I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – New Responsibilities

New Responsibilities

Alex and Mary kissed for a few minutes before their lips parted away, but stayed hugging silently while remained naked on the couch. Feeling each other warmth.

"Thanks for everything, Alex…?" Mary said abruptly with a calm voice as she unexpectedly broke the silence.

Hearing her call him by his first name, Alex freaked out. He didn't tell her his name, but for some reason she knew it.

"How do you know my name..." Alex asked with a complicated expression on his face, he was extremely puzzled.

"Is your name Alex? I myself don't know, it suddenly appeared in my head while we were kissing, and it kept popping up in my head whenever I look at you, so I assumed it's your name…" Mary uttered and rest her head on Alex shoulder.

Alex got even more puzzled, he couldn't come with any explanation, but Liza stepped in to explain.

'I'm not sure about it, but I think it's because of the [Lust Enslavement Kiss] skill, now since she totally belongs to you, it is normal for her to know your name" Liza exposed her idea.

'How comes you're not sure? Well, I think it's because of that too, she said it appeared while kissing, that meant when I activated the skill' Alex agreed with Liza, it was the only explanation available that sounds reasonable.

'Yeah, I'm not sure because I never used [Lust Enslavement Kiss] on anyone before and no one used it on me' Liza spoke.

Alex was amazed that Liza never used such a skill back in hell, but he quickly brushed it off as he remembered she was the queen and probably didn't need to enslave anyone, since everyone belongs to her.

"Did I mistook your name somehow?…" Hearing no response from Alex, Mary lifted her head off his shoulder and looked at him, then asked worriedly.

"No, I'm surprised because you guessed my name correctly. Yes, my name is Alex" Alex smiled at the worried Mary, trying to make her feel relieved with his smile.

Mary blushed and placed her head back on Alex's shoulder, trying to hide her flushed face.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Alex" She murmured in a low voice.

'A "pleasure", huh? " Liza chuckled.

Alex heard her but didn't respond, he just wrapped his hand around her back and pulled her body closer to his. Pressing his chest against her plump titties.

After a few minutes of essential hugging and cuddling, Mary broke the silence again.

"If I got pregnant, don't worry about the child, I will take care of them, you don't need to take any responsibility, you are still young, so live your life properly… I would love if you visit me sometimes…" Mary spoke with a depressed tone,

She felt a strong connection between her and Alex. She couldn't forget about him, but as a mature mom she knew, a young man like him can't bear the responsibility of a child.

"Don't worry, the chances are low and if you got pregnant, I promise I will take the responsibility" Alex hugged her tightly and said cheerfully, trying to lift her mood. He knew she definitely won't get pregnant, but he had to comfort her someway.

"I'm glad you're my first man in 18 years" Mary murmured under her breath and a slight smile bloomed in her face.

"18 years!?!!..." With his strong ears, Alex was able to hear her clearly. He was so surprised and ended up unconsciously blurting out.

"Oh, you heard me?... Yes, you are my first man after I got pregnant, I never slept or had any relationship with any men in the period of 18 years…" Mary said with a flushed face, but unexpectedly with a happy expression.

'See! I told you, I could tell that she hadn't had sex in a long time. Her pussy was maiden's like' Liza exclaimed pridefully with a delightful tone.

"Why is that?…" Alex curiously asked Mary.

He was still surprised, Liza told him she hadn't had sex in a long time, but he never expected it to be 18 years long.

"I hated men because of my ex-boyfriend did to me, I despised every man I saw, I thought all of them will do the same as my ex-boyfriend, date me just because of my body. But it was different when I saw you… I felt something piercing through my heart. I knew right away that you are different" Mary uttered cutely with a flushed face, she was trying her best to hide her face in Alex's chest.

Alex felt fluttered as he gazed at the cute Mary. He felt a strong bond between him and her was being built.

"Thanks..." Alex held Mary's head with his hand and caressed it. He didn't know anything else to say.

They stay hugging and cuddling for a few minutes before Mary suddenly jumped!

"Oh, my god! I left the store open!" Mary jumped off the couch hurriedly as she began to remembering the world around her.

She experienced a heavenly pleasure with Alex, also narrating her past for the first time. She totally forgot about everything aside from herself and Alex.

'Hey, don't forget to open the store' Alex told Liza. He stood up and began wearing his clothes as well.

Mary swiftly wore all her clothes and went out, and Alex went out right after.

"Phew! Fortunately no one was here" Mary signed as she checked the money register and the valuable items around.

Alex looked at the doors and the sign was back to "Closed". Liza did as he told her and returned everything back to how it was.

'Hey, Can I use telekinesis?' Alex asked curiously, since Liza lives in his body, that gave him the ability of gaining her skills and powers. He was wondering if he could use it too.

'Yes, you can use it too, but you will probably faint due to exhaustion, telekinesis require a strong brain to use it, and your brain is still the same as a normal human despite gaining supernatural powers' Liza uttered.

'I understand. But are there any ways to strengthen my mental power?' Alex asked. He was thrilled to be able to use a fantastic power like telekinesis.

'Just by practice, practice it every day, and you will be able to strengthen your brain like that. I don't recommend you doing any more efforts, you are already exhausted' Liza advised Alex and explained to him how he could increase his brain.

Alex nodded and went to grab his items he was planning to buy.

"Take" Alex said with a smile and handed Mary the money his items cost.

"No, no! You already gave me something precious than money" Mary waved her hands hurriedly, and she refused to accept Alex's money.

"Take them, It's yours, you can't run a business if you kept giving things away for free. Also, I didn't sleep with you as a payment, I slept with you because I wanted you" Alex smirked at Mary, making her feel embarrassed.

Mary couldn't refuse anymore. If she refused to take the money, she was sure Alex will get more persistent.

Soon a bell sounds rang in Alex's ears, it was coming from the door. He looked at that direction and saw a girl entering.

"Ashley…" Mary murmured.

Ashley was wearing a black hoodie with the hood on, try her best to hide her face along with a blue jean shorts that wasn't completely visible because of her baggy hoodie.

She walked in the store and grabbed a bag of chips and went directly to the room next to the room Alex banged Mary in; she didn't even look at Alex nor her mother. She just went inside and closed the door behind her.

There were two rooms in the store aside from the bathroom.

"That's my daughter Ashley" Mary sighed.

"She looks in a bad condition, is she okay?" Alex asked worriedly.

"She had been like this for years, but since her university life began, she became even worse..." Mary let out a deep sigh, her eyes became lifeless after her daughter came in.

"It's okay, I will try to help her out" Alex said cheerfully as he patted on Mary's shoulder.

"I'm sorry for the trouble…." Mary said in an apologetic tone, but her expression lighten up a little.

Mary put Alex items in a bag and handed it to him. He took it and said bye, then began walking his way towards the exit.

'WAIT!' Liza yelled!

'What's the matter?' Alex stopped walking and asked.

'Isn't that girl Ashley looks similar to the person we saw on the wall of the roof earlier?! Her figure looks so similar to the silhouette we saw!'


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