I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Suck it

Suck it

'Not today, I was planning to do that, but I already did it with Anna, so I'm just going to return the book normally' Alex replied expressionlessly as always while heading towards the library. He also bought a coffee cane from a vending machine on his way.

'Okay as you want, but I'm sure as soon she sees you, she will beg you to touch her again'

'I don't think so, Today is Saturday, she usually doesn't work on Saturdays' Alex said as he took a sip of his coffee.

'Then why did you head towards the library before knowing she may not be there?' Liza asked with a puzzled tone.

'She sometimes works on Saturdays, and the library is the only place you will find her in, she spends most of her free time there' Alex said as he got near to the big library glass doors and opened them.

The first thing he saw was the front desk, and like he told Liza, Erin wasn't there, a male student was sitting in her place.

Alex slowly walked to the desk and handed the book to the baffled library assistant. He got used to seeing such reactions, since he got his looks enhanced by Liza, everyone started looking differently at him.

He handed the book without saying anything, everyone knew his name, so the assistant didn't ask for it and just took off his name from the book holders list.

The library was so empty like usual, students rarely come to it since nowadays, the internet has the electronic version of every book and document.

Alex slowly went away to the farthest bookshelf, just beside his usual spot where he sits.

'What are you going to do now?' Liza asked.

'I'm just going to relax on my usual spot while reading something'

Alex was and still spends most of his time studying and reading, even after a succubus possessed him!

'You are really a nerd…' Liza said in boredom.

Alex didn't reply and started looking for the book he wants. He kept looking for it for a couple of minutes before; he heard someone getting near to him. Alex didn't show any reaction because he already guessed who was it.

'She is here!' Liza said happily.

Alex didn't turn around and wait until she makes a move by herself, soon he felt someone clutching his shirt from the back, then he slowly turned around.

"Oh, hey there, Erin" Alex said with a sweet smile that could melt ice as he looked at the red-faced Erin.

"Hi…" Erin said softly and soon started approaching Alex, she closed her eyes and raised her heels up, she wanted to kiss him but couldn't, the height gap between them was huge. She was shorter than Alex by a lot.

'Kiss her! You can't let her do all this, I'm sure you noticed that she's a masochist, She wants to be dominated and ravaged by you! You should be the one who is taking the lead' Liza uttered with dissatisfaction.

'Yes, I noticed that. Okay, I will try, and also place a barrier around us' Alex said as groped Erin's jaws aggressively and placed his lips over hers.

He slowly started sucking her rosy lips and tongue roughly and passionately, Erin was somehow active during it, she would suck and kiss Alex's lips back but softly.

Alex activated [Lust Enslavement Kiss] on her while kissing her, he also wanted to make Erin his woman too. After a few seconds, he started feeling the same connection he felt with Anna, and that meant that Erin now completely belong to him!

After kissing fiercely for a few minutes, Alex separated his lips away from hers and coldly stared at her. Her cute baby face was red beet, he slowly moved his hand away from her jaws and then:


Alex slapped her face with his hand. Suddenly and unexpectedly shoved his thumb in her mouth.

"Suck it" Alex said expressionlessly in a cold voice.

He can tell that she was a masochist, she was someone who enjoys pain and humiliation, someone who would like to be ordered shamelessly, so Alex wanted to fulfill her long-awaited desires.

Erin was startled by Alex's sudden actions, but she obeyed him and slowly started sucking his thumb while looking at him with eyes filled with lust and love.

She didn't show many reactions outside, but she was absolutely delighted and happy inside, her heart was pounding swiftly as she was sucking Alex's big thumb. Finally, the person she was looking and waiting for all those years came!

Her ex-boyfriend dumped her because she was inactive and always silent, but he didn't know that she always wanted to be ravaged and dominated aggressively.

After letting her suck his thumb for a few minutes, Alex got aroused by it. He pulled his thumb out of her mouth and gave her more slaps on her chubby cheeks while keeping an expressionless, cold face.

Slap!.. Slap!… Slap!

Erin's cheeks got so red but not because of embarrassment, Alex was violent with her, he would slap her cheeks and shove his fingers in her mouth fully.

After a while, he started getting bored and wanted to go even further and ultimately dominate her.

"Suck it" Alex said in a cold voice as he pointed at his bulged crotch.

Erin immediately kneeled in front of him and started clumsy taking off his pants, her hands were shaking from excitement.

She was so aroused, her heart was still beating so quickly, and she couldn't hide the lust and the passion in her eyes.

After a few minutes of struggling to take off his pants because her hands were swinging from all the lust she carried all the time inside her. Alex's big erected finally appeared out of his underwear.

It was not her first time seeing Alex's fat and long cock, but Erin was still fascinated by how huge it was and just kept staring at it while breathing heavily.

"I said suck it" Alex firmly said and slapped the overwhelmed Erin's cheek with his fat cock.

Erin gently held his cock with both of her hands, leaned her head over it, and started licking and sucking on it.

Chapter end

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