I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Love And Lust

Love And Lust

"Y-You too?!" Anna exclaimed with a pale face.

Thinking only her, Mary and Alice were in love with Alex, but it seemed Mary's daughter, Alshely, was also in.

Without any warnings, Alshely came out of her room, walked straight toward Alex, and unexpectedly confessed that she loved him too, which was a surprise to all the three of them.

However, Mary and Alex remained silent as they gawked at the embarrassed girl in front of them.

Mary was slightly blushing while looking at her daughter with wide open eyes, totally shocked to the point of not being able to talk.

She could tell from what she saw recently, that her daughter was into Alex, as she also changed her gloomy depressed side into a normal lovely one.

'Isn't it too fast? We just met yesterday afternoon...'

With no exception, Alex was also stunned by what he heard, he could see Ashley showing him her affectionate side, but he didn't think she was already developing feelings for him.

Besides, he still didn't even kiss her nor touched her inappropriately, which meant her feelings were born out of pure love.

'You don't really realize how charming you are, not only that, you also saved her life, so I guess that your good looks and kind attitude helped fastening it',

Liza explained tranquility, unlike the three of them, she wasn't surprised that Ashley loved Alex, as she could feel humans emotions.

"Y-Yes" Ashley nodded embarrassedly, while keeping her gaze at the ground.

She totally embarrassed by confessing her love, but after hearing to what the two women argued loudly about earlier, it gave her some pushes.

"Wait a minute! Didn't she say she 'also' loves my darling?! Were you eavesdropping on us?!" Anna quickly analyzed what Ashley embarrassedly said.

Mary face reddened even more, she was surprised by her daughter out of nowhere confessed, but she kind of accepted it, since she, herself, a mature old woman fell in love with him unknowingly.

However, realizing that her daughter might have heard their whole conversation, made instantly feel embarrassed too.

Ashley might knows that she slept with Alex, and even pregnant by him!

It was truly something you would feel shameful doing, especially with a young man, who was the age of her daughter. Mary couldn't handle it, and lowered her head in embarrassment, yet shame.

Watching everything silently like usual, Alex remained standing in his place, but he caressed Mary's back with his hand gently, as he could tell what she was feeling at the moment.

"Damn you guys! You all want my darling, I won't let that happen!" Anna clinched into Alex's arm, and declared with a yell, yet her voice sounded cute, and unharmful.

Unlike Mary and her daughter, Anna was feeling no shame even though another girl knew her relationship with Alex, still she didn't care, as she cared only about the added competitor.

"Calm down, girls" Alex uttered with a faint smile.

Just like Anna, he seemed that he was having a great time, well, anyone in his place would be having a good time, if three beauties fought over them.

However, unlike what it seemed outside, Alex was actually nervous about those consistent arguments. He was truly desperate to get his hands on [Harem Tree].

'How am I going to deal with this...'

Alex couldn't find any answer to give to Ashley as a reply to her confession.

Unlike Anna, and Mary, Alex didn't have that strong feelings for Ashley.

She was absolutely beautiful and cute, just like her mom, even she had the potential to grow up to be prettier than her, however, looks weren't everything for Alex.

'I got this' Liza chuckled, and soon her plan to make girls stop lighting another fire was unfolded.

It wasn't like something unusual for Liza to do, activating her succubus zone! Making the three woman sudden feel a strong urge to **!

However, this time Alex wasn't angry at Liza for doing her moves without his consent. He thought it was actually a clever idea from her.

"Wooh! It is getting too hot here~" Anna waved her hand in front of her reddened face as she felt her kitty burning again.

Ashley, and her mom also showed a reaction, a noticeable one. Ashley's smooth legs were already jolting as she couldn't bear the fire, which was slowly eating all her body.

Even the mature Mary revealed her lustful side, as she clasped on her thighs tightly, clinching into her apron, and holding her hands there just a few inches away from her cave.

Doing her best to resist the strong urge to start rubbing out her inflamed cunt.

"I-I am sorry, I need to go to the bathroom" Anna couldn't control it, and she hurriedly ran towards the bathroom.

Even though her darling just **ed her earlier, he didn't give any attention to her needy pussy, as he only focused on her cumsucking asshole.

Even with that, she loved it, and she was truly satisfied, still she ran into the restroom to obviously explore her overflowing cave herself.

"I-I also need to go to change my outfit"

After the lively Anna left for the bathroom in a hurry, she left only awkwardness and horniness behind. Mary was also satisfied from yesterday's pounding, but she couldn't help but carve for more.

The only thing that stopped her was her daughter being just right in front of her, otherwise, she would have already jumped on her man, even if Anna was present!

Alex watched his Mary swiftly go into her room, changing her apparels was clearly just an excuse, as her current clothes were fine and clean.

'Hehe~ I am just too smart" Liza giggled pridefully, as her idea worked out.

She successfully changed the mood around, making the awkwardness, and the intensity disappear after both the jealous women left.

However, Ashley remained in her place, she just got off the toilet, and her girly outfit was looking nice on her.

With that, she probably didn't have any excuse to use to escape, or maybe she herself wanted to stay.

"Hey, are you okay?" Alex pretended to be concerned.

He knew Ashley just had some sexual cravings at the moment, so he wasn't worried, but to make things look normal, he pretended to unaware of what was going on with the three of them.

"D-Do you l-love me b-back?"

Even though her body was burning with lust, Ashley never forgot about her confession, as love usually beat lust.

After hearing the question, Alex was truly in a tight spot, he didn't want to lie to Ashley, nor he rejects her.

'What should I say?'

As an inexperienced individual, Alex asked for Liza's advice as he knew nothing about love.

