I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A New Chance

A New Chance

Alex opened the door of the roof for Ashley, and she soon went in as well as he. He could see that she was still having a hard time and having an emotional breakdown, but at least she was much better than before and her condition was getting better.

"How do you know my mom?" Ashley went down slowly on the stairs in front of Alex and asked.

"Mmm...I met her the other day in her store...I kept visiting her store regularly and chatting with her from time to time until yesterday she told me about what happened..." Alex couldn't tell that he met her mom just yesterday and she told him everything after they had sex.

It would be still dubious even if he omitted the part of "Having sex", so he needed to lie to make it more realistic.

"But she still got pregnant accidentally, I don't even have a father..."Ashely said in a pitiful manner.

"Yes, you're right, it might not have been planned, but I'm sure you are the most precious person in her life... You're the only one who made her live longer" Alex calmly said as he watched Ashely back. He could tell that she still had a lot going on in her mind.

Ashely's back quivered. He was behind her but he could tell that she was trying her best to stop sobbing.

"She is truly a harder working woman, she really did everything she could to make you live better than before... She regrets all her mistakes" Alex wanted to tell her real mother's story to remove the hatred she had towards her mom and give her a new chance, but changed his mind, it would be much better if Mary tells her by her own tongue.

It didn't take a long time before Alex and Ashely arrived at the ground floor. It was raining heavily outside, so it was quite packed inside with students.

"My clothes are wet. I need to go now" Ashley said while looking at the ground, her arms and legs were shivering, probably because of the cold.

"Okay, but it's raining heavily outside so you should borrow an umbrella first" Alex pointed at the corner, it had racks that had umbrellas for borrowing.

"No, I don't need it..." Ashley didn't even glance at Alex nor where he pointed, she just kept her gaze on the ground while covering her face with her wet hoodie hood.

Alex realized that somehow was off, he gazed at the corner beside the umbrellas racks and eventually saw what it seems the problem was.

A handsome blonde guy appeared in his sight, his name was John, along with two beautiful girls, one was a blondie girl that looked akin to John, she was called Amanda and the other one who had smooth black hair was named Sophia. They chatted happily with each other while sitting on a small red sofa beside the umbrellas.

Alex knew right away and could tell that John was the bully, he gives bully and jerk vibes, also no one was standing or sitting near them, which made Alex certain about his opinion.

"Wait here, I will bring it to you" Alex said and made his way into the umbrellas racks. Ashely tried to stop him, but no sound came out of her mouth. She was too afraid to speak.

Alex took the umbrella, but didn't return to Ashely, he kept ogling at them with a dissatisfied expression. They were all wearing branded luxurious clothes which signified that they were so rich. That explained why Ashely couldn't stop them from bullying her for years.

"Hey! Stop gwaking at my sister and girlfriend" John spoke with an annoyed expression upon noticing his sister and girlfriend blushing while staring at Alex.

Alex's guess was correct, the blondes were twins, and the black-haired beauty was the jerk girlfriend since he could see John's arms wrapped around her back.

'Oh, I like where this is going' Liza chuckled devilishly as she felt Alex's intentions.

"I'm sorry, I just needed an umbrella" Alex smiled and apologized, but didn't look or sound apologetic, but after he did something even the succubus Liza never predicted he would do.

Soon, The two girls' delicate and attractive faces got red from ear to ear, and also began breathing deeply and heavily as they stared at him earnestly. Alex took advantage of his powers and activated his zone, making the two girls aroused and charmed to the maximum.

'Whoo! See who is learning!' Liza exclaimed in surprise but also in excitement. It was the first time Alex makes the first move without her help.

"HEY! Fuck off" John yelled at Alex after he saw his sister and girlfriend sluttly looking at Alex. He couldn't maintain his cool and got furious. He was about to get up from his place, but Alex left.

Alex didn't want to make a fuss since they are many people around and went back to Ashley, he knew if he stayed it will turn into a fight. He wasn't afraid of John, but he was at a disadvantage since that spoiled jerk was rich and had the privilege.

"Y-You shouldn't have gone t-there! He will t-target you next..." Ashley uttered in a frightened voice. Her honey-like eyes which were already red from crying earlier became moist again. She was so concerned about him, which made Alex smile pleasantly.

"Don't worry, no one targets me, because I'm the one who targets" Alex handed Ashley the umbrella with a smile.

Even after receiving the umbrella she didn't move from her place, Ashley continued peering at Alex with a worried face, which made Alex so furious at John, he made her life hell-like to the point of making her shiver out of fear just by seeing him from afar.

"Look, everything is going to be fine, believe me, he won't be able to do anything. Just go, you might catch a cold if you stayed in wet clothes, and also you still need to talk with your mom" Alex tapped on Ashley's shoulder and spoke with a serious expression, to make her feel safer and less worried.

After hearing Alex confidently speak, Ashely finally nodded her head and turned around to go.

"Thanks for the h-hug..."Ashely murmured under her breath and went out. Alex smiled while looking at her back disappearing from his sight...

"Cute" Alex murmured too with a smile.

It was already lunchtime and Alex was so hungry after ravaging Alice senselessly, so he needed to go out too since he doesn't like cafeteria food.

'Damn, my clothes are soaked, I should probably go home too' Alex went to the corner to take an umbrella again, John and the girls left too after Alex left. He took an umbrella and made his way outside.

'I have a solution! I will dry you by magic' Liza playfully announced.

Soon, the heat began radiating from Alex's body, gradually drying his wet clothes as he walked toward the doors.

'Woah, so cool' Alex was impressed by her capable Liza's magic, he felt his body becoming warmer along with his clothes getting dry.

'Hehe, of course' Liza giggled pridefully.

Having his body getting warm and his clothes going dry, Alex peacefully went outside and left to his usual food restaurant. It wasn't distant from the campus and he promptly reached there.

As soon he entered, he was greeted by a long line of people waiting to order their food; the restaurant was loaded as usual and he couldn't find an empty table to sit in, so he needed to get his food ad get out.

Like everyone else, Alex went to the line to wait, but he was stunned! The girl in Infront of him in the line had her skirt lifted up, her orange skirt was a little up, exposing her petite rounded buttocks along with her white panties.

Before he could do anything or say anything, the girl glanced behind as she felt someone behind her.

"Alex? What are you doing here?... Huh!" The girl who was in front of him was no one other than Erin's friend, Lily. He met her before in the library many times.

When she sensed someone was behind her, Lily turned around to see who it was, to her surprise it was the handsome Alex, but what puzzled her is that he wasn't looking at her, but at the ground direction.

As soon she glanced at what Alex was deeply and lovingly gawking at, she found her skirt raised up and he was vigorously staring at her peachy ass.

"I–It was b–blown up by the w–wind..." Lily spoke with a flushed face, since it was raining heavily, and the wind was a little strong.

After hearing her clumsy explanation, Alex rose his face up and looked at her face with glowing full of lust eyes...

Chapter end

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