I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Well-deserved Rest

Well-deserved Rest

Alex turned around to see Linda more properly. She was still wearing the same revealing clothes she was wearing earlier, showing most of her skin to the public.

Also, she was standing there in front of Alex with both of her hands on her waist in impatient manner, alone without Menina accompanying her like earlier.

"What are you doing here?" Alex looked with a calm expression at the beautiful young woman who was standing impatiently in front of him.

"I have been waiting for hours just to get your number!" Linda boldly confessed, with an annoyed, playful expression.

Indeed, she had been waiting for Alex to come out, so she could ask for his number, which he refused to give her before in the store.

'Wow, how dedicate she is. She totally fell over her heels' Liza admired Linda's dedication and seriousness about Alex.

"Were you standing here waiting for me all the time?" Alex felt somehow bad.

Linda was a pretty and sexy girl, anyone would want to get in her pants, but Alex wasn't sure if it was okay to hook up with every woman he sees.

But If he knew she would stay waiting for him all this time, he would have given her his number before.

"Well, I have been waiting for you, while sitting in the cafe" Linda pointed at a cafe across the street with demure expression.

After hearing that, Alex felt a little relieved. He never thought that Linda would actually wait for him until he finished work.

'You shouldn't let this go in waste! I know you're charming, but this girl totally lost it' Liza blurted out, encouraging Alex more to take the lead and make a move on Linda.

"So you want my number?" Alex peered at Linda from head to toe, examining her whole body, making her feel slightly embarrassed.

Linda was definitely so attractive and very sexy. Her body was well-developed, and her playful personality was unique and fun. She was totally a good girl, despite being so slutty.

"Yes! I want your number, you're single, right?" Linda asked with a calm expression, as her only purpose was to get some of Alex's love.

Seeing Alex for the first time in the store, made her totally like him and fall for him. Actually, despite being slutty, she wasn't used to feel this kind of unusual feelings and act clingy like this with other people, it was the first time.

"Hmm... Yes, I'm single" Alex ponded as he thought about his love statue.

He was sure all of his women loved him, but he wasn't in an official relationship with anyone of them. Erin and Mary already confessed it, but the remaining girls didn't confess their feelings yet.

"Yes, I'm single!" Linda happily exclaimed, as she knew that Alex was totally available to hunt.

It was the first time he saw someone super happy announcing that they were single, still, he could tell the reason why she was happy about it.

Alex also wasn't that kind of guy to steal someone's girl. If Linda was in a relationship, he would keep refusing her, no matter how serious or seductive she was.

He didn't like cheating in general, even though his women cannot cheat on him, even if the sky fell on earth, still he didn't want to cuck someone's girl.

'Should I give her my number?' Alex still needed a little push.

Linda was bewitching, kind, and dedicate, she was the kind of girl who can make guys go crazy as they see her. Also, since she was single, he couldn't have any other reason to refuse her.

'Yes! Just give her your number, you know I would refuse such thing, I wouldn't complain even if you **ed her now' Liza uttered excitedly. She was a succubus who truly loved lewds.

Alex nodded in agreement. He pulled his phone out of his pants pocket to share his contact info with the sexy gal in front of him.

"Okay, here is my number" Alex turned his phone around, showing his unlocked phone screen, that had his number written on it.

"Hmmmmm, got it!" Linda promptly began typing down Alex's phone number on her contacts, then did the same, and showed him her phone, which its case was full of pink accessories.

With having the handsome Alex's phone number on her contacts, Linda glanced up at him happily.

"Where is the girl who was with you earlier? She was called Menina, right?" Alex asked curiously, Menina wasn't accompanying this time, and he wondered where she was.

"She was actually with me waiting for you to finish your work too, but an emergency call took her away. By the way, she totally fell for you, just like me" Linda chuckled as turned her attention to Alex, after successfully acquiring his number.

It was very surprising to see somehow boldly express their feelings, feelings which were a little embarrassing and hard to say. Nevertheless, Linda turned a blind eye to this, and kept going with her dauntless talk.

"That's fine, you can give her my number if she asked for it" Alex grinned as he gazed fixedly at the seductive blonde.

'I thought you didn't want it at first. That's the spirit! It seems you're slowly turning into a shameless person' The shameless queen uttered with a smirk. She could tell what's Alex intentions were.

"Yes, sure! I will give it to her, I'm sure she is so interested in you, despite her shy personality" Linda pulled her phone back to her short skirt pocket.

Menina was kind of silent all the time when she was in the store with Linda, yet her all black outfit was bold, though it didn't reach Linda's boldness.

"She might look shy outside, but she is definitely a succubus inside, I'm sure you will be interested in her too" Linda clasped her hands both down at her thighs, while moving her body back and forth.

'A succubus, huh?' Liza chuckled.

