I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A Hug

A Hug

Erin was surprised by Alex's sudden demand. No, just an invitation. She was done dressing, and kept staring at Alex with an embarrassed face, before she nodded her small head.

While peering at Alex she saw the novel he was reading, it was a popular novel at that time, and she read it multiple times already, but getting to read it with her Master, she couldn't help but agree to his proposal.

"Okay, come here" Alex smiled charmingly, and tapped on the couch beside him.

Erin's face flushed as she saw the most beautiful smile she has ever seen. She was getting used to the drastic changes in Alex's personality.

She couldn't complain or judge him, since she was totally the same, her masochist personality gets replaced by a shy, introverted personality, as soon sex is done, but Alex was hoping to change those unwanted traits, even though he himself have them.

He knows well that being shy and introverted wasn't a good thing, that limits your progress and lessens your potential to get success in life.

If it wasn't for Liza, Alex would be alone right now, miserably at home doing nothing, but sleeping, reading books and novels, or even nutting...

Thanks to Liza's possession, he finally was changing for the better, and taking the decision of helping her recover her powers, was indeed the best decision he ever took in his lonely life.

Having radical changes in his personality and getting better, becoming less wary and reclusive, while gaining more confidence and optimism. Alex was determined to make Erin change for the better. He was sure he couldn't change her masochist personality; he didn't want that, either but he possibly could make her less reclusive.

Erin obediently went to Alex, and sat beside him with an unusual light smile, seeing her shimmering smile. He pretended to not notice her smooth soft thighs spreading, and becoming double the size of his thighs as she seated, her short purple skirt couldn't cover them wholly.

They weren't sitting that intimately as she felt embarrassed and uneasy. Despite that, they were sitting closer than normal friends or colleagues.

Uttering no word, Alex opened the novel he was reading on the first page, because he thought Erin didn't read it yet. He also didn't mind starting anew as he wasn't focusing well while Erin fellated him.

As the time goes, Alex and Erin enjoyed the book in his hands. Erin was quiet at first, but as time went on, she was slowly getting used to being next to Alex.

She began giggling, frowning, and doing more expressions and noises, you make normally while reading an excellent work.

Alex didn't want to have just a friendship with Erin, and he couldn't have a love relationship either. Getting squeezed by unnecessary ideas, Alex brushed it off, and He wrapped his arm around Erin's back, and slowly pulled her, making her head rest on his shoulder.

Erin was stunned at first, but soon her face reddened, but she remained leaning on Alex's shoulder, and barely focusing on reading the novel anymore.

'Looks you're trying so hard' Liza chuckled as she felt Alex's heartbeats increase rapidly.

What bothered him was he didn't feel anything doing lewd activities even in public, but doing those affectionate couple stuff made him tickles in his chest.

'Shut up... it's just my first time' Alex denied Liza's statement. Indeed, it was Alex's first time getting intimate with a girl outside the sex circle.

They stayed hugging while 'reading' for over 15 minutes, before something interrupted their lovely dovely time.

"HEY! YOU BITCH! What do you think you are doing!" A male voice rang in both Alex and Erin's ears. Alex was enjoying snuggling with his girl, and didn't pay attention to his surroundings.

As soon they looked up, they saw the male assistant who was at the welcome desk along with Erin before.

His looks were average, his black hair, brown eyes along casual outfit made him look just like everybody else.

He looked so angry and pissed off at Erin who no longer had her head peacefully resting on her Master's shoulder.

"You're slacking off and letting me do all the work!! you nerdy bitch!" The male student yelled angrily at Erin. He was pissed off, but it was totally unnecessary to use anger.

Erin was totally frightened, she couldn't say anything while getting yelled at, she wasn't used to human interaction. Alex and Lily were the only ones who talks to her.

Since Erin was getting penalized because of Alex's lust, he had to step in to make him stop.

"Hey, mind your language" Alex stood up, he was trying his best to control his temper. He would have smacked the ** out of this student if Erin wasn't around.

