I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – First Anal! [ 18]

First Anal! [ 18]

"Come one~ wreck my asshole the same way you do to my slutty pussy. You promised~ Reward me with your big cock" Anna giggled seductively.

Alex never thought she would take his joking dominant comment seriously...

The last time and first time they had sex, and while they were having it at that time, he had to find a place to cum in, because they were in the cleaning staff room in college, he didn't want to stain the couch or the floor with his semen by cumming outside.

Plus, he was overthinking back then, and strongly refused ejaculating inside the pussy, to avoid suspicion, even though he could make his semen infertile.

So, Instead of coming on her back or somewhere else, he plunged his cumming cock into her virgin asshole, and busted his nut there, after that, he promised her that he would ** in there next time.

Anna remembered that and did her preparation, and the butt plug was one of them...

Returning to back to reality, Alex stared at her fat bubble butt unfazed, particularly at those two spicy holes of her.

While laying down her upper body, glancing back at her darling with lustful eyes, and wiggling her fat buttocks in all directions, trying to get him ravage her anus.

"Woahh! It's getting thicker and bigger!"

While provoking and seducing Alex, Anna noticed his dick getting even thicker and longer than before, while his red glowing eyes were fixed on her holes.

One was dripping wet with her juices, and the other was still occupied by a heart-shaped pink crystal butt plug, which looked so beautiful there.

'Damn, you're going berserk, don't tear apart her poor holes' Liza chuckled as Alex was overflowing with lust.

His slutty woman provocation, and seduction worked perfectly, now, he was desiring some rough anal sex...Making him look like a beast, who was about to tear his prey apart.

"Hmmm~ **! Fuck! Hmmmmm~" Alex just got into the bed, and Anna was already moaning vulgarly and hornily, while biting her bottom lip.

She couldn't help but whine involuntarily as her arousing manly darling, and his fat cock came near to her ass. She even orgasmed just by imagining what was going to happen next.


Alex lifted his hand above his head, then strongly landed on his woman's fat butt cheeks, causing her to moan loudly, and leaving his handmark on it.

While still recovering from the intense orgasm. he took her by surprise, and plunged his entire fat cock inside her dripping wet cunt.


Aloud smack sound echoed in the whole round after Alex's hips and abdomen strongly whacked her trembling ass, causing it to turn red just after one plunge.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhh~ Ohhhhh!" Anna moaned involuntary, as her insides trembled from his cock violent entrance. She squirted two times in row just because his glans roughly kissed her womb!

Her pussy was dripping with its juices on his bedsheets like a waterfall. Her darling was super rough, and his dick was extra large too, just feeling it inside her, made her whine and whimper gladly, while at the same time, she panted heavily.

Anna didn't think Alex would go for her pussy first, she thought he would remove her butt plug manually, and slowly take care of her fresh butt hole, but that wasn't what happened! He spanked her ass, and unexpectedly went for her unready kitty.

"It didn't come out~ Time for the second try" Alex uttered with a calm voice, then pulled his soaked cock back, leaving only his glans inside, which was getting squished by Anna's pussy lips aggressively.


"Ahhhhhh~ be g-gentle p-please Oh~ Ah~ Eh~ Hmmm" Anna held Alex's bed pillow, and buried her face in it, leaving only her glistening eyes uncovered.

'You became such a beast~ Ahh~ damn' Liza also moaned seductively.

Just by absorbing the huge amount of lust coming from Alex made her lose her mind completely.

Unlike Liza, who didn't know how did it feel to be ravaged like that, Anna covered her mouth to hold her moans, as she knew her brutal darling won't stop even if she begged him.

Of course, she didn't want him to stop either, but the tremendous amount of pleasure that was forcefully entering her body, was driving her crazy! And even in the verge of fainting sometimes.


Another loud clap sound resounded all over the room, as Alex fired another aggressive thrust, trying to get pull out Anna's butt plug without his hands, and that exactly what happened!

From the huge amount of pressure that was her pussy going through, the butt plug on that was deeply stuck in her asshole went out flying, exposing her stretched pinkish anus.

"Very well now, let's the fun begin" Alex smirked proudly, while looking at the pink hole that was slightly open, inviting him inside temptingly.

Alex was surely in his berserk mode after his lust passed its peak level, causing him turn into a sex beast. A sex beast who thought only about **ing the holes in front of him.

