I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Around the campus

Around the campus

Alex attended his lesson and it ended normally. Today's lessons were complete, and he didn't have any other things left to do, but instead of going straight home, he decided to take a walk around the campus, since it was too early to go home.

He kept walking around observing students do their club activities or hanging out with their friends. Alex felt out of place, but he continued walking around normally.

'It's so boring, isn't it?' Liza said in a bored tone.

'Yes, but unlike you, I'm used to it. Alex snickered.

Alex kept wandering around and observing everything happening around him.

'Well, my life wasn't fun in hell either, so I'm also used to it too' Liza chuckled.

'Really? You were a queen, so I don't think it was bad. What do you usually do in—' Before Alex could finish his sentence, he was stopped by a flying basketball in the sky, it was flying towards him, but it wasn't fast.

Alex easily stopped it with his palm, and soon a giant-looking man approached Alex. He had light skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. His looks were average, but his body was something out of this world. His arms were as sturdy as oak trees, and his shoulders were the size of mountains.

He was called Tony. He was the leader of the basketball club. Tony was popular for his breathtaking build. He was tall and his body was large and packed with muscles, and his white basketball jersey made him look just like a bodybuilder.

"Hey, bro. I'm sorry, we are playing in an open court, and the ball flew towards you by accident. Can you pass me the ball, please?" Tony asked in an apologetic tone and spread his gigantic palm forward to receive the ball from Alex.

Alex didn't know Tony personally, and he never talked with him before, but Tony gave him a good first impression. He sounded and looked like a righteous, good guy, and Alex didn't have any reason to not give him his ball back.

"Yes, sure." Alex was about to hand him the ball normally, but he changed his mind quickly.

He looked at the basketball hoop on the court, which Tony and his team were playing on. Alex gripped the ball with both of his hands, positioned his feet closer to each other, bent his knees down a little, suddenly jumped a high jump, and threw the ball towards the basket!

Everyone around who were watching followed the ball with their eyes, some of them chuckled in underestimate, but some had serious expressions.

But none of them never expected the ball to get in! And without even touching the basket, it went in so smoothly.

Everyone was dumbfounded by Alex's perfect shot, Alex was also surprised by how accurate his shot was, but he remained expressionless as if he knew it would enter without any doubts.

"H-How did you do it? Do you play basketball?" Tony exclaimed in surprise, the distance between Alex and the basket was huge, and Alex shooting position looked almost perfect, so Tony was convinced that Alex was a basketball player.

"No, I never played basketball before" Alex answered calmly. He never played basketball before as he wasn't interested in sports, and most popular sports require teams, and Alex who had unusual eyes never got the chance even to participate in such games let alone being chosen.

"What??! That's impossible! There's no way you will score such a perfect shot from this distance if you never played basketball before!" Tony exclaimed even more, and people around nodded in agreement.

"I just got lucky, man" Alex brushed off Tony's statement and turned around and started to walk, A lot of people started gathering around them, and he didn't want to make a fuss just about one shot.

Alex began walking away, but he was stopped by Tony. He came behind Alex and gabbed him by the shoulder, but Tony didn't use any force.

"I'm sorry for the annoyance, but can you play with us now? We are having a game now, and we would like you to join us" Tony said in a calm voice, he was no longer surprised, instead he was determined to find more about Alex and how good he was.

"Sorry, but I'm tired now, I will join next time" Alex said in an apologetic tone, he was indeed exhausted, he **ed Anna and Erin in row, and cummed six times in less than two hours, so he was pretty tired already and couldn't make any more physical effort.

Seeing Alex's apologetic face, Tony didn't want to bother him any further.

"Okay, let's play next time" Tony said with a big smile. Tony was someone who loved basketball since he was a kid, and he was absolutely obsessed with it, so he got quickly interested in Alex.

"My name is Tony, I hope we can play soon" Tony introduced himself and pulled out his hand forward to shake Alex's hand. Tony was determined to see how good Alex was in playing basketball; he was totally convinced that a prefect shot like that cannot be just luck.

"My name is Alex, I'm looking forward to it" Alex wasn't sure if Tony heard about him before, but he still introduced himself and shook his hand.

'Damn... His hand is massive' Alex exclaimed in his thoughts as Tony's hand wrapped around his hand.

"Good to know you, Alex" After they shook hands, Tony said with a smile.

"Same here" Alex smiled back and started walking away from him and from the all the people who were watching them like they were watching animals in the zoo.

'He seemed to be a nice guy' Liza voiced pop out in Alex mind.

'Yes, he seemed to be a nice guy despite his massive body that makes him look like a gangster' Alex replied to Liza through telepathy.

'You should befriend him, since you don't have any friends. It's a chance for you to change your boring life' Liza uttered. Even though she was one who asked Alex to help her, but she also wants to help him change his pitiful life.

'I don't need friends, but I may change my mind about it after the game' Alex said and kept walking around while looking at the orange clouds, the sun was already setting, leaving a beautiful view behind it.

'Really? I thought you were just lying to get out of there, I never thought you are serious about playing with him' Liza spoke with a surprised tone.

'Of course I was serious about it, I don't give false promises' Alex responded calmly to Liza's exclamation.

Alex kept walking, he was finally heading home, but something caught his attention, someone was on the building roof and standing on the parapet wall dangerously.

He couldn't see who it was, since the sun was setting, and he was far away from them. It looked just like a person silhouette.

'Looks like someone wants to suicide' Liza said with an awkward tone

Chapter end

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