I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – My Darling!

My Darling!

Mary was dumbfounded, but didn't show it outside. She remained calm and steady, even though her man was getting hugged by a young woman in front of her.

Alex nodded slightly to Mary, somehow thanking her for understanding.

"Nice to know you, Anna" Mary smiled beautifully at Anna, showing off her astonishing smile.

"Huh?... Nice to know you too" Anna was surprised that Mary was cool and calm, even after she clinched into Alex.

Mary's beautiful, soothing face made her reconsider her rush thoughts. After Mary talked with her without showing any signs of jealousy, for Anna, Mary was not interested in Alex or something like that.

"We can came here for the job" Alex finally uttered after both girls calmed down.

"Oh yeah! I would like to hire you two as part-timers. However, the wage payment is low..." Mary uttered normally and excitedly at first, but in the end, her voice became softer.

She looked at Anna with worried eyes. She was sure that Alex would accept gladly to work with her without any problems with the salary, but for Anna, she wasn't sure, if she would accept working with her for a low salary.

"Don't worry about it, I fully understand that, your store is just recently open, so of course you would be low on funds" Alex smiled as he waved his hand in front of Mary.

He understood her situation once she told him yesterday, but by saying it again loudly, he was hoping to get Anna sympathy with her.

"It okay for me too! But what's the salary per hour?" Seeing Alex accept and hearing Mary's situation, Anna accepted as well and asked.

Mary face relieved a little bit, she needed employees as she couldn't run the store alone, plus Anna was Alex 'friend', so it would be great if she hired her too.

"The average wage is $5 per hour... It is low, but I promise, once the store gets on its feet, I will increase it double or thrice" Mary uttered with a calm voice, her eyes were glowing with determination.

Having so much debt, and barely holding her financial life stable, Mary was so determined to make her store succeed, for a better life for her and her daughter.

"It's low, but it's fine as long, my darling is with me!" Anna smiled and clinched into Alex arm again, leaving Mary in amazement.

Alex didn't mind Anna's loving behavior, but he couldn't help, but feel nervous since Mary didn't show any major reaction.

"As for that, there will be shifts, I would be working as well, so we need to distribute the time. Please write your information here and jot down your schedule, so I can give you guys the work schedule" Mary uttered with a smile, and handed them both two papers, as well as pens

Without saying anything, Alex began writing his information on the papers, and soon after Anna started as well.

"Here" Alex handed both of the papers to Anna with a warm smile, that made Mary face flushed slightly.

After a few seconds, Anna handed her papers as well, she was writing slowly, but her handwriting was perfectly beautiful.

Looking at those four papers and reading their content carefully, Mary nodded her head and uttered.

"Very well, I will make a work schedule for both of you" Mary face formed into a big smile.

In the schedule paper, it was necessary to mention how many hours you want to work in a week. Anna chose 15 hours a week, but Alex chose 35 hours a week, more than double the amount of time Anna chose.

What made her happy, is that her love was going to be with her at least 35 hours a week, which was more than enough to make her heart jolt in happiness.

"One of you guys would work as a cashier and sometimes as a store clerk, and the other one a fixed cashier, would you guys like to choose your jobs or should I just do it randomly?" Mary asked with a slightly awkward tone.

She wanted to avoid any issues between Alex and Anna regarding the work they should do.

"No worries, I will take care of them, Anna can just work as a cashier" Alex waved his hand in front of Mary, and glanced back at Anna.

He cared for both of them, and he didn't want to make it hard for Anna as well. Working as a cashier was slightly easier, she would just sit or stand while serving clients.

Without Anna say anything, Mary nodded her head in approval. She felt warmth, as she realized that Alex was trying to help her as much as he can.

"Okay, would you guys want to start tomorrow?" Mary asked both of them.

Since the schedule wasn't out yet, they wouldn't be able to work today, plus it was already the beginning of the evening, so she asked if there was a chance they would start tomorrow.

Tomorrow was Saturday, and both of them were free on that day, so it was the best to start on it.

"Yeah, it's fine for me" Anna finally spoke this time, agreeing on starting tomorrow.

Alex nodded his head as a response, he wouldn't mind it even if he started today, with the strong bond between them, he would do anything to help his women.

Suddenly, Anna phone vibrated, informing her that a message just reached her. Without any time-wasting, she pulled her phone out of her tight black leggings pocket and turned it on.

"I'm sorry, darling, I need to go now" Anna glanced up at Alex after looking at the content of the messages, and uttered apologetically.

"It's fine, see you later" Alex uttered with a smile as Anna turned around, and went out.

Now in the store there was only Alex and Mary, his new boss. This would be his first job since he was born, since people always rejected him in the past, because of his creepy red eyes.

"How is Ashley doing?" Alex glanced back at Mary, and asked about a different topic.

Even though, Ashley wasn't his woman, he was worried about her.

"Oh yeah! She is doing good, today she came and talked with me... I told her about what happened to me in the past, somehow she was very considerate" Mary said with calm voice and expression, but her honey-like eyes contained some happiness in them.

"Thank you for everything Alex, I truly appreciate it" Mary bowed her head down to Alex, that made him frown in surprise.

He never thought that Ashley would tell her mother about him.

"How did you know...?" Alex couldn't contain his curiosity, and asked Mary with a calm voice, yet a soft one.

"She didn't tell me, I just smelled your scent on her, you guys must have hugged each other" Mary said with a cute smile.

For her, Alex had a unique strong smell, it was pleasant, but at the same time dazzling. His scent also stuck in her body when they had sex, she was used to its smell already, and could tell that her daughter at least hugged with him.

Mary felt so happy that Ashley comminuted with Alex. Just like she trusted him, he was able to help her daughter.

After coming back from college, Alshely was still miserable, but a lot better than before, her lifeless eyes finally acquired some color in them.

"Huh" Alex was dumbfounded, since it was his body, he couldn't tell whether his scent was strong or no, but from what Mary said, it was strong.

"Anyways! Do you want to try an apron on you?" Changing the subject before things gets weird if they kept talking about his smell. Mary pointed at her green apron.

Since Alex was going to work on her store starting tomorrow, he would need to wear the store apron as well.

"Okay, sure" Alex uttered, and he went behind the cashier desk to Mary.

"Sorry, your apron and Anna's didn't reach me yet, but they will be here by tomorrow" Mary slowly removed her apron, and gave it to Alex.

Alex took the apron and checked it with his hand, the fabric was good, and its texture was soft. Without no time-wasting, he wore it quickly.

"It looks so nice on you! You look so handsome" Mary exclaimed as she was the handsome Alex wearing a green convenience store apron. She couldn't help but bite her bottom lip slightly.

It was normal, Alex was a handsome man, and could make any woman drool over him, Mary was no exception.

"Thanks" Alex smiled to Mary normally, and began checking his sides.

Suddenly! Mary kneeled in front of him! She pushed the apron away and slutty started unzipping his black pants, then seductively uttered with a beautiful, provoking smile.

"You're my darling now"


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