"Hahhhh! Hoooh! Hmmm~ Ahhh~"

Even with the pillow covering her mouth, Anna loud moan still sounded sweet and needy. Her pussy was completely wrecked! She even orgasmed 4 times on a row just from two thrust!

However, her darling wasn't done yet, Alex pulled out his dick, pulling out a bunch of sticky transparent fluid out along with it. He stood up on his bed, then squatted above the trembling Anna's ass, shoved his soaked veiny cane slowly inside the fresh hole.

'Hey! You will tear her asshole apart, let me put some lub first' Even for a succubus like her, it was too much.

Alex's fat cock was almost the same size as Anna's forearm, and putting something big and dry like that, would ruthlessly tear her upper hole apart.

In spite of being a walking beast then, Alex stopped his dick from going any further. Fortunately, he just shoved only his glans. It was big, but it got squeezed immediately Anna's super tight anus.

Shortly, magical transparent water was somehow being applied all over Alex's cock, coming out of nowhere, but it made it his dick sparlking and even more slippery. Totally prepared to go inside.

"Hmmmmmm! Haaaafff~ Hmmmmmm~"

Having Liza's magical lub on his brother, didn't stop Anna from moaning loudly in the pillow. She felt her butt hole stretching to the maximum, finally taking the shape of Alex's fat cock.

Pahh! Pahhh! Pahhh! Pahhh! Pah!

Without any time-wasting, Alex began thrusting his massive rod in and out in Anna's ass, making crispy noises as his sagging big balls smacked against Anna's wet cunt.

"Owohh~ It feels incredible!" Alex uttered with an excited playful voice.

Unlike Anna who was mercilessly getting ravaged, he was at ease, and relaxed as he let all his lust on his woman, **ing her tight anus, which was carving for him just like the dripping wet pussy.

"Hahhh! Hahh! Hahh! Ohh! Ahhh!" Anna whole body trembled every time Alex squatted, and lowered his abdomen on her fat soft buttocks.

"Let me hear your slutty moans" Alex chortled.

He took his white pillow, which Anna was burying her face in, and cast it aside.

"Ah! Oh! Ah! I-I c-can't! Ohhhh! Ehhh! Fuck! Yes! Ah!" lots of fluids gushed out of Anna's lonely pussy.

She stretched her tongue out like a slut, while she moan so restlessly, yet rested her upper body on the bed.

Plut! Plkh! Plat! Plat!

However, her bottom body was getting wrecked fiercely. Her darling only increased his plunging speed even more after hearing whore-like moans, trying to spread her poor tight hole even wider.

"Come here let me kiss you~" Alex grabbed Anna's from her dark blue short hair, and made her rise on her hands in a doggy style position, then he grabbed her by the chin.

"Hmmmm~ Ohmhhh~ Hmmmmmm~"

Her darling forcefully jerked her chin up to his direction, making her face go look up at the ceiling, then he sucked on her rosy lips, while looking at her ruined skanky face.

"Who are you? Hmmm~" Alex asked with a smirk while looking at Anna. He was totally confident at what he would hear.

She was totally ravaged already. Her glistening eyes were teary ans moist, and her saliva was all over her face and his pillow. Alex absolutely loved her face at that moment.

"Ah! Oh! I-I'm your s-slut Ah! Oh! F-Fuck my dirty hole even more, then fill it with your sticky thick milk! Oh! Ah!" Anna confessed with a clear voice.

Her body was trembling as she was under too much stimulation.

"Good answer, my little slut" Alex chuckled with a satisfied face.

Hearing what he was longing to hear, He increased his thrusting speed, making the tight hole he was digging in to suck his cock in hope for some of his heavenly semen.

Pahh! Paahhh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh!

The slapping clapping sounds got even louder, as Alex's abdomen knocked down on Anna's body, as well as his balls, which were still slapping against her vulva aggressively. Feeling the throbs in his brother increase, he went even harder.

"Ah! Oh! Yes! Give it to me! Oh! Yes! Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh!" Feeling her darling's big fat rod twitching inside of her anus, as if it was trying to break free from it, Anna involuntarily craved for his milk.

Her pleading didn't go vain! Alex shortly fired his milk shots, filling up her unfillable hole with his sticky fluid.

"Owohhh~" Alex groaned in pleasure after he pushed his hips inward, driving his dick even deeper inside, releasing his load inside the ass of his woman.

"Ohh~ Ahh~ Ahh~ T-That was so f-**ing good hooh~ Ahh~" Anna let go of herself and fell laying in her stomach on her darling's mattress.

