I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – The Reality

The Reality

"Seriously?" Alex's expression switched from calm into a surprise.

He was sure all his woman loved him to his extant, but Alice was the only one who took the initiative to ask him to go out with her.

As a person who never had a girlfriend before, Alex was startled just by hearing Anna foretelling him that.

He wasn't prepared for that, but since it won't happen until tomorrow, he calmed himself down, to think properly, and continued walking with Anna.

"Yes... She told me everything, it was hard for her, but she confessed the love she has for you. However, it was even harder for me to hear those fond feelings my best friend have for the man I love the most" Anna uttered with a bitter tone, her eyes were kind of becoming moist.

However, she was already recovering control over her swinging body, and she began trying to walk on her own, but Alex held tight from the waist, and brought her even close.

Anyone could tell Anna was having the toughest times of her life, and she urgently needed some comfort, particularly from her darling Alex.

"I said this before, you're mine, and I'm not going to choose between you and Alice, I know it's tough for you, but I will take care of everything on Monday" Alex spoke with a serious voice, but there was a beautiful cheerful smile on his face.

Despite looking in a chill condition, Alex was feeling awkward and nervous, he felt awkward talking with Anna about another woman, he even confessed having an affair with Alice.

It was super awkward, but since Anna wasn't showing any signs of jealousy, nor anger, Alex felt a little relieved. However, her face was all saddens after accepting the reality.

"I think it would be better if you choose Alice over me...I really can't live without you, but it would be better if my man was living happily with my best friend!" Anna smiled a big, awkward, obviously a fake smile.

Alex felt a little sad hearing that, he definitely loved both Anna and Alice, and he was definitely not going to choose between them, but it didn't seem his cheerful talk lifted her mood at all.

"Alice is much more prettier and cuter than me, so you better make a good deci— Hmmm~"

Before Anna could finish her depressing sentence, Alex took her rosy lips with his, shutting them, and also give her some important reminders.

"Anna, I love you, and I'm not going to choose between you and Alice, I understand that please, as for Monday I will find a solution"

Alex parted away his lips from Anna's after a couple of minutes of a passionate, slow kiss. He was getting angry at Anna for thinking that way, but It was his fault for hooking up with two best friends.

However, it wasn't entirely his fault, as both of them were, beautiful, kind, and attractive, he would end up seducing them even if he didn't do it at the beginning.

Nevertheless, one of the two was feeling down while being in his embrace, and he needed to do some actions to prevent any build up of unwanted feelings in Anna's heart.

"T-Thanks, Alex" Anna averted her gaze down with a reddened face.

She was blushing from ear to ear, while Alex was persistently looking at her with a sweet faint smile, at the same time, wrapping his arm around her back and to her waist.

"No, I'm not Alex, I'm your darling" Alex uttered with a playful voice, he could feel Anna was getting better already, just from a kiss.

Somehow, the kiss was efficient in reminding Anna of the love she and her darling shared, a love shouldn't be ignored.

Upon receiving an incredibly mind-blowing kiss, along with Alex confessing his love courageously for her. She couldn't help but feeling so embarrassed, to the point of feeling too shy to call him darling, as she already used to.

"Thanks, d-darling, we should get going" Anna smiled faintly with a flushed face, but at least her smile was genuine this time.

Though, she was still anxious about what was going to happen on Monday, she decided to stick to what her darling told her. His words were full of love, comfort, and hope, making her feel a lot better in that tough situation.

With that being said, Alex nodded his head, and began walking again, Anna was able to walk by herself now.

But like usual, she beautifully clinched into her darling's arm, pressing her huge titties against his body, while walking to her job.

'You should do something about it as soon as possible' Alex returned attention to Liza while slowly stepping towards the store, along with Anna.

Even though, Alex was so late to his work, he walked calmly there, but not because of any neglect to it. He decided to give Anna more time with him, also having a short conversation with Liza.

Liza already promised that she had a solution to make his woman more affectionate and accepting towards each other.

But her solution was taking a long time to appear, and his girls were already bumping into each other, while being with him.

He didn't think that having affairs with different women at the same time was going to be easy, though, he still recklessly showed affection to them even in public.

'I know, I'm working on it' Liza calmly uttered back, she could tell Alex was in a tough spot, and needed her help.

'Is it one of your skill or what?' While keeping his eyes on the empty street of the houses area, Alex asked curiously.

He still didn't know anything about the way Liza was going to take care of everything, and since time was promptly running out from him, he needed to take care of it before it got ugly.

'Yes it's a skill and a powerful one, you can consider it like [Lust Enslavement Kiss], but with wide control. To make things clear, it's called [Harem Tree], and you could tell what it does just from its name' Liza finally revealed another of her powerful succubus's skill.

In spite of having a glimpse of what Liza was planning to do, Alex still needed more information on her plans, mainly about how her skill work.

