I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Do you guys fuck?

Do you guys fuck?

Anna lifted her face up, after hearing Mary's startled voice, and looked at her with a titled head, but soon she realized what she unconsciously blurted was heard by Mary!

"W-What?!" Anna acted dumb, while her face was beet red from embarrassment.

Alex also heard what Anna unwillingly uttered, he was truly stunned, but he remained cool, watching the fire slowly turning into an inferno.

"I knew it! You guys **?!" Mary uttered with an irritated tone, but surprisingly her face was showing a calm expression, as if she wasn't mad at all.

Even though, Mary could tell that Alex was the one who seduced and charmed Anna, she couldn't get angry at him at all, and focused it all on Anna.

'Things are getting intense, aren't you going to step in?' Liza chuckled. She wasn't worried at all, as she was 100 percent sure, both women would still be Alex's, even if they quarreled.

However, their relationship would get ugly, and without forgetting that they were having a boss-employee relationship, and if they fought, that would lead to destruction of it.

'I will step in, but I need to see what would be the worst case scenario if two of my girls collided' Without interfering in the storm that was taking place in front of him, Alex spoke to Liza with a relaxed face.

Yet, he felt a little mad at Anna for revealing their special relationship to Mary, but he couldn't blame her, because she did it unknowingly and unconsciously.

"Y-Yes, do you care?" Anna argued back with an embarrassed face.

She was still feeling awkward talking about her love life to strangers, but Mary's nosy behavior, made her cast back her embarrassment, and fight back.

"Seriously! Are you guys dating?!" Mary face was turning somehow pale from the shock she received.

But she needed to know whatever Anna was already going out with her man, if so then she was doomed, since Alex himself accepted Anna, and left her.

"N-No, we are just friends" Anna kept her annoyed expression, but her adorable blushing face, made her look like an angry kitten, totally unharmful.

Anna was in a tough spot when someone asks her about their relationship, she was dating Alex, and she could only consider herself as a friend, a special friend, though.

"That's good, so you're just a side chick" Mary smirked with a relieved face, after knowing Alex was just a friend with the bitch Anna, she calmed down a little.

Alex was watching the whole thing thoughtfully, it seemed being in an official relationship with him, was more important than just having sex, and that brings him to what was going to happen on Monday with Alice.

"A side chick! Don't tell me you guys ** too!?" Anna yelled surprisingly.

She was suspicious of Mary having a special relationship with her darling, but she quickly brushed it off, after Alex told her about Mary's hard past, she thought all the affection he showed her was only out of empathy.

But to her surprise! Mary was definitely doing something with her darling. From her jealous behavior, she showed her while they argued, Anna was sure there was something between them.

"You can say so~ I might be even carrying his child" Mary rubbed her belly with her hand, while smiling sweetly.

With Alex telling her nothing about his skill, which make his semen infertile, Mary still thought that her man child was slowly being made in her belly, and surprisingly she was happy about it unlike last time.

Also, Anna never got creampied by Alex yet, but he used her asshole as his cum dump. However, she couldn't help but feel perplexed with the sudden news!

She was truly stunned by she just heard. Mary didn't throw just one bomb on her, but two!

'I really advise you to step in, it's really going to turn into a mess if you didn't' Liza advised Alex as she saw Anna mind-blown face.

"What…the…**..." Anna slowly blurted out while looking at Mary with a complete complex face. She was metaphorically bombed.

The first bomb was Mary hooking up with her darling, and the second one was her being pregnant by him. All those things were new to Anna, and she couldn't help but feel the whole world fallen.

Realizing not only her best friend competing with her over Alex, the beautiful store lady was as well in the competition in winning the title of his girlfriend.

Still, feeling too depressed, Anna looked down at her feet with a gloomy face.

"Enough, girls" Alex came behind Anna, and gently wrapped his arms around her, hugging her comfortably from behind, in hope to comfort her.

"Mary" Alex uttered with a soft voice, he wasn't mad at any of the girls, but he had a complicated expression on his face.

Seeing that sad, complex face, Mary regretted telling Anna about their relationship. Also, glancing at Anna's pale, depressed face, made her feel somehow sorry for her.

