I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – First Gym Exercise [ 18]

First Gym Exercise [ 18]

The nervous, beautiful young woman stared at Alex with an embarrassed face. She was the manger and the owner of this gym, and her name was Cristina.

Unlike Jessica, Cristina showed her liking for Alex, and admitted she was charmed by his incredible good looks.

"Hello there, I want a month membership here" Alex spoke with his sweet voice, that made Cristina instantly blush from ear to ear.

With the encouragement of the naughty succubus, Alex was finally taking his first steps on changing his body shape.

However, he was planning to work out only for a month, if the results were quickly shown like Liza's said, he would gladly extend his membership.

Lucky, the gym was just near his new rented apartment, which made it easy to come to it, and avoid making excuses about the distance.

Also, the gym was quite big, tidy and clean, a perfect place to shred your muscles in. besides, it had a variety of equipment, which were definitely going to make a difference in every muscle.

But with all those stuff, Alex gaze was fixed on the comely lady in front of him, who was sitting on her desk nervously, trying to hide her flushed face, with a faint awkward smile.

'What I can say, she is a virgin' Liza chuckled.

Since Cristina was showing the reaction, and the expression she should show in the present of Alex, Liza was feeling quite joyful about it.

'Yeah, and she has such a slutty body...' Alex uttered to Liza, but focusing only on Cristina's voluptuous body, and heart captivating face.

'You are getting aroused fufufu, how about you taste her smutty pussy and be her first man?' Feeling Alex getting aroused, Liza suggested.

He was so turned on while looking at Cristina's plump titties, which seemed they were about to come out of her tight sport bra.

Besides, he hadn't had sex since yesterday, and his lust was building up promptly. Having no one to release it on them, he kept just looking at Cristina with '**' intents.

"Y-Yes, sure, It will cost you $50 dollar. P-Please fill up this paper" Feeling Alex's lusty eyes all over her maiden body, she averted her gaze down in embarrassment, and handed him a white paper.

Hearing Cristina's shaking soft voice, Alex regained some composure, and read the paper in his hand, however, his big brother was choking inside his shorts, and making his crotch bulgy.

He was wearing simple black shorts, it wasn't tight as his jeans, causing his erection to be a little visible, but it wasn't his clothes fault, as his dick was huge and long.

Fortunately, there was no one around, the actual gym was on the sale next to them, closed with two big glass doors.

'You know a lot of people wish to have your problems' Liza chuckled, as Alex was trying to calm down himself. He wasn't wearing his hoodie today, just a white T-shirt, that was short to cover his privates.

While learning forward, and pressing his bottom body against the desk, Alex clumsily jotted down his information on the paper Cristina gave him.

It didn't ask for much information, and he quickly finished filling everything, then he handed it back to Cristina. Furthermore, Alex pulled the $100 bill out of his pocket and placed it in front of her.

With looking at Alex, Cristina took the money bill with her shaking hands, typed some things on the computer for a couple of minutes, and handed Alex $50 back.

"W-Welcome to our gym, you can start from today" Cristina also tried to calm herself down, and so she did it.

Her breathing was becoming steady slowly, but a blush never left her cute mature face, leaving Alex in daze while looking at her.

"Thank you, Cristina. Can I ask you a question?" Alex smiled slightly at the embarrassed woman.

Out of curiosity, Cristina glanced up at Alex to know what was the question, but seeing Alex's sweet smile, she averted her gaze again in embarrassment.

"Y-Yeah sure" Cristina uttered with a soft shaky voice, while looking fixedly at her desk.

"Do you have a boyfriend or a husband?" Alex spoke with a smiley face.

Having a succubus's superpowers in his body, and looking at a stunning beauty, with a mouthwatering body in front of him, Alex couldn't hold it anymore.

'Hehe, I thought you didn't want to do it' Liza chortled. Unlike what it seemed, she was feeling so incredibly happy as she was about to watch Alex ravage another girl in front of her.

Cristina was startled with such a question. She never had someone ask her about her relationship status before, it was unusual, but she responded with her trembling voice again.

"N-No, I'm single"

'Go for it!' Liza declared with her sweet excited voice. Feeling so annoyed earlier because of Jessica, and Alex's righteous behavior, Liza was thrilled to watch some live sex again.

Alex nodded lightly as he smiled devilishly at Cristina. He scanned the whole gym, and there was a room behind her, it was empty, making it a suitable place for his next move.

Without saying anything, Alex hopped over the desk, and landed beside Cristina, she was startled again, but she kept sitting on her chair with a reddened face silently.

She was totally aware of what Alex was about to do to her, he was just a stranger, whom she just met a few minutes ago, but she couldn't help but have the same desires as him... Being loved for the first time.

With a suitable time now, Liza activated her zone, clearly making Cristina even more aroused, and ready for her first time sex.

'Let's see if she would overcome her shyness' Alex opened the door that was behind the desk.

A decent sized room greeted his sight, it had also a desk on it, a couple of lockers, and two large black couches, with an elegant wooden table in the between.

Alex shamelessly went to the comfy couch and sat on it, then jerked the table away a little, facing Cristina, who was still sitting on her chair, looking at Alex with a lovely gaze, and an embarrassed expression.

Having no shame, Alex took off his black shorts and underwear, revealing his massive dragon, which was in his peak form, twitching lightly as it finally came out.

Looking at the stranger man huge rod between his thighs, Cristina stared at it with a lusty surprise face, it was her first time seeing a dick in real life, and Alex's look so delicious like thick popsicle.

"Come in here" Alex smiled and tapped on his thigh.