Linda was totally enjoying the conversation with Alex, in spite of him talking so little, his answers were short too, but well accurate, and straight at the point.

"Okay, I'm looking forward to it. I don't want to sound rude, but how old are guys?" Alex asked with a kind of awkward expression.

He knew it was one of the questions that women disliked, was asking about their age. However, he couldn't keep that question to himself, as Linda and Menina looked more mature, and older than him.

"It's fine! I'm 23 years old, and Menina is 24 years old. We are pretty older than you, I can guess you're 18 or 19 years old, am I right?" Linda uttered with a big smile, which she had almost all the time while talking with him.

"Yes, you got right, indeed, I'm 18 years old" Alex smiled slightly at the playful Linda.

Alex began smiling slightly while talking with Linda. He wasn't the type of people to smile at stranger or people he doesn't know well. However, he was smiling at them earlier as it was his job to satisfy the clients.

Also, age was something you should ask about, even though it might make certain people awkward or even offended in some cases.

"How about we go to dinner together?" Linda suggested with a serious expression, unlike her usual.

She invited Alex for dinner, as wanted to get to know him more or even go further after dinner... She tried to show her serious face, so Alex don't think she was just playing.

"I'm sorry, I can't at this moment, matter of fact I need to go now" Alex uttered with an apologetic expression as he saw Linda's seriousness.

Despite, knowing Linda just for a few hours, Alex was totally down to go for dinner with her. Linda seemed so friendly and fun to talk too, but since his mom was already waiting for him to get back, he couldn't afford to waste more time.

"Unlucky me~ But I will definitely invite you to dinner next time" Linda showed some determination in her oval pretty face.

Right away, Alex knew she was serious about it, just like how serious she was when she asked him for his phone number. Of course, Alex didn't mind it as started getting more casual with her.

"Yes for sure, you can contact me whenever you want" Alex dangled his turned off phone in front of his chest.

Linda's phone was the second girl, Alex have her number in his contacts, as Anna already took the first place. Of course, without forgetting about his mom, who was definitely the only there before Liza possessed him.

"I need to go now, see you later" Alex smiled at her, and turned around, then started walking to his home.

It was an exhausting day for him. However, he wasn't tired like yesterday. With Liza's powers getting back rapidly every day, making his stamina and durability skyrocket.

Walking toward his house, Alex phone vibrated suddenly and when he pulled it out, it was a message from voluptuous Linda.

[Hi! I just wanted to test this~]

Linda was actually more than happy with just his contact information. Overjoyed to the point of sending him a message just a few minutes after he left.

Having nothing to type back. Alex playfully sent her a red heart emoji. Totally unaware that Linda was blushing so hard behind her phone screen after she was it.

Alex put his phone back into his pocket, then resumed walking towards his destination, which he already reached after a couple of minutes.

"Hi! Alex" As soon as he entered the house door, his mother Laura greeted him with a big smile.

Despite being late even more than yesterday, she didn't complain or showed any annoyance nor irritation, though she had to wait for him for too long.

"Hello, mom" Alex smiled as well as he waved his hand at her. She was still on the living room couch as he removed his shoes. However, her gaze was all over him.

"How was your day? You can go take a shower first then come back for dinner" His mother Laura uttered with a sweet smile.

"It was good" Alex nodded his head, and did what she told him.

Time didn't wait and everything passed so quickly, and soon Alex found himself laying in the bed, trying to sleep.

'You really had a lot of fun today' Liza chuckled as Alex was silently closing his eyes.

'Yes, it was much better than yesterday' Alex face formed into a beautiful sleepy smile.

He indeed had a lot of fun today, and time passed so quickly today. But, a new long day was waiting for him tomorrow as it was Saturday, the weekend.

'With not mentioning, here is the payment for the hard work you did today' As soon as Alex lost feeling in his right arm, some kind of energy was blowing his bed blanket up.

Nevertheless, it quickly disappeared, and shortly he could feel three small papers in his hand, which he was certain that it was a $300.

Feeling money in his hand, Alex smiled even happier. Money nowadays was so important and everyone strived for it, and Alex was no exception. He had a lot of plans to help himself, his mom, and his women, who are in need, so very cent was precious.

'Thank you, I really need them' Alex genuinely thanked Liza, if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have $600 hundreds now.

It was really a huge amount, which he easily earned by doing the most thing he liked. He was having his dream job.

'Hahha my Mana core is totally finished, I barely made that third one, I feel so tired, I need to go to sleep' Liza yawned with her cute voice. Though she was just a soul, she felt worn out.

'Good night' Alex held that $300 tightly in his hand, and close his eyes in the purpose of sleeping this time.

'Rest well, I'm sure we will have an extra fun day tomorrow, fuffufu'

Chapter end

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