I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A way to get rich

A way to get rich

Sun rays sneaked into Alex's room and hit his eyes, and soon his alarm clock began ringing, informing him it was time to wake up.

'Good morning, my Alex!' Liza's sweet voice rang in his mind as his eyes started opening.

'Good morning, why do you call me "My Alex" only in the mornings' Alex greeted Lisa back and asked sluggishly.

'To lighten up your mood! I'm sure anyone would love to hear the prettiest girl with the sweetest voice greet them every morning' Liza giggled in a haughty manner. She was a prideful succubus, but she had every reason to be proud of her looks.

'You're right, I'm in a good mood too, I feel so much energy flowing through my body' Alex yawned as he got out of his bed.

'That's great! Your body is getting more used to my powers, I'm sure you feel a lot of strength in your body' Liza happily said.

Alex nodded, and he went to the shower, then he began slowly showering.

'Since I feel too energetic today, can you teach me how to use Telekinesis?' Alex was so excited to use a superpower like telekinesis, and his excitement was totally normal, anyone would be fired up to use it.

'Yeah, sure, but just for a bit, your brain may not endure it' Liza agreed, she can feel Alex's tremendous excitement and couldn't refuse his request.

'See that bottle, focus on it, then wish it to move to the right' Liza added, she was referring to Alex's shampoo bottle which was placed on the shower shelf.

He did as she said; he stared at the white shampoo bottle ceaselessly, after he imagined it moving to the right.

'Don't stress yourself, just calmly imagine it moving to the right' Liza instructed as she felt Alex's tension rising after the bottle didn't move after a few failed tries.

He took a few deep breaths and returned to concentrating again, but unlike the first time, this time he was relaxed and truly concentrated on making the bottle move.

Suddenly, the shampoo bottle moved a few centimeters to the right.

'BRAVO!' Liza hollered in excitement.

"Phew! That was so hard" Alex gasped as he panted heavily. Using Telekinesis just for a few seconds made him feel tired and dizzy.

'Yes, it's so hard at the beginning, but once you get used to it, it becomes easy' Alex watched the shampoo bottle moves right and left so smoothly because of Liza. She was born by those powers, but she also needed to do lots of practice and training to master it.

'Don't you get tired? I feel exhausted just from using it for a few seconds'

'Of course, it drains a lot of Mana, but unlike you, my Mana's capacity and capability are higher than yours, so I can use it longer and stronger, and I don't get tired easily' Liza explained.

'Also, don't worry, you will feel better after you eat, Mana gets automatically regenerated, but it gets renewed expeditiously, after you eat, rest or have lots of sex!' Liza chuckled happily.

Alex nodded his head and continued to shower, he knew it will take him a lot of time to master Liza's skills, but it was possible.

After showering and cleaning himself, he got out and went to eat breakfast in the living room alone. His mom leaves for work early, and they rarely eat breakfast together.

Alex always felt bad for his mom, she worked all the time just for him and even worked two jobs to pay his college entrance fees, but now it was time to repay her.

'Is there any way I can get rich quickly?' Alex stuffed his face with food since he was talking with Liza through telepathy, so finally, it was possible for him to talk while eating.

'Well, I definitely can't make you rich instantly, but there's a way, however, it's slow, and it drains a lot of Mana' Liza answered.

'Can you elaborate?' Alex asked as he took a bite off his jam sandwich.

'Okay, place the back of your left hand on the table and take a few deep breaths' Alex did as Liza said, he stretched his arm out and placed his hand on the table.

Suddenly, Alex lost feeling in his left arm, he can no longer move it.

"What!? I can't move my left hand" Alex panicked, but he remained unmoving.

'Just stay still, don't worry, I just took control of your left arm' Alex left arm suddenly jerked up without his consent or control, then slowly went back to rest of the table.

'W–What's next?' feeling no ill intentions coming from Liza, Alex calmed down a little and glanced at his palm.

'Let's do some magic' Liza chuckled.

Soon, a white ball formed on Alex's palm, which looked like a rounded lightbulb but was full of white floating energy. Alex's jaw dropped, and his eyes opened wide to their limit, he was so astonished to the point of not being able to talk.

However, the energy white ball slowly shrank in and gradually disappeared, leaving behind it, a green paper.

"A $100..." Alex blurted out unconsciously.

'Yes! That was so hard, the Mana density is so low here on earth, so I can't make a lot, I can make only three with a filled Mana core' Liza chuckled pridefully. What she did wasn't something special back in hell, but looking at Alex's reaction, she couldn't help but feel proud.

Alex's jam sandwich fell from his hand and dropped on the table. He was stunned, but as soon as he regained the feeling of his left arm, he immediately touched the money bill with his fingers and felt it.

'It's real…' Alex felt the 100-dollar bill with both of his hands and checked it. It had everything, the watermark, the texts, the red ultraviolet glow, and a random serial number.

'Of course, it is real, and it's hard to make' since Liza was a pure-blooded succubus, she was able to create things by her powers.

'Since Mana density is very low here on earth, mama registration is slow, and I can't eat nor rest, so the only way to quickly restore my Mana's reservoir, is you having a lot of sex!' Liza said with a grin.

'So basically, if you want to get rich, have a lot of sex' Liza simplified.

Alex was shocked and amazed, but he calmed himself and heard well Liza's explanation.

'Isn't it illegal?' Alex asked.

'Well, the money is a hundred percent real and created by magic, no one will know, so you're fine' Alex kept observing the money bill and found nothing suspicious in it. After a few minutes of long examining, he put it in his pocket and stood up, it was getting late, and he needed to go to his university.

He knew his part of the deal, it was a win-win for both Alex and Liza; he needed to have sex which was the most pleasurable thing he experienced and at the same, he earns money, as for Liza she got to regain her powers and Mana quickly.

He went out of the door and closed it with the key, then he headed towards his university. As soon he walked onto the pavement, he was Alice walking in front of him.

She was wearing a white blouse along with a short blue skirt that could barely cover her juicy peach-like ass.

'It's time for you to make some money.' Liza grinned.

Chapter end

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