I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Stop acting like a virgin

Stop acting like a virgin

Alex glared at Alice's bewitching body and her juicy rounded ass as she walked slowly in front of him. Her ass wasn't huge as Anna's, but it was still big and perfectly rounded, it looked exactly like a delicious peach.

'You should go say hi' Liza said with a grin.

'I think it will be awkward, we had sex too soon because of you, and we didn't get the chance to get to know each other well. I'm afraid she will get uncomfortable when she sees me' Alex replied anxiously.

'You're worrying too much. I'm sure she will be super happy to see you, plus it's been two days since you **ed her. I'm sure she already wants more, so you either go to her or she will come to you' Liza responded calmly, she was struggling to make Alex feel relaxed and confident enough to make the first move.

Alex continued walking behind her, but after listening to Liza's suggestion, he gathered his confidence, then increased his walking pace, and soon he reached the walking beauty.

"Good morning" Alex's smile beamed down at Alice who was peering at him was an amazed expression.

"Good morning, Alex" Alice abruptly smiled sweetly back after she heard Alex's greetings.

Alex was stunned. Alice was clearly startled and surprised when she saw him, but her surprised face quickly turned into a beautiful smiley face, making his forethought turn out to be inaccurate.

"Do you have lessons this morning?" Alice unexpectedly asked as she lovingly gazed at Alex with a beautiful smile. She started the conversation, unlike their previous meeting, Alice was talkative this time.

"Yes, I have a couple of lessons this morning. But today is Friday, so I have a free afternoon and evening" Alex responded to Alice's question with a smile.

"Lucky you, I still have lessons in the afternoon. Since you are free in the afternoon, how about we have lunch together today?" Alice took initiative and asked Alex to have lunch with her.

"Yeah, sure" Alex agreed to her offer with a calm expression along with a slight smile.

But on the inside, Alex was totally awed by how normally and smoothly Alice chatted with him, it was unusual; she was actually so shy around boys and especially with Alex.

'It looks like she departed her virgin behavior unlike you' Liza laughed.

Indeed, Alice differed from before, she would make eye contact and smile at Alex regularly as they walked to the campus.

'By the way, I can feel that she is barely holding her lust. She was already aroused her before you met her, but as soon you greeted her, her arousal got more intense. So behind her smiley cute face there is a lascivious, lewd face waiting for you to look at' Liza declared with a happy tone.

She gets so happy when people around her get excited and lustful around her, Liza happily absorbed every drop of lust Alice released from her body.

'Since no one is around, how about we have some fun? Began with groping her ass!' Liza playfully suggested.

'We are in public, I can't do that' Alex quickly refused Liza's idea, he was too worried that someone might see him touching a girl inappropriately in public. He wasn't worried about Alice's dissatisfaction with it, since he was sure she won't mind it.

'Stop acting like a virgin! And grope her ass cheeks!' Liza sulked.

Alice was slowly stepping beside Alex, after observing her and their surroundings for a couple of seconds; Alex discovered that they were walking so closely and intimately to each other, his left shoulder was just a few inches away from her head.

That signaled to Alex that Alice wants to be intimate with him.

Alex with his enhanced senses was able to tell that no one was around just like Liza said, then he slowly moved his hand towards her butt and groped it.

"Ah!" Alice moaned in surprise and quickly glanced behind, but after seeing that it was Alex's hand which was touching her butt, she felt relieved and reassured.

Liza already activated [Touch of pleasure], which made Alex's touch so pleasurable to Alice.

"Ah~" Alice moaned softly while her upper body pressed against Alex's arm as she felt Alex's hand roughly foundling her ass.

Her perfectly hand-size titties squeezed against his arm as she moaned, he could feel the softness of her body and her cute slutty moans slowly awakening lust within him.

Alex was touching and groping her ass above her blue skirt, but it wasn't enough for him, he slid his hand below her skirt and finally came in contact with her bare butt cheeks.

He was confused because he couldn't feel Alice's cute panties covering her buttocks like the last he massaged her ass. Curiosity got over him and made him stop foundling her ass, then raised her skirt a little to take a peek.

"Oh!" Alex exclaimed in surprise as he saw an obscene red G-string underwear, which wasn't covering Alice's ass cheeks at all. It was just like a thin string of cloth going through her ass crack while barely covering and hiding her butt hole.

'Wow, slutty' Even the succubus was amazed after looking at Alice's indecent underpants.

"Do you like it? I wore it today, so I can show it to you" Alice lewdly smiled with a flushed cute face at Alex after she noticed his surprised face.

'She really took off the shy virgin behavior…' Alex groped her butt roughly and his fingers immediately plunged in her soft flesh. It frustrated him, He was the only one who still act like a virgin.

"I love it" Alex answered smiled at her in the purpose of trying to get rid of his shyness and tentative. Recalling how Anna, Erin, and even Mary acted with him with no shy or doubt made him reconsider how he should behave around them.

"I'm happy to hea— Ah~" Before Alice could continue her sentence, Alex aggressively took a handful of both of her ass cheeks, which made Alice moans softly instead. Soon she felt his fingers sliding further and began rubbing her cunt.

Alex started fingering her already wet clit with his left hand while walking. He could feel her pussy lips against his fingers, since her smutty underwear wasn't covering them properly.

'So wet…' Alex could feel his fingers getting were soaked by her juices. They were still walking slowly towards their destination, but Alex wasn't paying attention to the pavement or awareness to his surroundings, his gaze was completely fixed on Alice's pretty face.

Suddenly, two small pinks hearts appeared in Alice's sapphire like eyes as she moaned and breathed heavily in response to Alex's aggressive touches.

'It's so early… even earlier than Mary, who never had sex in 18 years…' Alex commented as he glanced at the marvelous small pink hearts that suddenly occupied Alice's beautiful blue eyes.

'She is barely holding herself, it has been a long two days since banged her and made her taste the unforgivable pleasure, unlike Mary who never tasted that pleasure before in her life. Alice tasted it, and she wanted more and more, the longer she waits, the faster her lust peaks. Make sure to ** her brains out, she has been waiting for two whole days already!' Liza happily explained.

Alex nodded in response to Liza's meaningful explanation.

"Hmm~" Alice moaned sweetly in Alex's ears as felt his firm fingers slowly started spreading and massaging her kitty.

After a few seconds, she suddenly clenched into his left arm as she sensed his middle finger slowly invading her.

"Ahhh~!" Alice orgasmed even before Alex's finger could enter her wet cave, resulting her shaking legs to stop walking and take a rest as she breathed heavily.

"What are you guys doing?"

Chapter end

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