His succubus powers gave him a lot of knowledge about sex, but nothing about love.

'Just say you love her back! I'm sure you like her, and you're definitely going to enslave her at some point, that will make fall in love with her eventually' Liza strongly advised Alex to take the next step.

Ashley's love was something that developed too early and suddenly, but Alex was already used to women falling in love with him, just a couple of minutes after meeting him.

It was also the same for Alshely, she was having tough time thinking about how she fell in a deep love with a man she met yesterday on her university rooftop, while she was attempting to take her life away.

Still, she felt a tremendous amount of affection towards her charming prince, and she couldn't leave that to herself.

Though, she was hesitant to talk about out of shyness, but after listening to Anna's bold conversation with her mom from the bathroom, which was mostly about sex and love, made her push her self.

"Uhm Yes, I love you too"

Alex was kind of hesitant to say those words, as he hated lying about his feelings, however, Liza certainly convinced him.

It was true, after enslaving Ashley, and bond her to him, he would surely develop those love feelings.

His skill [Lust Enslavement Kiss] didn't only enslave the women he wanted, but it also strengthened the connection between them, causing lust to turn into love afterwards.

Back to the embarrassed Ashley, who was on the verge of fainting, due to extreme embarrassment! Her heart was about to come out of her chest.

Those feelings were completely new to Ashley, as she never had any lover before, mostly because of bullying.

However, what she was feeling was a true form of love. Her cute small ears became red as tomatoes, after hearing Alex's positive answer.

"Are you fine?" Alex came close to the trembling Ashley.

Her whole body was shaking as she fixedly looked down at her feet. She was still an innocent girl, who knew nothing about love and lust.

That made her feel too much embarrassed to face anyone at that moment.

'Hug her, It would help calm her down' Liza suggested again, after Alex received no response from Ashley.

'Wouldn't that make things even harder for her?'

With Ashley being very shy from him, hugging her would mostly likely make things even intenser.

'Yes, it would be so embarrassing at first, but she would get used to her, also she would be your woman soon, so you have to introduce her to the world of adults!' Liza was kind of right at that.

Ashley was too much shy, and that was definitely not something good. He was sure he wouldn't change her shy behavior, but at least he could reduce it as it should be.

For example, Cristina, the gym lady was also shy with him, but she could overcome that shyness, and do what she desired.

Alex nodded his head in agreement, Liza was definitely more knowledgeable about love, mostly likely because she was a female, so he did as she suggested.

Slowly and surely, two arms wrapped gently on the shaking girl, making her startled as expected, but warm as she has never been.

Feeling the warmth of being in an embrace, Ashley was surprised, and finally glanced up, just two see a flawless face greeting her with a smile.

Her body began jolting like jello, it was full of lust and love, but the embarrassment made the two most beautiful feelings to remain hidden.

But after a few seconds, Ashley was getting more comfortable and ease, better than before. She began feeling the true emotions inside her.

'You are right'

Alex admired Liza's helpful advice, after a couple of minutes, Ashley body was slowly takingnits place, making all the trembling disappear, also her ears were slowly returning to their natural color.

'Fufufu I'm always right' Liza giggled pridefully as usual.

Being hugged with the man she loved and admired, Ashley felt so much comfortable, comfortable enough to make her realize her emotions and desires.

Ashley thin arms moved up, and wrapped beautifully around Alex as well, hugging him into her, and making the warmth of his body to disguise with hers.

Seeing the accepting move from Ashley as she hugged him back, Alex smiled, while preparing for his next move.

"Ashley" Alex whispered in her ear.

She was burying her face in his chest, while hugging him gently. Hearing his cute whisper, her ears became red again, though, she glanced up at him, just to be taken with totally different emotions.

As soon as Alex saw Ashley beautiful flawless face gazing at him, with her trembling mouth, and moist eyes, Alex lowered her face on hers, taking her by surprise, but also taking her rosy lips with his.

It was all out of the sudden for Ashley, and she was surprised as normal, but she didn't resist, as her loved one slowly tasted her lips. It was her first kiss, but it was totally the best.

She just stayed still, even her mouth wasn't moving at all, she let Alex enjoy the taste of her pink mouth. However, she closed her eyes unwillingly, after feeling love, and lust waking up her lonely heart.

After about a minute of slow gentle kissing from Alex, Ashley was getting used to it, and she began moving her lips slowly too, also tasting her man's lips. Yes, her man, and her only man, as Alex activated his skill.

A beautiful bond was slowly being made between the two, a bond that can never be broken, a bond that would make their love even stronger. There, things were truly getting different for both.

A second passed by another one, and the sound of their heartbeats was getting clearly hearable for both, steady strong heartbeats, making both of them drown evn more.

Alex successfully made Ashley his woman, but also Ashley made him her man. They slowly parted their faces away from each other, after feeling a strong urge to see each other's face.

Alex observed his woman face thoughtfully, as well she did. Her cheeks were red, and her mouth was slightly trembling, but her eyes were calm as a clear ocean.

She was looking at Alex unfazed, however, her breath was getting heavy and unsteady as if she just was jogging instead of peering.

Seeing Ashley like that, and with being distracted with all the emotions in his heart, Alex thought she was just feeling hot, and he let go of her, ending their passionate warm hug.

Ashley let go of Alex as well, but stayed standing closely to him, while looking at his face, with a blushing face, yet unembarrassed one.

Suddenly, Ashley fell on her knees! Looking up at her man fixedly, casting away his green apron aside, and started pulling down his black shorts.

'Fufufu I guess lust can beat love sometimes too'

Chapter end

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