'Can you elaborate more? I could tell what it does, still I need more information'

'Okay, it basically connects the women you want to each other and you, at the same time, making them feel more comfortable and at ease when they're together, even when they are with you. To make things short, you're the tree, and they're the branches, everyone is connected to each other' Liza tranquility explained to Alex.

Alex finally understood how her skill worked, it makes him and all his woman connected to each other, making his girls act more like sisters toward each other. It was the skill he needed! However, from what it seemed, Liza couldn't use it yet.

'You can't use it, right?... How much do you still need of powers to be able to use it?' Alex anxiously asked.

He doesn't have much time left, he could avoid Alice tomorrow, but certainly not forever. The sooner he got his hands on that skill, the better.

'Yes, I can't use it yet, however I will be able to use it soon. My pure power percentage is 17% right now, I would need about 20% to use it' Liza brought light to some important information.

Her powers' percentage was going up swiftly, it was just 5 percent 4 days ago!

With Alex having lots of sex with slutty women, the regaining rate was much more faster. Still not enough to make the magic happened, and build his harem finally.

'Just be more patient please, and soon you will be able to have all your harem together!' Liza switched to her lively personality while only thinking about the positivity.

'But how should I deal with Alice? I'm afraid rejecting her will lead to unwanted problems'

Alex certainly didn't forget his only issue, and it was about Alice's love confession. He needed to find a way to make her change her mind about confessing tomorrow.

'Just ** her brains out, and make her forget about the confession! I'm sure your puppy will be so excited to be with her absolute owner again!' Liza happily brought out a temporary solution, expectedly, a lustful one.

Alex nodded lightly, while smiling faintly. Actually, he found Liza's temporary solution more clever than he thought. It was a great idea, as it was undoubtedly to his liking.

"Darling, we are here"

Alex was walking with no awareness to his surroundings, as he was looking down at his feet, slowly stepping forward. However, Anna's sweet voice was more than enough to bring him back from heaven.

Unconsciously, Alex was standing just right before the glass door of Mary's convenience store, realizing that they finally reached it, but so late.

But with no hesitation, Alex made his way inside along with the clingy Anna in his arm, totally unaware that Mary felt jealous too.

"Hey there, guys!"

Unexpectedly, Mary greeted both with a big smile as she soon they came to her sight!

They both thought, Mary would at least be slightly pissed off, because they were over two hours late, but unlike what they thought, Mary was totally fine with it.

Alex and Anna gazed at the stunning mature woman in front of them with an awkward expression. Mary absolutely beautiful as always, especially with her green apron.

"Hello... First I apologize for being late, I was unexpectedly busy today, so Anna, as she was helping me" Alex uttered with an apologetic tone and expression.

It not like he was careless about Mary and her job, but having a lot of women, along with some work, he couldn't come any sooner.

"Don't worry about it! Today is you guys' first day, no pressure on first days!" Mary angel-like smile descended on both of the astonished couple, making them daze from the overwhelming kindness.

Still, Alex felt bad, but seeing Mary okay with them being late, he sighed in relief, He was feeling much more comfortable now being with her.

"Thanks, Mary" Alex smiled sweetly as well, but making Mary slightly blush in embarrassment.

Anna also felt a little relieved, she was sure Alex would be totally fine even if he was late, since the store lady was obviously favoring him a lot, but it was different for her, as she acted like a bitch with her yesterday.

However, Mary was too much kind to fire or complain to Anna, even if she was late.

Mary was slowly getting used to Anna, as she seemed to be Alex's more-than-friend friend, and your friend's friend is your friend.

"Here your shifts schedule! This will be your work time during the week, and don't be late, fufufu" Mary giggled childishly as she handed a paper to both Anna and Alex.

Alex took his schedule paper, and read it carefully, he was basically working every day, and at the same time, except for the weekends.

Without the time he spends on the campus, Alex was always free after 4 pm, every day, except for Friday, he finishes everything at noon.

To make things more simple, he would be working from 4 pm until 7 pm every day, aside from Fridays and the weekends.

In Fridays, he would work 4 hours between 12pm and 4pm, as for Saturdays, he would work 7 hours between 10am and 4pm, lastly Sunday, he would be on job, between 2pm and 8pm.

Alex memorized his schedule quickly, it wasn't that hard. After finishing reading his, he took some peeks on Anna's.

Now with having a part-time job, he was slowly losing all the free time he had, but Alex was more than happy, It's not like he had something fun doing in all that free time before.

But now he would be busy working with people he loved, his attractive sexy women, and that was definitely something great.

Upon taking some peeks at Anna's schedule, he was able to read her work time.

She had way less working hours than him. However, they would work together on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays, as from those days, Anna would he free or have different shifts.

Not only him, Anna as well stared at Alex's schedule deeply and unfazed, after finishing reading hers. She was clearly looking for the hours she would be working with her darling.

"Great! We could ** on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays" Anna unconsciously uttered softly.

Her voice was low and soft, but both Alex and Mary heard what she said... Mary was truly stunned, not believing what Anna just blurted out!

"What did you just say??"

Chapter end

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