"I'm sorry, Anna. Yes, I slept with Alex couple of times, and he came inside of me, but I'm not sure if I will get pregnant or not, but don't worry, if that happened, I promised I will not give Alex any responsibility" Mary uttered with faint smile, trying to lifted Anna's mood.

Mary could tell that Anna was already going through a lot when she just came into her store, but she only made things worst for her by reacting back to her bitch behavior.

"Also, I don't have any relationship with Alex, we are no more than business partners. Hmmm I can't say friends, because I'm way too old to be his friend!" Mary playfully uttered, succeeded in making Anna feeling better.

Mary was truly a mature woman, as she usually was. However, behind her playful face, was bitter jealous face, not only Anna who was stunned by Alex hooking up with other girls, Mary was also surprised, but kept her calmness as it should be.

"Really?" Anna lifted her face up, and stared at the astonishing Mary.

Her eyes were moist, and on the verge of crying, that was just her reaction after knowing her darling was sleeping with the store manager, Alex was afraid what would be her reaction if she knew her best friend was his pet.

"Yes, I have no relationship with Alex, but that doesn't mean I don't love him, I know it must be so irritating that I'm stealing your cute darling, but I feel the same" Mary ladylike voice that made Anna angry earlier, was making her calm, and a little happy.

After hearing what Mary had to say, Anna was definitely feeling a little better. After knowing her darling wasn't having a relationship, nor any responsibility over Mary's expected child. That meant her darling was still available for her!

However, she was still feeling awkward having a conversation, and even working for a woman who gladly received Alex's seed,

Yet, Mary's kindness and care were something she couldn't ignore, she was sure if it was someone else instead of Mary, they would be laughing at her now, while she sobbed on her miserable fortune.

"Yes, I certainly don't have the right to control who he sleeps with, but Alex would always remain my darling forever" Anna said with a very serious voice and face.

She was done thinking about ignoring her feelings and desires, realizing Alex was already having other lovers aside from her, she was determined to make him fall over her instead of giving up, since Alice was no longer her competitor.

Mary was still in their love game, so even if she surrendered, because of her best friend, Alice would still fight with Mary.

Besides, having some serious emotional conversations recently, made her apprehend how much she loved, and adored her darling, and there was no way she would step aside now.

"Good girls" Alex tapped on Anna's shoulders from behind gently, while smiling gently at Mary.

Mary truthy did a great job fixing things between her and Anna, even though their relationship wasn't getting any better, but at least it wasn't getting any worst.

"I don't know how I fell for a playboy! You're such a bad womanizer, darling" Anna glanced back at Alex with a pout.

Both Mary and Anna were sure Alex loved them back, that made him feel safe and happy, but having his love for other women was surely something his girls disliked.

"I'm sorry, Anna, let's get back to work" Alex tried to change the circle of the topics, hoping he can make things less serious.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Your aprons here, you guys need to wear one while working" Mary also sensed Alex's intention, and started new topics.

Working on her store, required wearing a green apron, to show to customers that you're an employee, also it was elegant and pretty, so it was something you wouldn't mind wearing as a worker.

"Here, try it" Mary pulled two brand new green aprons from the drawers under her desk, and handed them to Alex and Anna.

The two quickly wore their comfy apron, which had a removable name tag on the left of their chest. Alex already tried the apron before, he liked it, and it seemed Anna was loving it as well.

"It's nice and cute, I liked it" Anna checked her apron from all sides, and it absolutely looked nice on her.

"You look beautiful" Alex had to praise her with a sweet smile.

Anna was definitely a bewitching woman, and her work outfit definitely suited her, making her look more reliable and hardworking.

"Thanks, darling! You also look super handsome" Anna happily exclaimed in amazement while peering at her darling.

"It suits you both, guys! Today is your first day, Anna, come her, and take a look over the desk" Mary waved her hand to Anna invitingly.

With everything get eventually casual, Anna quickly nodded her head, and went over to her to take a look at the desk, learn how things work, and get familiar with her first part-time job.

Alex smiled while watching Mary slowly and carefully showing, and teaching Anna how things should be done, Anna was still feeling unease with her, but she still listened thoughtfully.

