I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – You like it tight? [ 18]

You like it tight? [ 18]

"Fuck me, Master~" Erin moaned emphatically, while pulling her rosy tongue out. Her lust reached its peak, and she was barely holding herself together.

Alex brushed his meat rod with her vulva, causing his glans to huddle with her juicy pussy lips, lubing it with the remaining cum in its canal.

"Ahh~ Master~" Erin pleaded, while wiggling her butt up and down, making her pussy rub against his cock as well. Her whole body was aching for Alex's cock, and she couldn't wait any longer.

She was involuntarily craving for her Master's long thick dick, and completely lost control over herself. Tasting the blissful pleasure, made her want only about one thing, and it was her master wrecking and violating her body.


Alex spanked Erin's butt cheek one more. He was also barely holding himself back, having Liza's powers within him, made him a thirsty sex beast.

After rubbing his glans against her kitty, which made it so wet with her sticky fluid. He thrust his hips in, shoving his massive snake in one go as they both craved for.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh~" Erin let out a long loud moan, as she felt her insides getting invaded, and her womb edges getting pressed roughly.

"So slippery" Alex reflected, as he felt like he plunged his dick into clay. Erin's insides were so misty and slippery, resulting his cock going in so effortlessly, with no hindrances.


Alex kept smacking Erin's already red ass cheeks, making them bounce from hits force, until he felt her wet cave tightened itself to what he sought.

'You like it tight, don't you?' Liza laughed. Indeed, Alex preferred the feeling of getting wrapped and getting squeezed from all sides by the pussy walls.

With nothing to say, Alex nodded his head, groped Erin's slim slender waist, and eventually started moving. He started off slow, enjoying the slow sensitive feeling of sex.


It really sounded like he was plunging into the mud, wet mud. But soon the clapping sounds overwhelmed the wet noises as Alex began thrusting faster, making his abdomen smack Erin's butt and cause it to bounce from the pressure.

"Ahh~ Hoh~ Master~ Fuck! Hah~ Ahh~" Erin couldn't help but moan every time Alex's desirable dick kisses her empty womb, along with his balls slapping her cave entrance hastily. Having rough sex in the college library was out of the ordinary.

Enjoying sex in a public place added more excitement to Erin, despite being immersed in the pleasure, somehow she was cautious of her surroundings.

However, Alex kept pounding Erin's pussy like that for a few minutes with no worries, ruining her smutty body and making her orgasm again and again.

Switched his hands from her slender waist to her bouncy ass. He clutched Erin's fat soft ass with all his ten fingers, speared it with both hands, and saw how they wiggled when his dick went all the way in, while violently smacking her pussy with his nuts.

Drops of juices shed from Erin's wet cunt every time he smacks his hips inward. She was literally dripping wet, as if she stood in a heavy rain for hours.

"Hmmmmmmmdfggggfff~" Erin clasped her small hands on the table as she squirted. A waterfall was running down from her ripped clit.

Not only that, Alex waterfall was near, feeling the urge to ejaculate building up. He pulled her trembling body to him, and groped her playful huge milkers with his hands, resulting in his fingers sinking into her tender flesh instantly.

Like his habit, instead of going super fast when he feels cumming, Alex fired individually deep shots, bursting her slutty flower and brutally smacking her womb barriers, while carrying out the clapping sound even louder.


Alex pulled back his massive cock back, leaving only his pink glans in. Erin felt her pussy got suddenly empty and lonely without her master's cock in it. She glanced back to look, but was taken surprisingly by his wanton lips.

Roughly kissing and sucking her rosy lips, along with foundling Erin's huge titties with energetic hands, resulting his cute slave going completely crazy.

But that wasn't all, to Erin's shock, he plunged his entire dick back at a high speed while taking care of her dazzling dirty body.

"Ah~ Fuck! it f–feels s–so goooood~ Ahhhhh~" Erin revealed lewdly while letting out her moans freely.


Again, Alex pulled his soaked rod until it almost came out, then smashed back at a high speed, making a bulge in Erin's belly every time.


