I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – First meeting

First meeting

Alex ate breakfast that his mom prepared and left for him, took his bag and went outside. He was heading toward the university.

However on his way, Alex saw the back of an astonishing girl walking in front of him...She was none other than Alice! One of the girls Alex had a crush on.

Seeing her walking slowly in front of him, he slowed his pace, so he doesn't reach her.

Alice was wearing a cute white blouse with a red ribbon, and a blue regular size skirt, in addition, she was wearing black regular stockings that reach her thighs, Her outfit was nice and cute, it matched her attractive body perfectly.

'Oh, so this is your crush? She is quite pretty and cute, I understand why you have a crush on her, She also looks kind and righteous. She is giving me 'good person' vibes. What's her name? When are you going to ** her?' Liza expressed her thoughts about Alice, along with some usual bold questions.

"Her name is Alice, Alice Wilson, She is a popular girl at my university. Yes, you can say that I have a crush on her." Alex replied to her first question honestly, but he ignored her last one.

Alex confessed his feelings, he knows that Liza can feel his feelings and emotions, additionally, she can tell whether he is lying or not, so there's no need to hide anything from her.

Suddenly Alice turned back, she felt that someone is walking behind her, so she decided to take a quick peek, but it wasn't a quick peek, she was literally staring at Alex for a few seconds with a surprised expression after their eyes met, she blushed and quickly turned back and started walking again.

'Man, this is your chance, she obviously likes your enhanced looks, and she's charmed by you. You should go talk with her, You must make her fall for you!' Liza advised Alex to go talk with Alice.

Alex decided to do as Liza said, she was right, Alice definitely likes how Alex looks now, Alex increased his walking pace, and he gave her rounded ass a last peek before he reaches her.

Alex was an introvert and a quiet boy, but that doesn't mean that Alex doesn't know how to communicate and talk with others, he was just unconfident and self-conscious about his looks, Therefore, he kept himself quiet.

"Good morning" Alex greeted her with a smile.

"Good morning, Alex" Alice replied with an awkward smile, and immediately started looking down, but kept walking at the same pace as Alex

Almost everyone knew Alex. He is infamous for having such a rare eye color, it made him stand out in the crowd.

However, Alex can obviously see that Alice is so embarrassed to talk with him, seeing one of the most popular girls in his university blushing just because she's walking with him made Alex feel so happy. He absolutely enjoyed it.

'You start a conversation with her, you can't stay silent just after a greeting!' Liza trying to help Alex make progress with Alice.

"Are you heading to the university?" Alex asked with a smile.

"Yes, I have a class soon...uhm…how about you?" Alice replied with a soft voice, she is confused and embarrassed at the same time.

Alice was pretty confused, Alex wasn't always this hot, and charming. She saw him on the campus just yesterday, but he wasn't this handsome, Even his red eyes that she always thought didn't suit his handsome face, and made him look bad, but now it's the opposite, they look so beautiful like rubies.

Alice always heard people complimenting her eyes, she has beautiful blue eyes that looked like sparkling sapphires in the dark, she was convinced that she has the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, but after staring at Alex's eyes for a few seconds, she changed her mind.

"Yes, I'm also heading there, do you mind walking there together?" Alex asked her while still keeping a smile.

"No, I don't mind" Alice replied with a soft and low voice, Alex almost didn't hear her.

'That's good! Keep walking with her, I will now activate one of my skills, it's called [Succubus zone]. I will make anyone 3 meters from you feel aroused! Take advantage of that, and make her yearn for your dick!' Liza said with a grin.

After Liza said that, Alice stopped walking and kept looking down, Alex noticed that her bottom body was trembling, and she was pressing her thick and soft thighs together.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked her in a concerning tone.

Alex knows that Alice is aroused, and her pussy is wet, but he still needed to ask her such questions.

"Yes, I'm Oka– Okay..." Alice answered in a shaking voice without lifting her head. In addition to that, her whole body was trembling.

'Yes! It's worked perfectly! I will activate another skill of mine now, it's called [Touch of Pleasure], it makes your hands a moving pleasure, any part of the body you touch, the person you touched feels extreme pleasure In that area, try to place your hand on her shoulder to show her that you're concerned about her' Liza explained how her skill works.

Alex was surprised at how many skills Liza had even after she lost her powers. Liza said she will activate [Touch of Pleasure], but he didn't feel any changes in his hands, but he still has to do what Liza told him to do.

Alex placed his hand on Alice, before he could even say anything, something Alex didn't expect happened.

"Mmmmmmh, Aggggh~" Alice let out a sweet moan.

'OMG! She came! She did a good job holding it this long' Liza chuckled.

Alice was having a hard time, she was feeling so aroused while walking beside Alex, also she started feeling weird. Alex got more handsome and charming, also hot… She couldn't even look at his face, he was so attractive, she was afraid that she will jump at him if she looked at him in the eyes.

Once Alex placed his hand on her shoulder, his hand sent down shivers of pleasure to her spine like electricity, she was barely holding herself, and the sudden pleasure from Alex's hand made her immediately cum.

Finally, Alice lifted her face up and looked at Alex, her eyes were teary, and her face was red like a tomato.

"I want you to fu—" before Alice could finish her sentence, her phone started ringing.

Chapter end

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