I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Rest


Alex stood there inside the store without making any moves or noises. He was just analyzing what Liza told him.

'Damn...' Alex compared the figure of that silhouette and Ashley's figure in his mind and found that they are nearly identical, as Liza said.

'I could be wrong, it might be a different person, they're a lot of girls that have the same figure as Ashley's' Liza spoke.

Alex nodded his head but kept unmoving from his place.

"Is there anything wrong?" Mary came near Alex from behind and asked worriedly.

Her eyes were fixed on Alex's back as he was walking towards the exit, but he suddenly stopped, making her feel worried but also curious.

"Oh, no… I was just looking at that sign, are you hiring staff members? I'm interested, I also have a friend that might be interested to work as a part-timer…" Hearing Mary's questioning voice, Alex turned around and faced her while pointing at the vacancy sign that was attached to the glass door.

He knew he can't tell her that her daughter might have attempted suicide earlier. He wasn't sure if that person's silhouette was Ashley's and even if he was sure. Not only that, he knew that Mary might not be able to handle it herself if he told her, so he needed to solve it on his own.

Alex quickly came up with a replacement for that, he saw the hiring sign when he first entered the store. He was going to ask Mary about it the next day when he visits again, but Liza's sudden statement made him change plans.

"Oh, I would love it if you worked here, I won't mind your friend either, but the payment wage is low...' Mary said hesitantly.

Mary's store was just recently open, and she was in shortage of money, but she needed people to help her to run the store. Convenience stores are almost open all the time, she can't work for hours alone.

"It's okay, consider me in, we will talk more about this tomorrow. I will also tell my friend, I will bring her with me if she is interested" Alex smiled at her and tapped on her shoulder, since Mary now belongs to him, he didn't mind helping her even for free.

Also, he was happy with the idea of working with his bewitching yummy mummy Mary, which meant he will have a lot of fun during work.

"Thanks, Alex, we will discuss this more tomorrow" Mary uttered happily with an unusual cute smile.

She was also happy with Alex working with her and helping run the store.

"Bye." Alex smiled at her and waved his hand, then exited the store.

'What are you going to do about the girl, Ashley? We are not sure whether it was her or not, but from her appearance, she definitely has a lot of issues. Furthermore, since your charm didn't work on her, there are only a few reasons why it doesn't work. For example, if the person is sad and depressed or angry or both at the same time, it won't work' Liza uttered and broke the silence, as Alex walked his way home while carrying his stuff in a plastic bag.

'I will try to figure out a way to help her tomorrow" Alex said and pulled his phone out of his pocket then turned it on.

'I hope she isn't the one who was on the roof earlier, I really don't know how to deal with a suicidal person' Alex added.

It was 8 pm, and he had no messages or notifications on his screen.

He went to the messages app and then clicked on the name "Anna".


Alex sent her a short greeting message, he wanted to inform her about the store vacancy and whether she is interested or not, she told him that she was financially struggling, so he decided to help her.

[Hi, darling! I was waiting for your message]

Alex didn't wait for too long before Anna replied.

'Darling, huh?" Liza chuckled as she looked at Alex's phone screen through his eyes.

'She is calling me darling already…' Alex uttered with a smile. He didn't know that Anna was blushing so hard, her face became like a tomato behind her phone screen.

[I just came across a convenience store and they are hiring workers. You told me the other day that you're in shortage of money, so are you interested?]

Alex immediately went straight to the subject. Anna was a popular girl on campus, and she was busy almost all the time, so he wanted to know her thoughts over the phone.

[Hmm, yes, I'm financially struggling right now, but I don't know about it, I'm too busy to work. I'm sorry...]

Anna ended up refusing Alex's offer apologetically.

[No, it's fine, I will go alone]

Alex replied and locked his phone to put it back in his pocket, but before he could shove it in his pants, it vibrated.

Alex opened it, and it was another message from Anna.

[Are you going to work there??]

Anna asked, and she seemed to be so curious about it.

[Yes] Alex answered shortly.

[You should have told me earlier! I change my mind, shall we go tomorrow?] Anna replied abruptly.

[Aren't you too busy?] Alex asked doubtfully.

[Yes, but I will change my schedule, I want to spend time together…] Anna answered cutely.

Alex was amazed by cute Anna acted while messaging on the phone messages.

[Okay, let's meet when your classes end.] Alex was fluttered when Anna changed her decision just because of him.

Alex slowly put his phone in his pocket and kept walking to his house, Mary's store wasn't far away from his house, so he was able to reach there swiftly.

After walking for a couple of minutes, Alex reached the door of his house, he was about to unlock the door with the key, but before he could do that, the door opened.

"Why are you late? Where were you?" Alex's mom asked with a very worried expression, it was the first time Alex stayed outside that late, it was just 8 pm, but it was unusual for her.

She was the only parent Alex had since Alex's father died two years after he was born. His mom's name was Laura, and she was truly a beautiful woman, just like her son.

"I'm sorry mom, I was just hanging out with a friend" Alex answered apologetically.

"A friend? Is she a girl? I smell a feminine perfume scent coming from you" Alex's mom sniffed Alex's shirt and as a woman she was able to tell that Alex was with a girl.

Mary's perfume scent stayed in his clothes and body when they had sex.

"Yes, she is my friend, and I was helping her study, she uses a strong perfume, so its scent easily stuck in me" Alex lied, he couldn't bring himself to tell his mom that he had sex with three women today and one of them was a mature woman, the same age as her.

"I understand, don't worry! I was just surprised that you made a female friend so quickly" Laura patted Alex's shoulder while smiling, she knew that she shouldn't investigate her son's life, he is already an adult now.

"Go to shower, and let's have dinner" Laura added as she went back in, Alex also went in and closed the door behind him.

He went to shower then went to have dinner, and immediately went to bed, he was truly exhausted today, more than ever, he couldn't move anymore.

'Rest well, I can tell that tomorrow is going to be a fun day!' Liza chuckled.


Author's Note:

Hey everyone! I hope you like this chapter even though it's just a normal chapter and doesn't contain anything special, but I can say that the next upcoming chapters are going to be FIRE!

I would like to thank @FuenfPfund, @Cynic_0, and @DeternityDude for always voting since the beginning of this work.

Not only that, but I also thank everyone that supports this book and votes. Thank you all!


Chapter end

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