Her Master's cock began throbbing so violently every time he smashes it in her. Feeling the urge to cum, Alex slid his left hand down to her wet cunt and began stroking it with his fingers, determined to make her orgasm at the same as him.

"Ah~ Maaaaster! Hoh~ Ahhh!"

If it wasn't for Liza's soundproof barriers, Alex was sure that everyone in the library would have heard Erin's slutty moans.

**ACK! **ACK!

'You're soooo good! I don't have a physical body, but I feel turned on!' Liza spoke in a sweet seducing voice. She didn't have a physical body but somehow felt excitement running through her soul.

Indeed, Alex became a professional lady-killer just in a few days. He learned everything he should know about women's bodies and how to please them and at the same time please himself.

'Ahh...This feels so **ing incredible' Alex exclaimed back, not Erin only who was feeling an unimaginable pleasure rushing through her body, but Alex as well, felt an intense divine pleasure enriching his soul and body.

In spite of receiving a mystical thrill in his whole body, Alex didn't forget to switch on his skill [Infertile Sperm], to make sure Erin doesn't get pregnant after he fills her up.

Shorty, the urge grew and the throbbing as well, Alex couldn't delay it anymore, the next pound was going to be the last. He slowly drew back his veiny rod that was twitching consistently...Then smashed his hips at high speed and aggressively!!


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Erin involuntarily orgasmed, as she felt a hot fluid invading her insides, making her whole body tremble, while warmly taking her Master's seed.

Alex pushed his abdomen so strong, forcing Erin's fat ass to jiggle in waves while flows of his white thick milk forcedly entered her empty womb cavity, filling it up wholly, while the remaining slowly made its way outside through her slippery occupied canal.

"Ohh~ That felt the best" Alex groaned and thrust his still erected dick back and forth lightly, so Erin's cum sucking cunt suck every drop of his milk.

Erin fell laying on the table, as soon her Master let go of her titties and waist, as a result, his hard cock slipped out, leaving her Legs jolting from the intense sex she just had.

"Hoh~ I love you, Master~ Ahh~" Erin glanced back with her hearty eyes and blurted out as she panted heavily.

Her upper body was resting on the wooden table, leading to her huge milkers pressing against the table, and soon a white thick fluid gushed out of her wrecked pink hole.

"Oh, Good girl" Alex felt awkward and didn't know how to respond, it was the first time in his life, a girl say the fascinating sentence "I love you".

It's not like he felt nothing for Erin. Actually, he felt an unbreakable bond with her, but he still didn't develop that love feelings towards her yet.

'How does it feel?' Liza snickered after she heard Erin's love confession, and also sensed a huge increase in Alex's heartbeats.

'Very good...' Alex soothed himself and caressed gently her red buttocks with his palms, It was a very wonderful feeling to have someone that loves you, even though they developed those feelings through sex, it was still love.

Erin wasn't the only one, he could see that Anna was slowly falling in love with him, it happened so quickly, which made him unable to respond to those feelings yet.

Also, having supernatural powers made him ** with many women, resulting in his inability to have a proper relationship with just one woman.

'Don't worry, I will take care of that in the future' Liza's sweet voice rang in his mind, making him less worried about this problem.

She could tell what he was worried about it, but she had a solution for him in the future.

Feeling relieved and satisfied, Alex returned his attention to Erin. His cock was going limp since he didn't want it to stay hard as he just ejaculated and his desires were finally fulfilled.

"Erin, Wear your clothes, we are inside the library" Alex began dressing. He knows no one can see them, but he pretended he was worried about it, also he was considered for Liza since he didn't want her to run out of Mana.

"Okay, Master~" Erin enthusiastically lifted her body upper body off the table, and began clumsily wearing her clothes with her shaking hands and legs.

Her blue eyes lost the beautiful pink hearts, but satisfaction was all over them.

Upon finishing dressing, Alex sat on the couch and grabbed back his novel. His lusty desires were satisfied, and now it was time to return to his normal activities.

Looking at Erin who was staring at him with an affectionate gaze, while wearing her clothes, made him want to start a normal relationship with Erin aside from just sex.

"Wanna read a book together?"

Chapter end

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