I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Confessions


Alex looked at his phone screen anxiously, His mom was calling him in a time she never called him before. That made him feel worried. However, soon the call ended before he could even answer it.

Nevertheless, a message from her soon reached him, finally telling him the reason she called suddenly.

[Sorry for the disturbance, honey. Could please you mown the backyard? I forgot to do it yesterday, and my friend Carla is visiting me this evening, you know she likes chilling there]

Alex read his mom's message quickly as he felt so worried about her, she never contacted him before in that time, and he thought something bad might have happened.

However, all his worry disappeared after reading it, his mom, Laura, was expecting a visit that evening, and he needed to do some work before that.

'Who is Carla?' Liza asked with a curious tone, while navigating Alex's phone through his eyes.

Alex kept his eyes on his phone, as he wrote a reply message to her, telling her that he understood what he should do, and that he would do it.

'She is my mom's friend, you can say best friend. She used to visit her a lot in the past, but she moved to a different city a few months ago, and this is her first visit since then. I think My mom was so busy, and she didn't have time to cut the grass' Alex took a peek from his window to look at his backyard.

As he predicted, the grass was longer than it should be, and it needed some mowing. While he looked outside, he remembered how much fun his mother had with Carla throughout the years in that backyard.

Once he returned his gaze inside, he saw Anna crawling slowly like a dying caterpillar, trying to reach Alex's dirty hard dick from the bedside.

"I will clean it up for you, darling~" Anna uttered with a faint smile.

She was barely moving, and her body was still trembling, but once she saw her darling's big fat rod uncleaned, she did her best, and reached to him, while laying on her tummy.

"Hmmm~ Not only extra large and thick today, it's even sweeter~" Anna blurted out while holding Alex's hard cock with her hand, licking it and sucking it, while swallowing his cum along with Liza's magical lubricant.

'She is sucking my dick inhesitantly, wasn't it in her asshole just now?' Alex uttered tranquility as he gazed at Anna, who was busily sucking his rod.

'She lost it, but it's totally okay, it is perfectly clean from any germs or bacteria, my lub kills them instantly! That's why I call it butthole magical fluid! Hehe. Not only that, it's also edible, pretty sweet' Liza explained with snicker.

Alex meaningful nodded his head, then returned his attention to his phone screen, tapped the send button, and kept gazing at his phone, somewhat waiting for a response.

[Sorry, I was busy, I didn't answer your call. However, don't worry, I'm home, and I will take care of it]

Alex replied to his mom's previous message with a positive response. It was totally okay, and even pleasant for him to help his mother in any way possible.

[Thanks, honey! See you later, I'm busy right now, love you~]

Laura, his mother, soon replied too, thanking him for his valuable help, then returned to do her work. She was working in a small company, but her work wasn't that easy.

'We are so late... I need to go quickly cut that damn grass' Alex uttered after he saw the time, it was already 11 am! He unconsciously spent over one hour with Anna!

Recalling that Mary might have been waiting them for a long time! Unfortunately, he couldn't contact her as he didn't have her number.

Besides, they should have been in her store by 9am, Alex was more than two hours late!

'Yay! You should finish quickly, your first MILF must have been waiting for you for ages, but the best part here, is your second MILF will be here on evening!' Liza happily exclaimed as she thought of the possibility of Alex seducing his mother's best friend.

'Woah, as I expected from you, you always think in the best way possible' Alex smiled faintly as he shoved his phone back in his pocket.

'I can feel so much excitement coming from you! That means your mom's friend is hot! You lust for her obviously, and this is your chance to get her!' Liza uttered in excitement, she was more excited than Alex, as older women were a grand hunt for her.

'Nevermind, I should get going' Alex avoided talking any further, and turned his attention to Anna.

Liza could tell he felt quite embarrassed, but she didn't go any further.

Alex felt quite shy as he remembered him what he has done when he was young... beating his meat while looking at Carl's well-developed body as she was sleeping over in his house.

Nevertheless, Alex quickly calmed himself, so he can go do his work, as soon as possible.

"Thanks, Anna" Alex smiled, and patted on Anna's body, after she turned his dick sparkling clear.

Anna just nodded her head, while keeping his cock in her throat willingly, trying to get every drop from his heavenly sweet seed from its canal.

"Sorry I need to go now, My mom told me to mown the grass, you can take a nap until I finish, then we can go to work together" Alex caressed Anna's dark blue short hair with his hand gently, and pulled his cock outside of her cave-like mouth.

"Haaafff~ Okay, darling, take care" Anna uttered with a faint smile, adjusted her body, and buried her face in his pillow again.

After that, Alex began wearing his clothes back, it was so quick. He went downstairs, went to the small stall in the backyard from the back door, and took the lawn mower out.

Alex started mowing the grass of his backyard slowly, it wasn't his first time doing it, but the grass was much longer than expected.

'You know I can take care of it in a glimpse of a second with my magic' Liza uttered while Alex cut his grass using the machine.

'Yes I know, but I can take care of it by myself, that way I'm giving Anna some time to rest, and you keep and save your Mana' Alex began walking in lines.

Their backyard wasn't that big, but it was nice, and soothing to sit in, as there was a lot of birds beautifully singing their hymns on a big tree in the middle of his big yard.

Alex had a lot of memories with that tree. He could tell why Carla preferred sitting there, instead of the inside.

'Ewwww! You're so considerate and cute, good luck, my Alex' Liza spoke in her cute voice, more adorable than ever.

Alex smiled as a response, and continued his work...




It didn't take a long time before he finished everything! Making their backyard grass to be suitably short.

'That's great! You finished in 15 minutes' Liza joyfully uttered as Alex returned the lawn mower inside the wooden small stall. He went to wash his face and hands from all the sweat and the grass on them.

