I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – First Photo

First Photo

Alex was truly dumbfounded, he never thought in his life that someday, someone would ask him to marry them.

Surprisingly! It just happened now, for the first time, and with a young woman he just met around 45 minutes.

"I-I'm s-sorry! I w-was just jo-oking" Receiving Alex's surprised stare along with an awkward silence, Cristina averted her gaze down from the intense embarrassment.

Alex gazed at her embarrassed face with a persistent doubtful look, causing her take back what she said shyly.

'No! I won't accept! You're not going to marry anyone' Liza shouted suddenly.

Fortunately it was just in Alex head, and no one else heard her loud yell.

With all this happening for the first time, Alex's expression became complicated as it never was before.

Cristina's marriage proposal was kind of reasonable, since she was bonded with Alex, as his lifelong woman, but Liza's sudden disagreement to that proposal was out of the ordinary, andquite confusing.

'Why is that? I can't get married or what?' Alex asked Liza with a titled head.

Liza's disagreement was much more urgent to investigate than Cristina's marriage proposal. However, Alex paid attention to her as well, closed himself to her naked attractive body, and hugged her tightly.

"You're already mine" Alex whispered in Cristina's red ears, making her eyes moist from the tremendous amount of embarrassment she was feeling, while she hugged with her man skin to skin.

'N-No, I just don't want to!' For the first time ever, Liza uttered with a shaky voice, which sounded more like a shy one.

Her trembling voice, made Alex feel more dumbfounded. It was something truly unusual from a succubus like her! He could feel that Liza was feeling embarrassed each second he ponded silently.

'Are you perhaps jealous?' Alex spoke with a devilish grin, he was just half joking clearly.

Spent a decent amount of time with this succubus queen, Alex knew how shameless, bold, and obscene she was, someone like her won't actually get jealous? Especially when she was the one who encouraged him to ** every woman passed by him.

Also, she was the reason he bonked a 34 years old woman, Mary, and now he just finished banging a young woman, who was surely at least in her mid-twenties. Doing all these shameless acts in the age of 18, just because of her.

It couldn't be that she was feeling jealous, because one of those women who hold a deep love for him, asked him to marry her.

'Nooo! I'm not j-jealous!...Hum, I just want to clear out, that you getting married, means you will no longer have sex with other women, which is impossible in your situation! So just don't get married yet...' Liza uttered with an awkward tone, but soon she calmed herself, and come up with a convincing reason.

Liza quickly found a good reason to why she reacted like that to the marriage thing, as it sounded reasonable and convicting.

However, Alex remained incredulous and dubious. He wasn't buying it as he could feel some lies in her sentences.

Sharing the same body, made their souls to connect with each other. They both could feel what the other was going through, also they could tell whatever one of them was lying.

'Okay, forget about it' Alex brushed it off.

He wasn't certain about whether Liza lied about it or no, but since he could feel no bad intentions coming from her. He forgot about it, and tried to believe her made up reasons, as they were quite reasonable too.

Enslaving plenty of women already, it was truly impossible for him to get married, as the other would do something to stop it in most normal cases as polygamy was illegal. However, Liza already told him she had a solution for that in the future, so he didn't ponder about it a lot.

It not like he was rushed into marriage. In fact, he never thought about it before, until Cristina proposed it to him today. He was already having a luscious life, **ing plenty of attractive women freely and willingly.

"I-I should go, I-I left the desk empty" being in her man embrace for a few minutes, Cristina recalled her duties after she was emotionally and sexually satisfied.

It was almost an hour since she left it, for the sake of riding Alex's thick cock, which was already going limp after enjoying some tight pussy.

"Oh! Sorry, you should go" Alex also returned to real life, even remembering the reason he came in here in the first place.

They were both cuddling tightly, feeling the warmth of each other, but having responsibilities made that warm and blissful embrace to come to an end.

Cristina started wearing her clothes back swiftly, despite her tight yoga legging being wet in the crotch area, it was pink, and the wet spot was quite visible.

However, Cristina couldn't care about it any less! As she could feel Alex's gawking at her toothsome alluring body, while her large milk glands jiggled, and her fat buttocks bounced as she hurriedly dressed up.

'You did a great decision by enslaving her! Today can't get any better' Liza chuckled like usual, she quickly calmed herself, and became the normal succubus that cheerfully talked with him.

'Yes, I'm looking forward to my daily workouts' Alex shamelessly stood up naked, after Cristina left the room to her desk.

After that, he also wore his clothes back, it wasn't much of an effort, since he wasn't wearing tight clothes like Cristina, which made it so easy for him to put them back.

After scanning the whole gym with his built-in radar, sensing no one other than Cristina outside in the lobby, Alex made his way out.

"How is work? Cristina" Alex looked at Cristina, who was sitting on her moving chair again, having a flushed face as soon she turned around.

"I-I'm fine, A-Alex" Cristina averted her gaze and looked down.

She also began calling Alex by his name without him introducing himself yet, but after he enslaved her, and making her his. His name suddenly became unforgettable in her mind.

From Liza's explanation, it was totally normal, and the women he enslaved somehow receive what they should know about him during the kiss, like his full name.

However, Cristina didn't feel confused like Mary. Mary was dumbfounded after she guessed his name correctly.

The difference was that Cristina thought Alex said his name before, she just was too busy riding his dick to remember that.

She remembered the shameless actions she did with Alex, which made her forget about the entire world.

Alex nodded his head, and pulled his phone to check it. It was already 10 am, and to his introverted ass surprise, he found four messages from two different chats.

