I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – A New Place

A New Place

"Waaaaaake up!" A sweet voice rang in Alex's sleeping head like a clock alarm.

After hearing that loud shout in his head, Alex's red eyes fully opened, looking at the ceiling with an expressionless face.

He had a good night rest, and energy was flowing in his body like blood.

"Good morning, Liza" Alex yawned as he got out of the bed, it was 8 am, the exact time he should be already in his university.

Despite that, it was Saturday, the weekend, he woke up early as he had a lot of plans to do, also his body already had enough rest, and ready for some work.

'Good morning, my Alex~' Liza's gentle ladylike voice slowly woke up his sleepy head.

With no time-wasting, Alex directly went to the shower, washing his flawless face, and cleaning his regular looking body.

'You should hit gym already! You're definitely stronger than any human on earth, but your body is way too less appealing, you need some pussy wetting muscles~' Liza chuckled, as Alex slowly and gently washed his body with soap.

His body was just normal, not fat nor too skinny. He was just in a regular shape, but it seems it wasn't enough for Liza, still Alex had the same thoughts, he wasn't satisfied with his current body shape.

"Okay, also think the same, I can feel surging supernatural powers inside my body, I feel I can lift a car with one hand, however my body says the opposite" Alex checked his soaped body in the shower mirror, posing while trying to show his invisible small muscles.

Since, Alex was the only one in the house, as his mom already left for work, he communicated with Liza just by talking orally.

'I mean, your body looks kind of fine, but it would be much better if you're buffed. Just join a gym, and I guarantee you that you will be shocked with the drastic changes in just a week!' Liza encouraged Alex more, trying to make sure he took care of everything as soon as possible.

With having Liza's powers inside his body, he was already super strong, and his muscles were backed with unnatural strength, so it was easy for him to make his muscles more visible and bigger.

Alex nodded his head as a response, and continued to showering. Since he was getting financial independent of his mom, he wasn't troubled about the gym fees.

"Oh, I need to shave again" Alex said as he began washing his crotch, it was already four days since he shaved last time, and his pubic hair was already growing back rapidly.

'No worries! I have more than enough of powers to take care of it now!' Liza pridefully, and playfully, uttered.

With having no time to reply to Liza's playful declaration, Alex silently stared at his dick hair as it was slowly disappearing if it was never there.

What was stunning, but nice, was that his private hair was disappearing completely from the roots, omitting that greenness and the aftershave colors, also making everything look so smooth.

"Woah, that is really so helpful, I can use this skill right?" Alex exclaimed in impression, every single hair strand was removed, including his ball's hair, which was hell to remove.

'Yes, of course you can use it, I just didn't want to waste your Mana, as you still have to practice Telekinesis. You can start now~'




After over a half an hour, Alex finally came out of the shower, after finishing showering, taking care of his dick, and practicing his supernatural powers. Not only just Teleniskis, he left a room for invisibility and Illusion too.

It was super hard to use those powers, as all of them needed powerful spiritual and mental powers, and Alex lacked those, because of being just a regular human before. He felt so tired just from practicing.

'What are you having for breakfast today? Eat well~' Liza asked with frisky tone.

Alex walked towards the kitchen, and quickly found his share of the breakfast his mother left for him on the kitchen table.

"It's bacon with eggs, just a regular breakfast. Have you eaten this before?" Alex took the bacon with a large kitchen spoon along with a fork, and slowly placed into a pan.

His breakfast was already losing its heat, and he had to heat it up, for more delicious taste.

'You might be surprised. Yes, I ate this multiple times before, it's a regular breakfast in hell too, I used to love it when I was small' If Liza had a physical body, Alex could tell should be smiling now.

"Really? Is hell like here on earth? Is the way of living similar?" Alex's couldn't hide his surprised.

He predicted that hell would be kind of a cool place from Liza's unsurprised reaction to earth's technology, and human development.

'Yes! But it's quite different, we have only kingdoms, no countries, so like monarchy system is the only system, so like the earth in the past. We have quite simple ancient houses, lower than your skyscrapers buildings, However, my palace is so big and high~ Also, we have the same technology, we have phones, and all those electronic devices, no, you can say magical devices'

Alex took his plate, and went to the living room to eat, but a surprised and an interested expression was on his face.

'Instead of using electricity, we use magic to power up our phones and TVs. And yes, they're similar to the phones, and TVs you guys have here, but just a little different in the design, systems, and the content'

Before letting Alex reply to what she said previously. Liza began explaining more, richening Alex's imagination.

Alex ponded in surprise, trying to imagine how hell would look like, but from Liza's description, it was definitely a good place to live in.

"How about humans? Are we having a good time there? They always talked about the torturing and skinning, but it seems everyone is wrong about that" Alex took the bite of his bacon and eggs.

