock so hard leaving his red hand mark on it and continued thrusting his cock deeper.


"Ah! That's– so g–good!" Anna's pussy suddenly tightened and she squirted.

His balls slapped her wet pussy while his fat cock pierced her tight cave.

Alex felt good and so did Anna, it felt great for her when he spanked and pounded her fat ass; It was so nice... His hot and thick rod dominantly cleft her a deeper. All the way inside her womb, making her cum.

"Yes, yeess! Anhhh~ Ahhhh!"

Alex grinned as he felt her insides tightening. She was about to cum and so was he.

Plut... Platt!! Pah!!!

Alex increased his thrusting speed as a result, Anna stretched out her tongue while glancing up and cried out loudly, he was being so rough with her!

"Annhhhh~ Annh~ Ahhhh~ Mhnnh~ Ahgh! Ahhhh!"

Anna couldn't contain herself and squirted immediately, but Alex kept pounding her pussy as he didn't ejaculate yet. Soon his dick throbbed aggressively, he quickly pulled it out, but he didn't find a place where to ejaculate.

He was worried about cumming on her back and staining her hair and didn't want to cum on the couch either to avoid cleaning, but being possessed by a succubus quickly gave him a good idea.

Alex quickly shoved his throbbing fat cock in her upper hole, pushed it all the way in, and released his white thick milk in her pink small butt hole.

"Ahhhhhhh! That's– the w–wrong h–hole!" Anna released a loud cry as Alex's seeds burst in her anus.

Anna couldn't contain all the pleasure and her legs gave out, she laid down on her stomach and breathed heavily as Alex slowly thrusted his dick inside her second hole.

Alex didn't stop until he had ejected every drop of semen in her already full hole. Her butthole felt so tighter than her pussy as it was crushing Alex's dick without mercy. He slowly pulled it out, so he doesn't hurt her inexperience anus.

With his skill [Semen Count] which increased his semen volume and thicknesses. His semen was literally gushing out of her tight hole and throbbed consistently as Alex's semen started coming out of it, but Anna quickly tightened her anus and moved her hand, and closed her butthole with her fingers.

"W–what are you doing?" Alex asked curiously.

"Ah~ I don't want your hot thick semen to spill out, I want it to stay inside of me~ It feels so hot and good inside of me!" Anna answered in a perverted tone that made Alex dumbfounded!

The sudden change in Anna's character surprised Alex, but Alex didn't dislike it as he had something for perverted women.

"Next time, I want to ravage your butthole~" Alex whispered with a lewd tone in Anna's ears. He was just joking and teasing her, Alex doesn't intend to ** her other hole just the second time they have sex.

Alex sat down on the orange large couch to rest, Anna was still laying down on her stomach while breathing heavily, but soon she crawled under Alex's thighs.

"You're really so big down here!" Anna exclaimed as she inspected Alex's fat, limp cock with her eyes.

Alex found it a chance to test his skill [Manly Scent] which supposed to make his dick release a manly lewd scent that can drive women crazy!

It worked perfectly, After the manly lewd scent entered Anna's nose, which was just a few inches away from Alex's cock. Anna almost immediately shoved his cock inside of her mouth and started sucking it slowly like a popsicle.

Alex's cock quickly got hard again because of Anna's warm, aggressive mouth.

Anna could feel Alex's cock throbbing between her lips, harder when she licked his balls.

She started sucking his balls while jerking his fat cock off.

"Where did you learn this from?" Alex groaned from pleasure, he was surprised by how great Anna's blowjob was, he felt like she was a professional cocksucker.

"Do like it?~ I learned this by watching a lot of porn" Anna pervertedly announced.

She increased her sucking speed as she felt super good from sucking Alex's cock and smelling his strong scent, Anna's lips and Alex's wet cock joined and made some lewd slurping sounds.

Slurp... Slurp... Slurp

Alex couldn't hold himself anymore, the pleasure on his big brother was so intense and more than he expected. He held Anna's head tightly and **ed her face without restraint. After **ing her face for a few seconds and thrusting his hips into her throat while shoving his whole dick inside of her mouth, Alex cummed.

"Hghhmmm.... Ghhmmmfg..." Anna gasped for air as she sucked the cum out of Alex's veiny cock.

Anna orgasmed while Alex was ravaging her throat. She had never felt this satisfied before.

"Hhggmmm... Your semen is the best" Anna said while breathing heavily and licking every drop of Alex's white thick milk that came out of her mouth.

"You're definitely a pervert"

Chapter end

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