His mother rarely text him at that time, which meant there could be only two people who could do so! Anna and Linda, as they were the only ones he had their number aside from his mom.

As he expected, Alex found two messages from Linda, and two others from Anna. With having more affection for Anna than Linda, he opened her chat first.


[Good morning darling! I hope you like my morning gift~ Let's meet up at the store later]

Unpredictably, Anna sent him a photo, and not just any photo! It was a nude picture of her bare larger breasts, which stayed firm in their place without her bra.

Revealing her plump milkers, and rosy hard nipples, while lifting her blue girly pajama shirt up with her hand, while at the same time taking the picture with the other one.

Furthermore, what was so delightful about this photo was that it had her adorable morning face included. She looked so pretty even after just waking up, pretty but horny for his dick.

'That's so nice, congratulations! You received your first nude photo' Liza exclaimed in excitement, as Alex for the first in his entire life received a lewd real photo from a woman.

'She doesn't learn from her mistakes, huh' Alex smiled faintly as he gazed lovingly at his phone.

All sort of emotions were battling inside his heart, mostly happiness and excitement, but that didn't stop him from remaking on Anna's sinuous photo, which she included her face in carelessly.

It wasn't entirely her fault, as she had deep trust in Alex. She was sure he won't do anything bad with the photo, so instead of charming him just by her voluptuous body, she used her flawless captivating face as well.

With all that, she truly successed in seducing him, making him drool while peering at his phone for a couple of minutes.

Cristina was so curious about Alex was looking at in his phone happily, but lustfully. However, she overcame her curiosity, and remained sitted, respecting his privacy.

Despite that, she took the chance to look at his handsome face thoughtfully. Since he was busy with his phone, not paying any attention to her, she felt way less embarrassed and shy to observe her man's attractive face and body.

'Hey! That's enough, reply to her message already' Liza yelled in hidden jealousy again, stopping his persistent and examining gaze at Anna's busty melons.

Alex could clearly that Liza was feeling extra jealous today, but he couldn't figure out why she acted like that. Looking back at what happened in previous days, Liza was totally okay with him pounding Anna's kitty.

With having no answer, Alex brushed it off again, and did as she said.

[Good morning, Anna. Thanks for the delightful photo, I loved it <3]

Alex replied to Anna's message, her photo was absolutely nice. He even added a heart emoji in the end, hoping to deliver his unbelievable desire for more of this kind of photos.

Finished replying to Anna's message, Alex opened the next chat, which was the gal Linda's.

[Good morning, handsome~]

[Wanna watch a movie tomorrow? I have two tickets of a movie I wanted to watch a long time ago, so would you accompany this lonely girl?~]

Unfortunately, Linda didn't send any photos yet, she just sent a greeting message, along with asking for a movie date.

Luckily for her, Alex was down to go with her tomorrow, he just needed more information. Despite tomorrow was Sunday, Alex was quite busy, since he already got himself a part-time job, and a gym membership.

Also, denying Linda's previous dinner invite, he didn't want to refuse her this time too. Besides, going with an alluring woman like her to watch a movie was something he was happy to experience.

'Lucky you! You might get a blowjob while watching a movie~' Liza thought of the possibility of that happening quickly.

Linda was a slutty courageous girl, and giving Alex a blowjob wasn't something she would feel shy to do, even though she didn't have any sex intercourse with him yet.

'Yes, maybe' Alex smiled faintly, and began typing his answers.

[Good morning]

[Yes, sure, but what time? And where?]

Like normal, Alex asked about more needed information, and waited for an answer. Having nothing else to do on his phone, he put it back in his pocket.


However, before he could shove it in there, it vibrated shortly, notifying him of a new message received.

[I'm more than happy to hear that! Where are you now? I'm about to go out to the store, I could come to your place if you want to go together~]

Anna replied to his previous message happily as well as she asked some questions. She knew Alex lived nearby her house, but she didn't know his address yet, and that was her target!

Alex wouldn't mind giving her his full address or even show her his house, but since he still lived with his mom, it wasn't fully his place.

"See you tomorrow, Cristina, take care" Alex smiled at the dazing Christa, who was unconsciously looking at his flawless face, but as soon she heard his sweet voice, she came back to reality with a blush.

Saying goodbye and left the gym, since he was about to meet up with his first woman, Anna, and go to his job. Alex didn't have any urgent reason to say in the gym.

[No, I'm outside now, I'm coming to my house right now, I will tell you more details as I get there]

Alex shoved his phone inside his shorts pockets, and walked towards his house, it wasn't far from his gym either, and reaching it took only few minutes.

He kept walking in a steady pace, and soon he reached the area of his house, just a couple of minutes away from his house, before he heard a sweet girlish voice calling him from behind.

"Hey, Darling! I miss you" Anna jumped into Alex's arms, as soon he turned, and faced her with a sweet smile.

Getting hugged by his beautiful girl, Alex also wrapped his arms around her, and sucked her into him even more, enjoying the warmth of each in the empty, quiet neighborhood.

Surprisingly, she was wearing the same outfit as him, but the feminine version. She was wearing black sports shorts, that showed a glimpse of her fat buttocks from behind. The shorts weren't tight as her leggings, but her ass looked delicious like never before!

As for her upper body, it was the same as Alex, a white T-shirt, that covered her belly unlike the tank and crop tops she usually wore.

After a few minutes of lovely dovely moments between them, Anna raised her face off his chest and looked at him with lustful, loving eyes.

"I can't hold it anymore... Fuck me, darling~"

Chapter end

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