After tasting its delicious taste, he began eating while listening to Liza.

'Hell no! Actually, every human stepped in hell is tortured for eternity, by the demons under the **head Lucifer's command. Humans don't have any major roles on hell other than getting punished mercilessly, but the other races are living calmly' Liza uttered with a calm voice, unlike before, she would be laughing while saying that.

Alex slowed his eating pace, as he was thinking about the possibility of him going to hell! He lied many times before, committed adultery plenty of times, and even tried to suicide! The list still goes on...

In most cases, Alex would most likely go to hell if he didn't repent for his sins.

Feeling Alex's anxiety rising slowly, Liza could tell what he was thinking nervously about.

'Don't worry, you're absolutely a good human, and you should go to heaven. However, even if you went to hell unexpectedly, you will be under me, no one can mess with my Alex hehe' Liza giggled cutely.

Hearing Liza's gentle soothing voice in his head, and her worry lessening words, he felt much better and comfortable than before.

With having a strong belief in hell and heaven now, Alex was somehow worried about where he would go. However, if Liza would be in hell with him, somehow, he didn't mind going there.

Slowly eating his breakfast silently, as he had nothing urgent matter to eat quickly for. Still, he finished chewing his last bite just after a few minutes.

After finishing eating, Alex pulled his phone out of his black shorts pocket, and began browsing it regularly.

'What are you looking for?' Liza curiously asked, as she was seeing Alex's phone screen through his eyes.

'I'm looking for an apartment to rent nearby' Alex continued navigation his phone unfazed, looking for a good apartment for rent.

'That's great! Finally, a place where you can ** in with no disturbance!' Liza chuckled in joy, observing lust emotions with no interruption was what longed for.

"Actually it's not for me, I'm trying to find a place for Mary and Ashley" Alex uttered with a calm expression as he continued what he was doing.

'Do you think they would accept such a generous act from a guy they just met a few days ago? I mean they definitely love you, but you are still a stranger to them, also I'm sure they wouldn't want to trouble you with this' Liza was totally reasonable and realistict in this one.

It was true, Alex was still a stranger to them, aside from his name and appearance, they knew nothing else. However, that wasn't the only why, Ashley and Mary won't accept to trouble Alex more as he already did too much.

Mary actually avoided telling Alex about living in her store, she could tell he would try to help her if she told him.

"I will try, If they didn't agree, I would offer to split the rent, or even saying that I would be there living with them. I know it's hard for others to accept such offers, especially from people they love genuinely. However, it's still possible to convince them" Alex said tranquility.

Alex was having no pity for Mary nor her daughter, but he emphasized their struggles. He also didn't want them to feel that they were being pitied, it was just an act that was driven by pure love.

'That's might work! That's the same for me, you will still ** there' Liza smirked devilishly, her mind was all about him having sex.

"Here is a good one" Alex murmured as he found the ideal flat he was looking for!

It was a spacious apartment, it had three rooms, a nice kitchen, and a larger bathroom. It was basically perfect like a house, However, the rent price was quite high...

"$2500 per month, that's quite expensive, but I like it" Alex said with an unfazed experience, as if he was a billionaire.

After earning $600 just yesterday from doing any hard work, Alex was pretty confident that he would be able to cover the rent price every month. He just needed to have plenty of sex.

Not only that, he was planning to invest in stock market or cryptocurrency as both can you make a millionaire in nights, but also broke in hours. However, with that, his daily income would likely to skyrocket, making him slowly turn into a rich guy.

"Okay let's get this one" Alex stood up and went to his room, to change his clothes, bring the money with him, including his savings. Then he went outside, and his destination was just a few minutes far.

The apartment was located the opposite direction of his house, It was 4 minutes near to his university, 10 minutes near to Mary's store, and 13 minutes away from his current house.

Wearing some simple black shorts, along with a white t-shirt, Alex walked directly to his target location, walking quite swiftly, and wasting no time.

After a few minutes of hurried walking, Alex reached the flats. His targeted apartment was on the second floor of a 12-story building.

Looking at those beautiful looking white buildings, and at its greeny surroundings, Alex quickly understood why it was so expensive.

With no time-wasting, Alex went to the management office nearby to take care of everything, and rent his new place.

After walking for a few minutes, Alex entered a small building that was just besides the flats, getting greeted with a stunning mature young woman...

A woman that looked so astonishing and pretty, her pretty ash blonde hair cascade down to her slim waist amazingly, shining at Alex like a beautiful morning sunshine. Along with her beautiful blue eyes that glistened in elegant and beauty.

"Hello, sir. This is the landlord, Jessica, how can I help you?"

Chapter end

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