I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – I finally found my Master

I finally found my Master

Erin blurted out the word Alex was waiting to hear as she begged him to wreak her more.

After Alex heard her begging him to go harder on her, he impatiently carried Erin to the corner and pressed her back against the walls. He lifted her thighs until they reached her plump melons and firmly fixed them there with his hands.

"Ahh~...Ahh!" Erin moaned in pleasure and surprise, she was burying her reddened face in Alex's chest and had no idea of what was going around her.

Suddenly she felt that her body was being pressed and fixed in the corner without any way to escape, Not only that, she felt Alex's hands firmly clasping on her thick thighs.

Erin firmly hugged Alex after she knew her tight pussy was going to be completely ruined and ravaged!

Alex slowly thrusted his hips forward, shoving his fat cock until he reached her womb.

He didn't face any difficulties lifting Erin's body with the help of his supernatural body. She was quite chubbier than the other girls, but she wasn't heavy at all, Alex felt like he was lifting a feather. He held and pressed Erin against the corners and started slowly hammering her pussy.

"Ahhh~ Ahh~ Ahhh!"

Erin began moaning as Alex thrusted his cock inside her. She was still feeling pain, her small tight pussy wasn't used to receive such a big cock, but it was slowly getting used to it. The more he thrusted, the more she felt good.

Every time his cock tip hits her womb entrance, she felt a heavenly pleasure going down her spine, making her moan loudly while trying her best to wrap her shaking hands around her master.


Alex increased his speed and rammed his whole cock in and stretching her insides rapidly, making his balls sacks hit her pussy swollen lips while creating wet lewd noises.

"Nghhh...Annhh!. S-Slow...down...M-Master...Ahh~" The lust-driven Erin moaned loudly without caring about others hearing her.

"No, lift your face up" Alex coldly whispered in Erin's ear and pushed his dick deeper in her pussy.

Erin obediently lifted her face and made an eye contact with Alex, Her teary eyes combined with her reddened cheeks.

Seeing her breathing heavily and moaning loudly, Alex was amused by that sight. Brought his lips closer to hers and began kissing and licking it.

He aggressively sucked Erin's rosy lips, immediately after, he forcibly pressed his lips against hers, his tongue forced its way in and goosebumps rushed through Erin's body.

"Hmghhff...Ommghfff...Anhhhff" Erin moans were blocked by Alex's lips and tongue, but she couldn't stop herself from moaning and squirted.

Drops of her sticky fluid were consistently falling down on the floor, she orgasmed countlessly as Alex used her body for his pleasure.

Alex slowed his pace and started thrusting long hard thrusts, he slowly pulled back his dick until it almost came out of Erin's cave.

He looked at his veiny cock, which was soaked in her sticky fluid, and then roughly fired it back inside.


"Ahhhgghh!" Erin moaned loudly as Alex's fat cock penetrated her insides aggressively. His hips formed aloud clap sound as they hit her thick thighs.


Another loud clap sound echoed in Alex's ears after he shoved his entire dick roughly in her. He started feeling a buildup of tension that arched his back and curled his toes, almost like a clenching feeling, and his began twitching inside Erin's kitty.

Erin felt Alex's cock throbbing inside her, and she tightly hugged him, she thought he will go rough on her like the usual, so he can release his load, but that didn't happen, Alex slowly pulled back his big brother and fired it back so aggressively more than before!


"Ahhhhhhh~" Erin moaned in pleasure as she felt his cock penetrated her womb.

'Damn... I wanna cum inside her' Alex uttered as his cock hardly throbbed inside her.

'You know you can cum inside her! You can make your semen infertile' Liza hurriedly spoke, they shared the same body, and she can feel that he urgently want to cum.

'I know, but wouldn't that make her suspicious when she doesn't get pregnant?'

'Don't worry, It's just one time, she won't get suspicious just of one load'

Somehow, Liza managed to convince Alex. After a couple of deep hard thrusts. Alex was going to fire his last thrust.

He activated his skill and slowly pulled back his throbbing cock, only leaving the glans in, his cock's veins were well visible as it twitched, he was barely holding himself from ejaculating.

"Aahgh..." Alex groaned and pressed Erin body against the wall hardly, as he hammered his whole cock inside Erin's cave and cummed.

"Ahhhhh~ Ahh~ Ahhhhggff!" Erin moaned sweetly in pleasure and squirted at the same time, she felt hot thick fluid gushing in her womb, she opened her eyes widely after she realized that Alex released his cum inside her ruined pussy.

Alex slowly pulled out and his white thick milk along with Erin's juices started coming out of her pink flower.

"That felt good..." Alex murmured, it was his first time cumming inside of a woman, and it felt absolutely great.

He slowly let go of Erin's thigh and after let go of the other one too, Erin was on her legs, but after losing Alex's support, she couldn't stand, her legs were shaking from the intense pleasure she felt, and immediately she fell on her ass.

Alex smiled with satisfied face as he could see his semen gushing out of her pussy that was decorated with a beautiful pink heart shaped tattoo.

However, he was surprised that Erin didn't complain about releasing his load inside, she just sat there submissively without saying anything.

"Who am I?" Alex decided to ask her the same question as before to see if he truly dominated her.

"Ahhh...Ahhh~... My Master" Erin said in a clear voice without any shame or embarrassment, and Looked up at Alex with eyes filled with lust and love, her beautiful blue eyes were clearly saying

'I finally found my Master'

Chapter end

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