'You did a great job calming both of them! I thought things would get out of hand' Liza uttered joyfully, Alex was certainly good at taking care of his women emotional issues.

Alex nodded his head lightly, he was still watching both the girls, there were no customers, and he had nothing to do, that brought him back to his plan to make the store attract more customers.

The best was to attract more customers was surely local advertising. Liza cleverly gave him the idea of putting a physical advertisement outside the store with him in it, it would actually work, since people always favor beauty.

However, Alex needed Anna help, and even contribution, she was a pretty woman, she would definitely attract a lot of clients as well, but he still needed her permission, and guidance.

"Hey, Anna, I have some plans, would you like to hear me out? You too, Mary" Alex finally proposed his ideas, after Anna was done receiving some lessons from her boss.

"Absolutely, what should I do?" Anna already agreed to help him, even without knowing what he needed her for.

"As you can see, there are no customers at all, and I thought of attracting them by a local advertisement, so I need your help to make that happen" Alex went straight to the needed, telling both Mary and Anna of his ideas.

Mary's face immediately warm up with a genuine smile, she was glad Alex was thinking of ways to help her, no matter how hard it was.

"Yes, I can see there are no clients at all, and that normal because of larger number of competitors nearby, but I think your idea is brilliant! Your face can make any one go crazy" Anna smiled astonishingly, while thinking of ways to help too.

"Let's work on your idea, but It would need a camera, and I don't have my camera with me, so let's just leave it for tomorrow, however, let's do some tests!" Anna waved her hand at Alex to come over too, and so he did.

He was glad his idea was getting supported, even by Mary, who was silently smiling so warmly. However, Alex was still confused why Anna called him over, but soon it was revealed.


As soon he reached next to Anna, she wrapped her arm on his neck, and brought him a little down to her, making both of their cheeks to kiss each other, then snapped a beautiful photo of them together!

"I'm going to post it on my social media! I'm pretty popular, and we might attract some locals with it" Before Alex could ask why Anna took a photo of them, she explained while browsing her phone.

"50 thousands followers!!" Mary suddenly exclaimed while taking some peeks in Anna's phone, accidentally seeing her IGram Followers!

Alex as well decided to take some looks on Anna's phone. Anna was definitely a popular, beautiful girl in his campus, but he didn't think she would have that much of followers.

She just posted some of her normal photos there, along with Alice, and her friends, but she gained the attraction of many people, mainly because of her beauty.

Also, Alex rarely used his phone for social media, so he didn't know anyone on there, neither people he saw in real life, nor online people.

"Yes! This photo looks hella cute, let's post it!" Anna uploaded the photo she just took with the caption "First day on work", along with putting the location of the store.

"Thanks, Anna" Alex tapped on Anna's shoulder.

Posting a photo of him online, would prove if he face would attract people or not, it was a great way to test, but Anna was surely it would work, as already began receiving a bunch of likes and comments on that photo.

Before both of them carry on their conversation, an opening door sound echoed in the three of them ears, making them jerk their heads in its direction, just to find a beautiful cute young woman slowly making her way towards them.

It was none other than, Alshely, she looked fine, and wore normal clothes, instead of gloomy ones. However, she was walking slowly with her head down.

Clearly too embarrassed to look up them, but she raised her face up as soon she stood closely enough to Alex. Her face was red from ear to ear, confusing all of them by this sudden shyness.

"I a-also l-love you, A-Alex"


Author Note:

Hello guys! Master is here, I would like to apologize because I made a huge mistake in the previous two chapters!

I said Alice would confess to Alex tomorrow because I thought it was Monday (The dates in the story), but I just realized that tomorrow was only Sunday, but no worries, nothing major is going to change.

But instead of tomorrow, it should be Monday, as tomorrow is just Sunday in the novel. I will fix this mistake, but since you no one usually re-read the previous chapters, I thought of informing you here.

Lastly, thank you always for the support, and I appreciate you voting for me! Because of that, I decided to publish a bonus chapter next week, BUT if we reached 300 power stones, before it rests!

Chapter end

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