"Who are you?... Oh! You're Alex?" The male student blurted out with a frown as he finally noticed him and turned his attention from Erin to the guy who was sitting with her.

"It's not like I care if you are handsome! That bitch was slacking off!" The frown disappeared and got replaced with an annoying stupid expression again.

Alex was getting more and more pissed off, he couldn't bare hearing him badmouth his girl, and his patience was quickly running out.

'I don't know, but I think he is just lying about her slacking off' Liza spoke with a calm voice, from what she could see, she could tell that the guy was just lying.

Soon, Erin uttered with a shaking voice, confirming Liza's statement.

"B–But I-It's not my s-shift, I-I was just helping you..." Erin's shaky voice was audible to both of them, making things just more intense.

"Y–You nerdy slut!..." A nervous expression took place in the guy's face, but he didn't seem to worry much about it, since he knows she was powerless, but still he didn't expect Erin to talk because since she never did.

He took advantage of her insecurity and timidity, and used them to make her help him and even do his work with no questions, but unfortunately for him, this time it was different.

Alex hopped over the table and landed beside the jerk, saying nothing, he closed the book that was in his hand and glared at him with disdain.


To his surprise and his average-looking face, Alex suddenly and strongly smacked his face with the book, which was firmly in Alex's strong hand, causing the guy to fall on his butt with a frightened face.

"You **ing asshole" Alex uttered with an outraged face. He couldn't believe that someone was freely taking advantage of his woman!

"W-What d-did you do..." The guy fondled his red cheek with his hand. Alex hit was so strong, and his head started ringing because of it. The least thing he thought would happen to him today was getting smacked with a book!

Alex crouched beside the poor boy and then another...


Another hit landed on his other cheek, making it more reddened than other one, Alex was furious .and couldn't contain his anger, if it wasn't for Liza.

'Enough, you might cause him some serious damage in his head, I don't want you to go to jail for smacking an asshole with a book' Liza uttered with a calm voice, she knew Alex was super angry but it shouldn't let it continue.

"You know what you should do?" Alex rose up, towering over the poor body that was settling on his butt, along with his eyes getting moist from the unbearable pain in his face.

"Y–Yess, I–I w–will never bother h-her again..." It was just two smacks, but it was so painful, because Alex's body was enhanced by Liza's powers.

Any further hits would surely cause him some serious injury inside of his head. From his shaky response, it seemed that just two hits were more than enough to discipline him.

Soon, he stood up while holding both of his cheeks with his hands and at the same time lowering his gaze to the ground, not looking at Alex or Erin.

'Hug the girl, she just got yelled at by a jerk' Liza advised, as Alex turned his attention back to Erin.

Seeing him leaving away, Alex went back to Erin and hugged her. He could clearly see her terrified face, and she needed someone besides her, and the best way was hugging with your loved one.

"Don't worry, no one would mess with you as long I'm here" Alex said with a warm tone, having an unbreakable bond with her and enslaving her, made him feel responsible of her.

Erin hugged Alex back, her body shivering stopped, as she felt Alex's palm caressing her back, but soon, she pulled her face back, making her eye contact with Alex.

Her blue eyes looked beautiful as a wonderful endless ocean, but an empty ocean that needed life in it. Shortly, that beautiful sight disappeared as she closed her eyes while raising her chin up, clearly yearning for a kiss.

Alex couldn't help but smile, and slowly lowered his face to her adorable small face, then kissed passionately his cute woman...


Author Note:

Hey guys! I'm here again to know your opinion again. As you can clearly see, this chapter is a little romantic, and I need to get your opinion as I did with the tragedic chapter before.

Should I keep adding this kind of romance in my chapters or just leave it out?

Again, as you can clearly tell, this is also my first time writing something romantic like this, so please bear it with me and don't hesitate to advise me or to point out mistakes!

Anyway, I am always grateful for the tremendous support you guys give me, I will keep improving myself. Stay tuned for more chapters!

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Peace <3

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