I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – First MILF?

First MILF?

Someone was standing on the edge of the roof's wall, It looked like they were about to jump, Alex was startled, but before he could even move, the person silhouette disappeared.

'Great, It seems that they changed their mind' Liza said in calm tone, trying to calm down Alex because she could feel his heart was beating like crazy.

'I hope so, maybe we just misunderstood their intentions' Alex calmed himself down a little, he was startled after seeing a person standing on the roof's wall dangerously as if they were going to jump, but he felt a little relieved after they jumped back to the roof and disappeared from his sight.

But Alex was still worried about them coming back again, so he went and sat down in a nearby bench which was facing the same building while keeping his eyes on the roof.

'Shouldn't you go to the roof and check instead of sitting here?' Liza asked confusedly.

'Firstly, I don't know whether that person was trying to suicide or no, and I would look like a weirdo if I went there and asked that person weird questions, secondly the least thing a suicidal person would want to do is to talk to a stranger since I don't know a lot of people in this university I don't think I would know them and thirdly, if that person was attempting to suicide but changed their mind, then they are having a serious emotional time with themselves now, and I shouldn't interfere' Alex stated expressionlessly and kept his eyes on the roof.

'You have a point, but sitting here won't change anything, what if they came back and jumped? I don't think you will reach there on time' Liza added.

'Yes it could happen, but suicide isn't something easy to do, even if they got back there on the roof's wall, I don't think they would jump immediately, it takes some time to think well about it before you do it' Alex explained and answered Liza's questions.

'Wow, you're smarter than I thought. You seem to know a lot about suicide, do you know someone attempted to suicide or suicided?' Liza asked curiously after she completely understood the reason why Alex sat helplessly on the bench instead of going directly to the roof to check.

'Not exactly... It's me... I attempted to suicide several times in the past...' Alex hesitantly told Liza about his suicide past attempts.

He was hesitant to tell her something like that, but he knew that she can tell whether he lied or no, so he decided to confess instead of ignoring her question or lying to her.

'Oh, I understand now, I'm so sorry for asking such unnecessary questions' Liza apologized and want to pry any further until Alex tells her by himself.

She didn't know Alex attempted to suicide in the past until now, but she could tell why Alex attempted to suicide.

Alex sat down there on the wooden bench in the campus for about 10 minutes, just looking at the same spot where that person was dangerously standing, before he stood up.

Despite looking fine outside, Alex was worried and anxious about it. Suicide wasn't something you could ignore, even for an introvert like him.

'It seems fine, I guess we just misunderstood like you said' Liza said with a concerned voice as if she was worried like Alex.

But Alex was able to feel that Liza wasn't worried about it at all and didn't care about other people, even if they were going to kill themselves. But it was understandable, since Liza was a succubus and lived in hell, so obviously she doesn't have any pity or care for humans.

'Yeah, it seems fine now' Alex said with a calm voice.

Seeing that no one returned there after a few minutes, Alex thought he just misunderstood and no one was attempting to suicide and he began walking away.

'You do really care about others, huh?' Liza chuckled, Alex showed a lot of concern and worry as if his lover was the one trying to jump.

'No, I can't say that. I'm not a cold-hearted person, as you might have thought, but it's just the normal reaction any normal human being would have. I wouldn't care if I wasn't the only person who noticed it' Alex brushed aside Liza's statement.

'Oh speaking of that, you are right, it seems you're the only person who saw that' Liza said and Alex nodded in response.

Alex kept walking slowly and exited the campus, He was heading home as he doesn't have anything left to do.

'Are you going home already? You should have more fun like a normal young adult. Your life is boring' Liza snickered with a boring tone.

Alex ignored Liza comment, kept walking until he reached a convenient store and entered it, it was a new convenient store which opened just recently.

He wandered inside, the store was empty, empty of customers, he was the only one wandering there. He took the stuff he wanted from the shelves, then went to the cashier counter desk to pay for his things and leave.

"Hello sir" Alex was greeted by a beautiful woman that looked in her mid-thirties, but her beauty matched the beauty of beautiful girls in their twenties.

She was so beautiful, her light brown short hair and honey like eyes perfectly matched her white smooth skin along with wearing a tight green apron which was tight enough to reveal her perfectly shaped big breasts.

"Hello..." Alex dazed off but quickly regained his conscience and quickly averted his gaze from her body.

He quickly handed her the Items he picked, she seemed to not notice his unusual gaze. He eyes were focused on her milkers, but he felt relieved that she didn't notice and scanned his items normal.

'Hoho, you like mature woman?' Liza asked with a grin.

Alex felt a little embarrassed but kept his natural expression

'She is just attractive and hot, or maybe just because a succubus like you is in my body' Alex said while trying to keep his cool, he wasn't a virgin anymore and had lots of sex already, but Liza caught him in an unsuitable moment.

Suddenly, Liza activated her succubus zone without Alex realizing, but soon he started to notice changes in the cashier's behavior and posture.

'Hey, hey, don't tell me...' Alex said in an anxious voice as if he was looking at a bomb which is about to blow up!

The cashier didn't glance up and continued working, but Alex could see her hands shaking along with her whole body, and her face was red from ear to ear. Liza's zone have gotten so stronger and more effective.

Alex could tell that she was super aroused and in the verge. She can't hold it anymore, fortunately Alex was the only one in the store, but also he was her only prey.

'Hehe, have fun with your first MILF' Liza chuckled devilishly.

Chapter end

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