I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Prologue: A Companion

Prologue: A Companion

Alex Evans was a handsome 18-year-old, a good-looking boy with short-length black hair and 185cm tall. He wasn't thin nor fat, just in the between. He had everything that could make any girl fall for him, but unfortunately, he was born with a rare condition that made his eyes color red, which made his good appearance go in vain.

He spent most of his time studying in the library or at home, in order to graduate from university and get a decent job. Even if Alex wanted to hang out and have fun like a normal youth, he didn't have anyone to hang out with, instead, he study, and read novels, or books in his free time.

He was an excellent pupil in terms of academics, despite being smart and handsome, no one dared to approach him, the first reason was that his eye's iris was red and it was very unusual for others. People used to call him a freak and all kinds of bad nicknames during his high school and middle school years, and the second reason was that he was an absolute introvert, after going through bullying, he no longer wanted to socialize with others, anyway, no one wanted to befriend with an introverted person in the first place.

After a month after his university life began, Alex still didn't make a single friend, he was kind of hoping to make some friends. He was still a human being, and humans weren't designed to live alone. No one wants to be alone without friends or a lover.

Alex never had a girlfriend, he was still a virgin; he had many crushes, but he couldn't make the first move. He wasn't stupid; he knew he would get rejected if he confessed, so he kept his feelings to himself.

There were a lot of pretty young women in his college. Alex was like everybody, he started having crushes on pretty and attractive girls, especially a beautiful, cute girl called Alice, she was pretty, with elegant and silky long black hair, and gorgeous sapphire-like eyes, also her body was well-developed, she had medium size breasts, they were what they call 'They would perfectly fit in my hands' type. Not only that, but Alice also had a juicy rounded ass, it wasn't huge, but it was big enough to make any man drool. With all of this, Alex couldn't help but get attracted to her and to her body, but sadly, he realized he doesn't have a chance with her, also the competition was strong, with almost every male on the campus trying to get her attention.

"Damn, man, Alice looks so freaking pretty! I wish she was my girlfriend!"

"Yes, she is so charming, I will try to ask her out tomorrow!"

"Don't get your hopes high, I'm sure you will get rejected"

While going back home, Alex heard two students talking about Alice, she was a popular girl, and those conversations were a usual thing between boys who were trying to get in Alice's pants.

After leaving the campus and Alex headed to his house, his house was quite near to his university, so he didn't need to take the bus every time. He was already 18 years old but still living with his parent, Alex tried to get part-time jobs before, so he could rent an apartment and live alone, during his college years, but he always got turned down, the reason for not hiring Alex, was obviously because he would scare customers away with his eyes.

After wandering toward his house for a while. Alex suddenly felt like something stabbed him in his back, he instantaneously turned back, but he couldn't find anyone around. The pain started fading away swiftly, what just happened puzzled Alex, he surely felt something pierce his back, but he couldn't see anyone nearby and there was no injury in his back.

"What the hell happened?..." Alex glared around as he felt the pain vanish.

After his pain completely faded, Alex ignored what happened and returned to walking, and soon he reached home. Opening the door, his mom greeted him, her name was Laura, she was a beautiful woman in her thirties. She had medium-length black, smooth hair, and a pair of green eyes that looked like enchanting pearls. Laura looked absolutely beautiful for a woman in her age.

Alex's father passed away just when he was just 2 years old. Sadly, he didn't have a father figure in his life, and he had only his mom since he began remembering. He truly appreciated his mother's efforts in raising and taking care of him. He would do anything to make his mom happy.

"Welcome back, my dear, how was your day?" Alex's mom asked with a smile. She was the only one who didn't find Alex eyes scary.

"I'm back, mom, it's been like usual" Alex replied with a smile too, he felt happy when his mom normally talked and interacted with him.

"The shower is ready, go take a shower and let's have dinner after that" Laura smiled back and went inside the kitchen.

"Okay, mom, I will go take a shower, it won't be long" Alex said after he removed his shoes, he usually takes long showers, but since dinner was already, he couldn't stay long.

Alex went to take a shower. Despite no one interacting with him, he always keeps himself clean and fresh; he usually takes two showers in a day. One in the morning when he wakes up, and one after he comes back home.

After Alex took a shower and ate dinner, he helped his mom to wash the dishes, then went to his room, since he didn't have any homework today, he decided to go to sleep, Alex was tired today, he placed his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.

'Hi buddy, are you already sleeping?' a sweat-girly voice echoed in his head.

Alex heard a sweet voice, and it seems to belong to a girl! He opened his eyes and turned on the lights, but found no one in his room except him, Alex assumed he was just hallucinating and turned off the lights, then hopped on the bed back to sleep.

'You are being rude! Don't ignore me! ' The voice ranged in his head again, but in a cute annoyed tone in this time.

Alex panicked and turned on the light again, but just like the first time, no one was in the room except him. He took some deep breaths to calm himself down, then tried to find the source of this voice.

'Aren't you going to say anything? I'm talking with you!' The voice rang in his head again, making him get more and more puzzled.

At least Alex was calm this time, he didn't panic this time, but he was still kind of scared.

"Who are you?... No, where are you??" Alex asked with a frown.

'Finally, a response! I'm glad you asked! My name is Isabella Al Celestine III, I'm a succubus queen!' The voice which was deemed to belong to this girl named Isabella stated proudly.

Hearing her prideful statement, Alex thought that he was just hallucinating. A succubus queen? isn't that a mythical creature? She made Alex's head full of questions.

"But where are you?... are you invisible?" Alex asked curiously. He calmed himself down and tried to communicate with this strange voice.

'No, I'm in your body. I possessed your body when you were coming back home, I'm talking with you in your head, hmm it somehow likes telepathy' Isabella spoke explaining.

Some of Alex's questions started getting answered. That explained why he felt like he got stabbed on his way home, but that made Alex panic more! a succubus was possessing his body! With being connected to Alex, Isabella felt his terror.

'Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I didn't intend to hurt you back then, I just need your help' Isabella said with an apologetic tone.

Alex feels what Isabella feels, and vice versa. Alex felt Isabella was being honest with him and had no ill intentions coming from her soul. He somehow felt a powerful bond with Isabella. he was still perplexed about what was happening, but he continued you listening to her explanations.

"How can I help you? " Alex asked strangely and curiously, he still haven't had an idea of what Isabella needed.

'I need you to help me recover my body' Isabella uttered with a shaky voice that also contained some anger in it.


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Chapter end

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