There was some distance between Alex and Cristina, but she clearly heard with he said, and instantly stood up.

She was truly a tempting woman, her breasts were hug, but her thighs and ass were on another level! A tight pink yoga legging covered them lasciviously.

Cristina was slowly losing control over her mind as the only thing in her mind was that long thick stick in Alex's crotch, that started from his pelvis to above his belly button.

Nevertheless, Cristina kept walking slowly towards her first man, in every step her lust gets intenser, making her mind go dizzy, and her sexy body so hot.

She even forgot to close the door behind her, luckily Liza had Teleniskis, she closed it and locked it.

"Come on" Alex tapped again on his thigh with a smile on his devilish face, making Cristina do more steps, then slowly sit on Alex's lap courageously and lewdly.

Sitting on the couch. Alex felt Cristina's fat buttocks pressing against his bare thighs. He started immediately with squeezing her soft large breasts. His fingers immediately plunged her soft flesh, even with a sports bra on.

"Ah~" Cristina let out a sweet moan, lust clouded her eyes, and she couldn't help but hold Alex's veiny rod with both hands, while he aggressively squeezed her soft milk glads.

It was her first time doing such indecent acts with someone. She was clearly nervous at first, but after lust blinded her mind, she completely lost herself to the pleasure.

"Hmm! Hmmmm~ Aghhh~" Cristina was stunned as Alex suddenly occupied her soft rosy lips with his, sucking her cheeks' insides roughly with his wanton tongue.

Looking at how much, Alex cared about her plump boobs, she clumsily took off her bra, while enjoying the taste of Alex lips and at the same time, exposing her pink hard and throbbing nipples.

Noticing that, Alex quickly parted his lips away from hers, leaving her mouth lonely, but making her jolt in pleasure as he sucked on her rosy tempting nipples.

"Ahhhh~ Ahhh~ Ohhh~" Cristina softly moaned in pleasure as the stranger man took care of her body, massaging her lager glads and aggressively sucking on her erected peaks.

Her yoga pinkish leggings were getting so wet with her juices, Alex was just starting, and she already lost count on how much she squirted.

With so much pleasure going down her spine, making her go crazy. Crazy enough to make her lift her fat buttocks off Alex's thighs and hurriedly removing her leggings and panties.

Alex was aware of what was going on, he was surprised by the initiation of the shy Cristina, but he smirked while sucking on her busty melons.

Shortly, Cristina was fully naked except for her red sneakers, showing her pink wet cunt along with her seductive slutty body

She pressed her large ass and thighs again his lap, moaning softly in pleasure. Cristina groped Alex's fat, long cock again with both of her hands, and began stroking it slowly.


"Ahhhhhhh! Hmm~"

With no hesitation or embarrassment, Cristina raised her butt again, buy this type she pointed the veiny dick to her virgin pussy. She couldn't hold it anymore, her slippery, tight cunt was carving for Alex's meaty stick in.

"Aghh~" Alex as well let some groan as he felt his cock breaking her hymn, getting squeezed by her tight fresh pussy walls, and hitting her womb entrance, that sucked his glans for his semen.

Alex was amused by her bold shameless action, that a virgin shouldn't have, but with his charm getting stronger, it was normal to make any woman go blind for his dick. He maintained sucking her breasts as he took at occupied clit, which had some blood dripping down out of it.

"Ahhh~ Aghh! Ah~" Goosebumps rushed through Cristina body by Alex's aggressive groping, making her hips shake up and down involuntarily.

Plut~ Plat~ Pah~

Wet, slow penetration noises occurred as Cristina began shaking her fat booty up and down, making Alex's cock explore her super tight insides with throbs.

She was a virgin, who didn't feel any pain, but pleasure as she shoved Alex's rod inside her. She yearned for more as she wiggled her butt circling around his fat cock, and plunged it into her dripping pussy slowly.

Alex kept biting and sucking on those hard nipples, as if he was craving for her milk, however his cock was throbbing so hard inside Cristina, wanting to give her his milk instead. It was his first shoot of the day, and it was quicker to come than the other.

With no desire to delay his ejaculation, Alex bite on one nipple softly and groped her tender slim waist with his wanton hands.

Pahhh! Pahh~ Pahhh! Pahhh!

Cristina's fat buttocks slapped against Alex's thighs hardly, as he began pulling her body up and down, making her moan loudly while his cock went in and out of her slippery cave.

"Ah~ Oh~ Ah~ Ah~ Oh~ Hm~ Ahhghh!" Cristina's primal moan rang in Alex's ears as she orgasmed, also opening her womb to take Alex's seed.


"Ahhgghh~" After a few more fast pulls, Alex pulled Cristina down roughly, shoving his whole dick inside her recently virgin hole, and filling it all with his thick milk.

"Hah~ Hah~ Oh~" Cristina breathed heavily as she leaned on Alex, pressing her fat breasts on his chest. Her virgin pussy was overflowing with Alex's hot cum and her sticky juices.

Unlike her, Alex wasn't breathing heavily at all, he was caressing her head from the back as she placed her chin on her shoulder, resting of the heavenly pleasure that received.

"We're not done yet, Cristina" Alex whispered in her ears with a grin, waking her up from needed rest.

Alex's hand went down to her busty buttocks, squeezing and massaging them roughly, while his erected dick was still kissing her filled womb.

Hearing Alex's sweet soft voice in her ears, Cristina, lifted her body, showing her reddened face, and her lustful eyes, which had two pink hearts on them. Looking at Alex with eyes full of lust.

"It's time for some leg work"

Chapter end

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