I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A deal with a succubus

A deal with a succubus

After seeing how Isabella looks, Alex got attracted to her, even though she was a succubus, a mythical creature. He was completely charmed by her, but it wasn't his fault, any human being would kneel, once they see her.

"But how can I help you?" Alex said, after he collected his thoughts and managed to calm his little brother.

'It's so simple, I want you to ** every girl you lay your eyes on' Isabella declared shamelessly.


Alex was dumbfounded, he thought he misheard what she said. As a reclusive person, that was more than a dream.

"What did you say??" Alex asked for more clarity. What Isabella stated was out of the ordinary for him.

'Didn't you hear me? I want you to ** every girl you lay your eyes on, and do all sorts of obscene and lusty acts' Isabella uttered with a provocative tone.

"What?? You probably don't know I'm a virgin! And I never touched a woman except for my mom because of my goddamn eyes, and how I'm having sex with women will make you recover your powers?! " Alex replied with a surprised expression, yet complicated expression as he sat on his bed.

'You know I'm a succubus, and my power comes from obscenities, since we share the same body now, if you have sex, I can consume lusty emotions from humans, and that will make me recover my powers slowly. Yes, I know you are a virgin' Isabella explained with a calm voice.

She predicted this reaction, since Alex was just a normal human, and a virgin on top of that.

"I understand now, but it's a quite unreasonable favor you ask from a virgin, even if I want to ** every girl I want, how could I possibly do that?' Alex regain his composure, and asked again, without hiding his confusion.

'That's why I'm with you! You have a succubus queen supporting your back! I will help you with my remaining powers. My charm can't work for a lot of time after I lost my powers, but I will make you charming instead, if you agree to help me, you will be able to make any girl in this world kneel to suck your dick' Isabella explained and chuckled in the end, which made Alex frown.

Alex still didn't fully believe what she said, Alex has never touched a female, except of his mother, and little more during his childhood. He never had a girlfriend, or any experience with girls. That made what Isabella uttered quite unrealistic to some extent.

"Can you give me a proof of your powers?" While sitting on his bed with a confused expression, Alex decided to investigate more.

'Yes, sure, go to the bathroom and look in a mirror' Isabella confidentially stated.

Alex stood up from his bed and open the door of his room, then he went downstairs, shortly he entered the bathroom.

He stood up in front of the mirror with a stunned expression. He was stunned by what he saw, with a huge difference, his face became more handsome and charming, even his red eyes that he hated the most looked charming and appealing.

Alex looks truly like a handsome vampire!

"How did you do that?! I look so good, even my weird eyes match my face now" Alex said with a perplexed expression as he checked his handsome face.

'It's just a skill I have! You will definitely get a lot of blushing girls looking at you tomorrow! Unfortunately I can't make you look like this all day with my low powers and Mana. However, I can make it permanent after you help me get my powers back' Isabella uttered with a happy and prideful tone, she was definitely doing very well convincing Alex to help her.

Isabella remained Alex that he has to go to the university tomorrow morning, so he needed to go to sleep soon.

"My mind is still processing all those things. You offer is very tempting, but I still need to think about it, I will answer you tomorrow morning." Alex regained his composure, then went upstairs to his bedroom.

'Great! I'm waiting for your answer tomorrow. I will go sleep too, Despite I'm just a 'soul' now, but I used a lot of energy today, and I need some rest, Good night' Isabella said with a cute fawn, which made Alex stunned, he couldn't know how can a soul frown, but decided to not ask.

"I still have one question, it's bothering me, and I don't think I will sleep without hearing an answer" Alex declared with a faint voice as he jumped on his bed.

'Okay, you can ask me that question' Isabella waited for Alex's question curiously.

"Why did you choose me? Was it just random? There are a lot of other people you could ask for help from" Instead of one question, Alex asked two questions.

'There are a lot of reasons why I picked you, but there are two main reasons, the first reason is that there's a good chance you will agree to help me, since you also need help, and the second reason is that you have a big dick!' Isabella chuckled, she roamed the earth looking for such a prefect candidate like him.

"I don't know what I was expecting from a succubus. Anyway, Good night, Isabella" Alex stated as he got inside of his bed.

Before Isabella could reply, Alex uttered again.

"By the way, my name is Alex, I don't have any nicknames, so just call me Alex" Alex uttered.

'Nice to know you, Alex, I will spend a period of time with you, so I hope we will have a lot of fun together!' Isabella said before both of them went to sleep.


Morning came, Alex woke up, and Isabella greeted him, it was unusual for Alex to be greeted in the morning, since his mom wake up early in the morning and go to work, her job starts early in a small company.

'Good morning, my Alex' Isabella said with a cute sweet tone, that could make any heart beat faster.

Hearing a girl call him 'my Alex' made his heart skip a beat.

"Good morning, my Isabella" Alex answered jokingly with a smile, Liza stratled him but he decided to revenge instead of showing his embarrassed face.

'That's so cute! I like it, this is the first time someone calls me like that! By the way, we should be more casual with each other, you can just call me just 'Liza' ' Liza uttered cutely.

Back in her home, her friends and family just called her liza out of casuality, and since Alex was going to spend some time with her, so it was best to be causal and to use her nickname.

"Okay, sure, I will start calling you Liza, I like it more." Alex said with a faint smile. He was having a good morning.

It's been a long time since Alex smiled while talking with someone else other than his mother, Liza was a joyful and a cheerful person, that made him feel so comfortable talking with her.

But what was more important in that morning was Alex decision. Whether he would help Liza or no, it was going to be announced now.

"By the way, I thought about what we talked about yesterday before I slept...I think I want to help you, despite meeting you just yesterday, I somehow feel a stronger attraction and connection with you" As Liza predicted yesterday, Alex agreed to help her.

She didn't choose him randomly, after carefully watching him, knowing his problems and struggles, She knew Alex was smart enough to agree to help with the powers she could offer to him.

'Thank you!.I will make sure you won't regret helping me' Liza happily uttered. She knew that Alex would likely to accept but she still felt nervous hearing his answer.

Alex got out of his bed, and went to wash his face, then he went to take a shower.

He entered the shower, then he began undressing, but the feeling of uncomfort and nervousness started raising in him.

"...uhm.. Even though you're just a 'soul' now, and you don't have a physical body, still, I feel quite uncomfortable showering in front of a woman, you basically see me naked now" Alex said with a concerning tone, and an awkward expression.

'Oh, that's why I don't like virgins! I can see what you see and hear what you hear, additionally I already saw your body when you were taking a shower yesterday' Liza chuckled.

Alex calmed himself down a little, he should stop getting embarrassed by small things, since Liza was going spend some time with him, that meant she could watch him anytime and anywhere.

With that being said, Alex bagan showering, he washed his hair and his upper body, then his went to his little brother.

'You should probably shave down there, I can feel that you are going to ** a girl today' Liza uttered with a grin, since Alex agreed to help her, that meant he would have lots of sex starting today.

"I'm not going to ** anyone today..." Alex uttered with an awkward tone, he was still getting used to Liza's present and dirty talk.

'Okay, okay, but still you still need to shave' Liza replied, she knew Alex was still not used to those things, so she stopped for now.

Alex continued to shower, and in the end, he did what Liza told him to do, as he felt that he would really have sex today...

Chapter end

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