Her whole body was shaking, she couldn't stand, nor sit. She just laid down on the bed, while panting, and whining so heavily and loudly.

As soon as Anna fell on his bed, Alex's cock unwillingly came out of her wrecked hole. Unlike her, he was still energetic, he kneeled on one knee as he calmly gazed at his woman fat buttocks.

"Ohh~ T-Thank you for the reward, darling~" Feeling her darling hand fondling and gently massaging her large soft ass. Anna glanced back at him with her slutty face.

"Who told you my reward is done?" Alex grinned, then spread her fat bubble buttocks away from each other, revealing both of her ruined pink holes.

Her asshole widely spread as it throbbed consistently. Alex could see his white milk inside. Looking at that seducing hole, Alex rammed his hard as a rock cock in again, taking Anna by surprise as she thought he was done.

"Hmmmmmm! Ahh! Fuck it! Yes! Yes!" Despite Anna was already satisfied, she yearned for more as soon as her body receive her darling's meaty rod again.

Following her positionz Alex laid his bottom body on Anna's, and his upper body was risen by the support of his hands, which were just next to her face.

Plut~ Plukh~ Plat~

"Hmm~ Ah~ Oh~ Darling~ Aah~ Eh~" Unlike the previous round, Alex started off slow this time, enjoying the sensation and the stimulation he was receiving.

Also, giving Anna a small break before he went back to his brute mode again.

'You did so damn well, I never expected this from you' Liza uttered with a calm voice unlike her usual voice she used when she commented on Alex's talented skills.

Alex responded with just a nod, then continued relishing **ing his woman hole leisurely, feeling her burning hot insides wrapping all over his dick. He totally loved it.

"Hmmmm~ Hmmm~"

Again, Alex snatched Anna's small chin, and raised it up to him, then he sucked on her mild lips eagerly, as if he was sucking on juicy tender strawberry.

Pahh! Pahh! Pahhh! Pahhhn!

After few more minutes of slow sensational sex, Alex began slapping his thighs and hips against Anna's fatty ass, making it bounce in waves as his stick went all the way in.

"Oh! Harder! Ahh! Fuck my dirty hole even harder! Yes Ah! Hah! Harder!"

Anna let out her slutty moans freely, and even demanded for more roughness, after her asshole was slowly adapting to her darling's massive stick.

Like always Alex was granted her wish, but instead of taking the bed as his hands supporter, he moved them to her shoulder, then pressed her in his soft bed.

Anna wasn't feeling any pain from that, only place she felt the in, was in her ass cheeks, as they were getting red swollen from all the smacking they were having.

Feeling so much pleasure entering her body, more even than before, Anna raised her butt up even more, offering it to her darling to **. That was he did! and he kept doing it for several minutes, none stop.

"Oah! My **ing little slut" Alex groaned in pleasure, as he felt his dick getting suddenly crashed by her anus walls, sucking it deeper in, while yearning for another fill up.

Anna was reaching her limit, she even lost count on how much she orgasmed after the 10th time. With the little remaining powers in her body, she tightened her loose holes to the maximum, so she could please her darling too.

Alex saw through her perverted, but loving intentions, and that made him even go harder and rougher, hoping to grant his woman her long waited wish.

Also, He felt a tingling sensation in his balls, informing him of the upcoming eruption.

"Aghhhf~" Alex let out a loud groaned, thrust his hips even deeper, and pushed his hands even harder, making Anna's face disappear in his the soft mattress, along with her loud moans that were unhearable.

Streams of his white thick stuff went down in Anna's asshole without any obstacles, just filling it up, with his hot burning seed.

'Good job' Liza praised Alex for incredible work.

'Thanks' Alex uttered back quickly. He was returning to reality after the Itchy feeling in his balls disappeared.

After letting out every drop of his cum inside Anna's widely stretched butt hole.

Alex pulled his still erected dick out, which was totally soaked, with his semen and Liza's magical lub. He laid down beside his panting woman to rest for a little bit.

However, his phone started ringing! Having Anna beside him, there only two people who could call him in such a time...

His mom rarely called in her work shifts, and Linda wasn't in that deep relationship with him for unexpected calls.

"Ahh~ Hah~ W-Who is calling? Ohh" Anna lifted her face and turned around on her side, looking at handsome darling, who was already standing beside the bed, while holding his phone.

"It's my mom..."

Chapter end

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