It didn't take that long again, before Alex went upstairs to wake Anna if she was sleeping. She was absolutely exhausted from the rough pounding her darling gave her.

"Are you done, darling? I was just about to dress up, please wait for a couple of seconds more" Anna was rubbing her eyes with her fingers, while talking with Alex with her girly gentle voice.

It seemed she took a short nope, and she just woke up. Doing her best to stand up, she went, and grabbed her clothes, which were cast all over the floor.

"Oh, No! It's coming out!" Anna blurted out and jerked her hand quickly to her ass from behind.

"What's coming out?" While staying beside the door, Alex observed his woman dressing up as if it was his habit for years.

"Hmm~ your seed, darling, I don't want your burning hot semen to leave my body" Anna smiled lewdly while looking at the handsome Alex.

"I can always give you a refill"

Alex smiled sweetly and innocently at Anna, he was used to her slutty behavior now, and it wasn't the first time she tried to keep his cum inside her, but fortunately today, she had a way to shut her widely open hole.

"Oh! I will just put my butt plug back!" Anna quickly found out a good idea.

She took the butt plug that was resting on Alex's bed. It came out and landed on his mattress, and even stayed there after using the bed for violent sex.

"Ahhhh~ It feels so different now, it feels so small now, your thick cock absolutely stretched the hell out my anus, thanks~" Anna plugged her butt plug in, but this time it went in smoothly.

Alex kept smiling and watched Anna wear her light clothes, and fix her hair while looking at the face mirror on the wall. Her clothes weren't tight on her body at all, but her body still looked outstanding, and super thick.

"Let's go" Alex uttered went out, and Anna slowly went as well.

She was kind of limping while walking, as she felt the soreness in both of her holes, luckily, she felt better as time passed, and did her best to continue walking along with Alex, making their way outside.

"What? What are you doing here....?"

As soon as Alex opened the outside door, he heard a familiar feminine voice in front of him, it was totally unexpected, but he could tell who it belonged to...

"Alice?! What are you doing here?"

Before Alex could lift his face up to look his woman, Alice, he heard Anna's surprised voice from behind. She was startled after she saw Alice standing in front of them, unexpectedly caught her coming out of Alex's house!

"That's my question! What were you doing inside of Alex's house?" Alice suspiciously asked while peering at Anna with a doubtful face.

She was still unaware of the relationship between Alex and Anna. Anna was definitely became intimate to Alex abruptly, but she thought it was just a normal thing, since she was also crazy about him.

But to the point of coming together with him out of his house! It was too much for Alice to accept!

Alice was living just next to Anna's house, but unlike her, she knew Alex's house, as always passed by it.

"I accidentally met with Anna while I was wandering outside today. She told me, she was free, and I asked her if she could help me mown my backyard" Alex beamed a beautiful smile at Alice, quickly found a made up convincing story like usual.

"A-Alex, o-okay I get it now" Upon seeing Alex's bewitching smile, and as expected, the cute Alice averted her gaze aside with a reddened face.

"How about you? Are you hanging out by yourself?" Alex glanced at Alice from head to toe.

She looked absolutely beautiful and cute even though her outfit style was the same as usual. She had on an elegant white blouse, along with a short pink skirt, along with white stockings, which reached to her thick adorable thighs.

"Oh! My sister called me out for some help. She is in the mall, and I-I h-have to go now" Alice face reddened even more after noticing Alex scanning her body thoughtfully.

"Okay, see you later" Alex smiled and waved his hand at Alice. He was glad he managed to convince Alice quickly.

"See you later, Alex, you too, Anna" Alice waved her small hand at both of them walked away with her embarrassed face.

Her rounded perfect ass slowly disappear from Alex's sight. With losing that astonishing view, he returned his attention back to his close surroundings.

"Woh! I almost got caught if you didn't step in" Anna let out a heavy sigh, and began walking closely behind.

"Yeah, I was afraid you would let out your jealous overprotective behavior on Alice" Alex glanced back at Anna, who was walking slowly behind him.

Seeing her walking slowly, he lent her a hand.

He took her left arm, and wrapped it around his nape, then began walking along with her, helping her walk properly. He wasn't worried about her at all, limping like that, though it looked serious, but he was sure she was recovering promptly.

"No, I can't do that in front of her, I don't want to lose neither of you guys" Anna smiled bitterly.

"Why is that? You definitely won't lose me, I kinda like your clingy behavior" Alex playfully uttered while walking towards Mary's store.

"Thanks, darling, I believe you, but I might lose Alice, she is my best friend since elementary school, actually she is the only reason I didn't confess my feelings to you..." Anna's beautiful face flushed a little, as she looked down at her stepping feet.

Alex was kind of confused by that, he knew Anna loved him, but he couldn't help but ponded a little about it, before he found the answer that sounded reasonable.

"Alice loves you so much... She even told me by herself last night..." Before Alex could reply, Anna spoke anxiously.

She was in a tough position, choosing between her best friend, or her darling was absolutely hard. She didn't want to lose none of them, but she didn't have much of an option in the end.

"I love her too, and I also love you too, I might sound weird, but I want you both" Alex calmly said, rather seriously.

He had no choice but to make things clear for Anna.

She was feeling down because she thought she was getting in the way of her friend love life, and Alice being her best friend, she couldn't stab her from behind.

"Fufufu, yes it's sounds so weird, but I don't know why I believe everything you say. However, you have no choice but to choose on Monday..." Anna giggled lightly at first, but her face returned gloomy again.

"Monday? What's happening on Monday?" Alex asked with a curious look on his face. Tomorrow was Monday, and he didn't remember having anything special on that boring day.

"Alice plans to confess her love to you, along with asking you out on Monday..."

Chapter end

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