I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Issues


Alex was amused by Anna's bold actions, but he was getting used to it.

"Yes, I miss her" Alex grinned lustfully as he glanced back at her beautiful face. Suddenly, his right hand jerked and groped Anna's plump ass.

Since no one was around, Alex wasn't cautioned about someone seeing them act lustfully in public.

"Ah~ Your hand feels sooo damn good" Anna lips departed away as she let out a sweet moan. Alex was a little dumbfounded, he didn't activate his skill [Touch of Pleasure] but Anna somehow was feeling so much pleasure from his touches.

'I took care of that! You don't have to worry about anything anymore, I will always activate your skills in suitable moments' Liza spoke up happily, making Alex questions disappear.

Alex was thankful for that, because he would feel dizzy whenever he activated any of his skills. He was still a normal human, and using supernatural powers would drain a lot of his energy and Mana.

Having everything in Liza's hand, Alex nodded his hand in acknowledgment, and continued fondling Anna's buttocks with his hand, while her courageous hand was also rubbing and stroking his cock.

They were still standing beside the wooden bench, and doing the most shameful acts freely and carelessly as if no one could see them.

Unfortunately, people could see them if they were around, because Liza didn't activate invisibility since it drains a lot of her Mana, also no one was around, so it was unnecessary.

"Ahh~ Hoh~ Darling~ Ah~" Anna let out soft moans, as Alex hand aggressively massaged her plump rounded ass with her tight black leggings on.

Anna was a very beautiful and sexy girl, but what was the most attractive thing about her, aside from her bewitching face, was her fat bubble ass, that could make any man drool instantly, after taking a peek at it.

And Alex was freely and comfortably playing with that ass, and giving it some light spanks.

Lust was slowly building up in both of them, making them gradually sink into it. However, Alex somehow recalled why he met with his girl in the first place, then stopped what he was doing.

"We should go now, let's continue later" Alex beamed a sweet smile at the shameless Anna, and drew his hand from her fat ass cheeks to her slim curvy waist.

"Okay, Darling~" Anna smiled as well, as she pulled her wanton hand from his privates, and firmly grasped on his arm with both hands.

They began walking, while lust was gushing out of their bodies, Alex was fine, since he just **ed two girls today, and he didn't have that strong urge for sex, but for Anna, it was slowly building up with no one to put an end to it.

She was aroused and horny by Alex charming face and his pleasurable touches, but she held her self back, since her darling delayed their hot moments to another time, which was also good.

Being in public without having anywhere around to have sex in, Alex knew, he should just delay it for another time, since he still has that control over his dick.

After walking for few minutes, they exited the campus, They were walking normally with next to each other now, Anna drew her octopus-like hands from her darling's arm, as soon she realized that people around them began gawking at them with surprised expressions.

"Why did you decide to work a part-time job?" Alex asked Anna, while maintaining walking towards their direction.

Alex knows that Anna was going through a financial struggle, but he couldn't guess how did it happen.

"Well, as I told you before, my parents are quarreling a lot with each other, and in the end, each one of them release their anger on me" Anna uttered with a calm expression, but her face was lonely without her astonishing smile.

Alex disliked getting nosy in others' life, but since Anna basically belongs to him now, he felt less worried asking her about her personal life, and more curious knowing more about his woman.

"I think they're divorcing soon. My father already began living separately from me and mom, I'm sure there's no way, they would make up" Anna looked down at the ground with a calm expression, and watched her feet slowly stepping forward.

Without mentioning the reason why she needed a job and money yet, Alex could guess why she needed them. He didn't experience any parental issues, since his mom raised him on her own, after her father passed away.

Unlike her previous gloomy face, Anna glanced up with a faint smile and uttered.

"I need a job because I can't ask my father nor mother for money anymore, I'm sure they will turn me down anyway. Anyways! I'm sorry for ruining the mood, but I'm so delightful that we will work together" Anna cheerfully spoke, her gloomy sad face disappeared, and got replaced with a beautiful smiley one.

"Yes, we will work together, and soon you will be financially independent of your parents" Alex tapped on the shoulder of the walking beauty beside him.

He could feel that Anna was really doing well with her parent's issues, and didn't need his direct help.

After walking for a couple more minutes, Alex and his woman, Anna, already reached half the way, they were walking slowly while chatting happily with each other.

"How about you, darling? Why do you need money?" Anna stared at Alex handsome face with an unbreakable gaze.

Just meeting her darling a couple of days ago, Anna was thrilled to know more about him. In the past, she just watched him from afar, without talking or meeting with him directly, the reason was like everyone else reason, it was because of his unattractive red eyes.

So aside from his name, and his educational public information, she didn't know anything else, nor anyone else knew, since he himself was a reclusive and didn't tell anyone.

Alex was well-known in his college, he was the former infamous guy in the campus, but after Liza's possession, now he was definitely famous guy for his stunning looks.

"Well, my reason is quite simple. My mom is struggling to meet my financial demand for years and I think it's time for me to help her" Alex told her his former plans.

That was what he definitely wanted to do before, but now having a growing daily money income from Liza, he changed his plans from working to helping Mary, while at the same time helping his mom.

Mary was financially struggling as well and in debt, he wouldn't mind working for free with her, since she was already his yummy mummy.

"You're a mommy boy!" Anna giggled, after knowing the reason why Alex wanted money.

"How about your father? Isn't he working?" Anna added with a curious expression.

She didn't know that Alex's father passed away two years after he was born.

"My father passed away two years after I was born, so no, he is not working" Alex said with a faint smile, he honestly didn't have affection nor love for his father.

It was kind of normal, because he never had that father figure in his life. He never saw his father face aside from some poor quality pictures, so he wasn't that important to him.

Despite having no love for that man, Alex heart was empty from that side, he was an ordinary human, and it would be hard for anyone to live without their hero.

"Oh! I'm sorry to hear that..." Anna said in a true apologetic tone.

"No, it's okay, I'm fine" Alex waved his hand, while smiling lightly.

Seeing her darling return an expressionless face, she decided to not pry any further in this matter. They were also about to reach Mary's convenience store, so their chit-chat was ending.

After more seconds, Mary's store was in their sight, it was just few meters away from them, before Anna asked.

"Is it this one? It near to my house" Anna pointed at the store, which was facing them, it was in the same area as her house.

Alex responded with a light nod, that Anna clearly saw. After confirming that it was the right store, they both entered it.

After wandering inside for a few seconds between the product shelves, they reached the cashier counter desk.

A beautiful mature woman greeted their sight, making them both feel the purity and dedication coming out her astonishing face.

"Hey, Alex! And...?" Mary greeted Alex with a delightful, slightly flushed face, then turned to the beautiful young woman that was standing a few inches from his shoulder.

Seeing Mary suspiciously intimate reaction towards Alex, it raised Anna's jealousy again. She couldn't believe that her darling already seduced a MILF as well.

"My name is Anna, and this is my darling" Anna face formed a beautiful annoyed smile, as she suddenly clinched into Alex's arms, making Mary frown in surprise...

Chapter end

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