I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Love Feelings

Love Feelings

"W-Why did you eat it?" Alex eyes opened widely, after Ashley scooped some of his thick semen off the desk with her finger, then shoved it in her mouth.

"It smells so good... It captivated my n-nose and I thought of giving it a taste..." Ashley glanced up at Alex, while her face was still wandering around the remaining yogurt on the desk.

"Okay... Let me clean it" Alex looked back at the girl who was still staring at his white milk with curious eyes.

He never tasted his semen, but from his supernatural skills, he could tell that it was so addictive and captivating, so he couldn't blame Ashley for doing that.

"Hmmmm~ yummy!"

Before Alex could bring the napkins to clean his mess. Ashley already scooped, and ate every drop of cum was on the desk.

'Nothing is going to happen?...' Alex asked Liza with a nervous tone. He didn't know whether there were any side effects of Ashley eating his milk.

Alex knew his semen were enhanced by his succubus powers, which made them so sweet, delicious and addictive, but he didn't know what would happen when a girl doesn't belong to him eat it.

'Well, in the best cases, she would kneel down to suck your dick for more. However, since she is still a virgin, and didn't taste your pleasure yet, so I guess she would just get super horny' Liza explained with a chuckle.

Alex's milk was so different from other males, so eating it would lead to arousal in most cases.

Just like Liza said, Ashley body slowly began trembling as her cute face reddened from the intense, abrupt arousal. Leaning back and lifting her body. She gazed at Alex with eyes full of lust, as she opened her mouth and began panting heavily.

"D-Do you have more?" Ashley uttered with a soft voice, and she gazed fixedly at Alex, as if she could tell somehow that he was the owner of this kind of delicious yogurt.

"N-No, I don't have more" Alex responded with complicated expression.

He couldn't believe that Ashley ate his semen unceremoniously, and still asked for more. What made him feel anxious, was that there was only one source to this delicious yogurt...

Ashley looked down in disappointment. She wanted more of this unknown yogurt, but unfortunately there was no more.

Feeling the urge to taste the thick fluid again, made her body shake, and out of nowhere, she began feeling extremely aroused while she was standing there next to the handsome Alex, who she had those feelings for.

'Why am I feeling like this...' Ashley uttered in her thoughts. Her lusty desires were somehow awakened after she ate that thick fluid.

She could only calm, and compose herself, while feeling her body getting so hot.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked with a faint smile, pretending not to know what she was going through.

Ashley was in deep thought as she gazed down at the ground with a flushed face. Feeling her maiden flower getting so wet, and her lust getting inflamed within her body.

"Hey, are you fine?" Alex leaned toward Ashley, and asked with a concerned tone this time. Receiving no reply from her, he felt somehow worried, though he knew she was aroused.

"Oh! I–I'm fine, I-I need to go to the bathroom!" Ashley was startled as she saw Alex's pretty face just near her blushing face.

As soon she finished her clumsy sentence, she went hurriedly towards the restroom. Running away from Alex, who his yogurt made her feel unbelievably and suddenly so horny.

'What can you expect from a virgin' Liza chuckled.

The chances of Ashley taking the lead, and letting her lust out on Alex were so low. She was already 18 years old, however, she was still a shy virgin little girl.

After Ashley went to the bathroom, closing the doors behind her hastily, Alex sighed and went back to work. Fortunately and unfortunately, there weren't a lot of customers.

No one entered the store, since the two gals, Linda and Menina left.

The store was just newly open, and didn't gain any loyal customers yet, plus there was a lot of competition as there were many convenience stores nearby.

Looking at the empty money case, Alex heart pounded, and he decided to make a slight difference in it. He pulled a $100from his hoodie pocket and placed it in there, trying to help his woman as much as he could.


Soon, a clicking opening door sound in Alex's ears, which made him glanced back at its source.

"Hey, Alex, I'm back" Mary slowly walked toward Alex with a big smile, making him daze while looking at her.

She was wearing some simple clothes, just a light brown cashmere along with white pants, but she was definitely so beautiful, so pretty for a woman in her age.

But what sunned Alex, aside from her bewitching smile and captivating face, was her hairstyle. Her hair was a medium length light brown hair, and it was styled into a messy bun hairstyle, which looked so enchanting on her, making her oval mature flawless look like a goddess's.

"Hey, beautiful" Alex smiled sweetly at Mary, he absolutely loved how she looked now and couldn't help but praise her.

"T-Thanks" Mary face slightly flushed, she was a mature woman and didn't act like other girls. However, she felt embarrassed from Alex's lovely compliment, but she quickly overcame it, and closed herself to him.

"Thanks for earlier too" Mary leaned down on Alex's shoulder, and whispered in his ear with a big smile and loving eyes.

