I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – The Main Dish [Part 2]

The Main Dish [Part 2]

Alice's legs were shaking, and she wouldn't be able to stand if she didn't take aid from the stall door. She didn't predict he would still demand more; she assumed they finished after he ejaculated inside her, but to her surprise, Alex was still vivid and wants to wreck her more.

"Ahhhhggff~ Hmmmff~ Hmmghggf~ Ahhgh~" Alice moaned loudly as she felt Alex's cock struck her already full cervix roughly.

Alex could see that Alice's legs were swinging wildly, and he knew she wouldn't be able to stand up for so long, so he had to change her position.

"I'm not done yet" Alex collected her long smooth black hair in his hand like a ponytail and pulled her back aggressively, making his cock reach even deeper as she stood up. He groped her soft and round boobs with his hand while the other one was sliding down to her crotch area.

"Ahhhhh~ so f–**ing g–good! Hmmfff!" Alice gasped in pleasure and pulled her tongue out as Alex began slowly and intensely plunging his waist back and forth, while at the same time rubbing her twat with his hand and squeezing her plump breasts with the other hand.


The pleasure was truly extraordinary, to the point of Alice losing count of how much she orgasmed. Alex only ejaculated twice, but surely Alice already passed the 10th time.

'Good, Good!' Liza shouted excitingly and woke up Alex from his beast mode.

Coming back to his senses, Alex suddenly heard someone came into the bathroom, then into the cubicle next to them, he freaked out, but continued hammering Alice carelessly. He knew no one can hear them, but people still could see a set of two legs in the cubicle from the gaps.

'Don't worry about that, I already took care of it' Liza relieving voice rang in Alex's mind. She felt his worry boost after someone entered the bathroom. He still didn't know how she took care of it, but he trusted her.

'How did you take care of it?' Alex calmed down and asked, but his focus was still on ravaging Alice and yearn for more pleasure. He kept firing his dick back and forth in her wet cunt.

Without Liza saying anything, Alex's right arm flew from Alice's crotch and slammed so strongly on the next cubicle wall unexpectedly.


'What did you do!!' Alex freaked out as he heard the student who was using the toilet next to them stand up on the toilet seat to try to peek at them after Liza slammed on his stall.

"Do you need something bro… Oh, no one is here?" The student looked confused as he frowned at the empty cubicle, he returned to his stall after he thought he was just hallucinating. He couldn't see that was Alex pounding Alice there effortlessly.

Alex looked puzzled, but shortly he smiled as he realized what was going on. He turned his whole attention to Alice and uttered to Liza.

'Invisibility… Great' Alex smiled as if it was something he knew a long time ago, but Liza could feel excitement and lust spilling out from him. A lot of plans were forming in his head after he knew he could use invisibility.

For the meantime, He returned his hand to Alice's pussy area and began caressing it again. She was completely drowned in lust, so she didn't pay attention to what just happened.

'By the way, you should put [Lust Enslavement Kiss], I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to steal such a talented girl like her from you' Liza reminded Alex to enslave Alice and make her his forever. He was going to do it after he finishes pounding her, but since Liza warned him, he did it anyway.

"Ahh!~ Ohhfgh!" Alice whined as Alex switched his hand from crushing her soft titties to choking her neck. He gripped her jaw and turned her face to him, then kissed her wildly as he maintained smacking his cock in and out of her cum sucking cunt.

The lovely succubus pink tattoo soon appeared above her wet, tight pussy as Alex passionately sucked and bite her rosy lips. Alice's blue eyes were glowing pink as the small hearts glistened inside her pupil, she felt a sense of belonging to Alex as if he was her Master….

After he felt a connection between him and Alice established. He pushed her upper body forward and held her waist. She felt physically better after Alex kissed her, and she could stand up on her own as her legs stopped shaking violently.

Alex gripped her buttocks with his hands, his fingers immediately dipped into her soft butt as he spread them, showing both of her pink holes. One was already occupied and wrecked by his meat rod as for the upper one it was still fresh and virgin.

"Tighter" Alex lifted his hand above his head and then slashed it in high speed on Alice's soft buttock.


"Uhhhhgghhh!" Alice orgasmed on the spot. Alex felt his dick getting crushed by Alice's pussy after he spanked her, her pussy got super tight. Alex's plunging speed decreased as he faced difficulties to thrust his meat rod in and out because of the unbearable tightness!.

'Don't fall behind' Liza chortled as she watched Alex getting overwhelmed by Alice's cunt tightness. His cock was getting squeezed from all sides, but what amazed him more is that Alice obediently followed his orders.


Wet cracking noises along with Alice's sweet moans never left Alex's ears, it just got lewder as Alice stiffened her pussy to the maximum, it sounded like he was digging into a clay.

"Ahhh~ Spank me more~ Ahh! Aghhghfff~" Alice took initiative and pleaded Alex obscenely for more spanks, which he gladly granted.

Slap! Slap!

The quick development in her character astonished him. Liza told him before that whenever he enslaved a woman, she gets lewder and sluttier with him, because all their lust and desires get bonded to him and only him. But among all the women that belongs to him, Alice was the quickest one to show her slutty side.

Despite the tight walls that were surrounding him from all sides, Alex cock dug its path towards her pussy boundaries and successfully kissed her womb entrance every time he thrust in.

It kept that way for several minutes, but it was about to end after Alex long thick dick jerked fiercely inside Alice's cocksucking pussy. Alex couldn't delay his ejaculation anymore, and just increased the speed of his thrusts instead.

Pahh! Plat! Pahh! Plut! Plaahh!

Alice couldn't maintain the tightness that was crushing Alex's meat stick, since Alex was literally ravaging her pussy so fast and roughly. She couldn't do anything, she stayed still and moaned as she waited for Alex's thick milk. And soon she got it.

"Ohhhhhghhh!" Alice let out a primal moan and glanced back at Alex with her lovely eyes while stretching her tongue out. She orgasmed again as she felt Alex's hot fluid flowing inside her cave.

Spates of cum tried to invade Alice's womb but couldn't as it was already full. Instead, it just began flooding in her tight canal while heading outside.

Alex finally pulled out his erected cock, he still could maintain an erection even after cumming thrice because of his powers. A sticky fluid soaked his dick along with white thick semen. It was his first time seeing his glans in about 30 minutes, as he didn't pull out his dick since they started.

Alice couldn't stand up anymore, she fell on her knees right away while panting heavily after she lost aid from Alex. He smiled proudly as he gazed at his white, thick fluid flowing down from the kneeling Alice, he couldn't help but feel satisfied, he managed to conquer 4 women and made them completely his.

"Ahh~ Thanks for lunch, Master" Alice glanced back at Alex with glowing pinks hearts in her sapphire eyes while lewdly stretching out her tongue like a puppy.

Chapter end

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