I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Getting overwhelmed

Getting overwhelmed

The aroused cashier kept scanning Alex's items with her shaking hands. However, after she finished everything, she looked up at Alex with a flushed face, as if she was looking at her husband before he pop up her cherry.

"That would be $10.99," she said with a soft voice, while trying to hide her arousal and embarrassment.

Alex only bought some washing and showering products, since he showers a lot and as a result he consumes a lot of products.

'Damn...Why, did you activate your powers without my permission? We are inside a store, and I don't even know her!' Alex complained about Liza's sudden action, but inside him, he was thankful to Liza for doing that.

'Isn't that what you truly want? I did it because I know that your virgin-ass won't do it, now stop whining and ** her already!' Liza chuckled.

'I'm not a virgin anymore...I may like her body and appearance, but that doesn't mean I should ** her on the spot' Alex responded while trying to keep his cool and a natural expression on his handsome face.

Alex wasn't mad at Liza for doing such actions, but even though it was his true desire, he was still startled and not ready for it.

'Yes, you are not physically virgin anymore, but you definitely still have a virgin's brain! And that's exactly what you want, I know you want to have sex with her, since you laid your eyes on her body, I can feel it, You can't deceive me!' Liza said with a grin.

Since Alex and Liza are spirituality connected, and they share the same body, they can feel each other's feelings and emotions.

Alex calmed himself down and regained his cool. He knew it wasn't time to back off, and as Liza said, he himself wanted it.

"$10.99, That's a lot. I'm afraid I don't have any cash on me. Is there any other way to pay?" Alex smiled with an alluring voice and unexpectedly jumped over the counter desk and landed standing beside the aroused cashier.

He lied to her, he had his wallet on him, and he had enough money to pay for his items, but he needed a reason to approach her.

'You ruined such a cool jump with your lame cringy lines' Liza commented with a chuckle on Alex's approach.

Alex ignored Liza's comment and gazed at the cashier's face and body. After gazing at her body thoughtfully, he was finally able to identify her name, as it was written on her green apron. Her name was Mary, and as Alex guessed, she was the owner of the store.

Mary was surprised by Alex's jump and sudden approach, but after she heard what he said, she responded with an embarrassed head nod.

"Yes...Fuck me please...please", Mary lewdly said with a reddened face, but her eyes were glowing with lust. She gazed lovingly at Alex's face with her honey-like, lustful eyes.

Hearing Mary provocatively begging him to ** her, Alex couldn't contain his lust either and swiftly leaned over her face and placed his lips on hers.

Alex passionately kissed and sucked her rosy soft lips, and she did the same thing back with the same energy as if she was waiting a long time for Alex.

After biting, sucking and kissing each other lips, Alex's tongue aggressively forced its way towards her mouth, piercing her slightly open mouth and exploring its insides, soon he got welcomed by her wanton tongue.

Their tongues collided and battled with each other aggressively, while their lips wrapped together.

'Damn!... Mature women are totally different from amateur women. I feel I'm being consumed' Alex cursed as he was being overwhelmed by Mary's kissing skills.

'You can't lose to her! You're the one who should dominate and not get dominated!' Liza yelled.

Alex wrapped his hands around Mary and pulled her closer, making her big breasts press against his chest.

He caressed her waist with his hands and kissed her more fiercely. After that, Alex slowly slid his hands down and groped her buttocks. She was wearing blue tight jeans that made her rounded ass look so delicious and attractive.

"Hmmhh~" Mary reacted to Alex's groping with a sweet moan.

Alex massaged her butt cheeks and aggressively held them with his hands, which resulted his fingers to sink in her soft flesh.

In response to Alex's aggressive touches, Mary unexpectedly moved her small hand towards Alex's crotch and started rubbing his dick with his pants on.

'Fuck...' Alex groaned in his thoughts.

He soon activated both of his skills: [Touch of Pleasure] and [Manly Scent] since he felt that he was slowly getting overwhelmed by this horny woman.

"Hmmmhghh~" Mary moaned sweetly and orgasmed as she felt an intense pleasure coming from Alex's hands, which were groping and massaging her ass cheeks roughly.

A manly lewd scent that she never smelled before in her life reached her nose. It was coming from Alex's crotch, slowly making her mind go blank.

After kissing for a few minutes, Alex separated away his lips as he was short of breath, and Mary was having the same issue too; they both breathed heavily while staring lustfully at each other.

"Hmmmh~ I never felt this good from kissing" Mary said in an alluring voice as she kneeled in front of Alex, and proceeded removing his pants.

"...!" Even a mature woman like her was surprised by how huge Alex's cock was.

'It's so big! And smells so **ing good..." Mary exclaimed with a lewd smile and sniffed Alex's erected dick, as if she was sniffing the most delicious meat rod she had ever seen.

"Hey, don't eat it, just suck it" Alex spoke with a worried expression, Mary long observing gaze towards his dick while sniffing it many times made him afraid of her suddenly biting his dick off.

"I won't, I'm just amazed by how big and tasty it looks; it drives me crazy..." Mary said to clear Alex's doubts.

After sniffing and observing Alex's dick with her lustful eyes for a while, Mary pushed her wide open mouth forth, swallowing half of Alex's fat sausage in one go, and slowly began sucking it.

She began sucking Alex's dick as if she was sucking on popsicle, she showed no hesitant or worry like his other women, she just focused on sucking his dick crazily.

Alex could feel her tongue licks and wraps around his glans everytime she pulled out his cock from her throat.

Slurp... Slurp... Slurp!

Slurping and sucking noises were clearly echoed all over the store like a beautiful hymn.

Mary was doing her best, but Alex's cock was huge even for her, she couldn't swallow it all, but instead of pushing his meat rod down her throat forcefully, she just held the remaining of his fat cock and began jerking it off by her hand and massaging his balls with her other hand while still sucking and licking it none stop.

"Aghh..." Alex groaned as he felt waves of pleasure running all over his body.

'Crap, you are really getting overwhelmed!' Liza chuckled.

Alex couldn't hold it anymore and couldn't even delay his ejaculation, the pleasure coming from her mouth and hands were unbearable. He couldn't resist it, and cummed immediately.

Streams of white thick milk gushed out of Alex's throbbing cock, even though he already ejaculated six times today, his semen regeneration was faster than normal humans, cumming alot wasn't a problem for him.

White thick semen dripped out Mary's chin, as she couldn't swallow all of it.

"Hmmmgh~ It's so freaking sweet and delicious!~" Mary moaned sweetly, as she drank the spilling semen from her chin with her fingers, and continued sucking Alex's cock for more as if she was on a tube.

'It's time to attack back' Alex sighed, and looked at Mary who was sucking thirsty every drop of cum off his dick.


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Chapter end

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