She was feeling satisfied sexually after Alex creampied her needy cunt, making her unfulfilled desires vanish and get replaced with a satisfaction. She happily thanked him for fulfilling her desires.

Alex smiled faintly at the blushing Mary, and nodded his head as a response.

"Where is Ashley? She still in her room?" Mary asked Alex as she scanned the store with her honey-like eyes.

'Her room? She means the other room she goes to' Alex thought after Mary asked about her daughter whereabouts.

"She went to the bathroom just now" Alex responded as he pointed at the female bathroom door.

There were four room in the store, the store manager room, which Mary just came out, the second room was the room Ashley goes to, as for the third and the fourth rooms were the bathrooms.

"How is she doing?" Mary asked with a concerned voice.

She told Ashley about everything. Mary could tell that she believed her, and she was slowly changing for the better. However, she couldn't help but feel anxious.

"She is doing great" Alex said with a soft soothing voice, relaxing Mary with his calming tone.

"I'm really grateful to you for the help, I really can't thank you enough" Mary looked down with an awkward sad smile.

Alex did a lot for her sake and her daughter's, and he was still doing even more, somehow she felt like a burden to him, and her thanks wasn't enough to express her gratitude.

"Anything for you" Alex heart flattered in happiness, he didn't expect someday someone would be this grateful for him.

Feeling the bond between them getting stronger, Alex took the initiative, and wrapped his arm around Mary, then pulled her closer to him.

Mary's body stiffed from Alex's sudden hug, but it soon calmed down, and enjoyed the warmth, she never felt in her entire life before.

Having too many emotions battling against each other inside her pure heart, Mary let out some of them to her beloved man.

"I love you"

Mary murmured under her breath as she sniffled between those blissful words, while a single tear rolled down her cheeks.

She wasn't crying out of saddens or misery like previously, this time it was out of happiness and love.

Alex's heart beats increased suddenly, and his eyes opened widely, it wasn't his first time getting a love confession as he received one before from Erin. Also, he could clearly tell that Mary was also developing love feelings for him.

However, he felt stunned, and his heart began beating like crazy. It was his first time hearing those beautiful words outside of sex, and it felt incredibly good.

'Should I say something back?' Alex nervously asked for Liza's advice, he was having a hard time dealing with his emotions.

'Well, you definitely can't just let it hanging, love confession requires a lot of courage, especially for a woman like her, who went through a lot, because of her previous partner, also don't forget that she is double your age, so it is really complicated for her' Liza said with a calm steady tone.

Liza kept composure, and calmness as she talked, it was unnatural for a playful woman like her. That revealed her seriousness about love, in spite of being a succubus.

'Of course, you can just stay silent, and hug tightly as a response, but if you want things to progress for both you, you should reply orally, of course positively' Liza added with her restful voice.

Alex's mind was ringing with different scenarios, but he calmed himself down, and decided to reply orally to Mary's confession.

"I love you too" Alex uttered with a calm voice and began caressing her back, as if he predicted everything beforehand.

However, in the inside, Alex was freaking out, it was his first time saying those three fond words to someone before. He was too shy to even say it to his mom.

It not like he didn't love Mary, and just lied to her, he was developing love feelings for every girl that belonged to him, and Mary was no exception. However, It still felt somehow out of the ordinary.

Everything was going so quickly and smoothly between him and all his woman, love and affectionate feelings were promptly developing between them. Alex was having a hard time getting used to those feelings as a former reclusive, lonely guy.

Another tear rolled down Mary's rosy cheeks as she glanced up at Alex with moist eyes, and a beautiful blush.

It was the same for her, even for a mature woman like her, love was still a new thing. She had a boyfriend back then that 'loved' her, but after feeling the true love inside her heart, which was coming from Alex. She quickly changed her definition of love.

"T-Thanks" Mary was the one who felt so embarrassed and awkward, and she ended up reply with an awkward thanks.

Alex didn't mind it and found it cute, he gazed at the astonishing Mary with a beautiful smile, before he lowered his face and kissed her.

Being in his embrace, and tasting his sweet lips, Mary felt elated, and her heart was slowly melting from happiness, love, and excitement.

"You're so sweet" Alex murmured as he parted his lips away from her lascivious pink lips, ending the passionate kiss that lasted for a couple of minutes.

Mary sighed out of overloading excitement and happiness, which made her heart jolt in love. She kept gazing at Alex was loving gaze with her delightful honey-like eyes, as if she was looking at her beloved husband...

However! A feminine, sweet voice rang in both Alex and Mary's ears, recalling them that they were in the store...and making them both aware of their surroundings.

"What are you doing, guys?

Chapter end

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