I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – What A Change

What A Change

"Who the hell are you? Do you know her?"

Anna glanced at Alex with a confused expression. While walking happily with her darling towards the store, a seductive blonde woman stopped them before they could get in. She was coming out of it.

"Uhm Yes, this is Linda, I met her the other day"

Alex looked at Anna, and saw the irritation in her face, so he tried to make things look less serious between him and Linda, as it truly was.

He knew Anna had a problem with her jealousy, and even if nothing happened between him and Linda, she would likely still be pissed off, just like she was at the moment.

"Such a playboy you're, I thought you loved me, you broke my heart now~"

Linda playfully uttered while mimicking Anna's jealous face. It would be a lie if she said she didn't feel kind of irritated too, she was serious about Alex and even asked whether he was single. She was completely charmed by him, and slowly falling for him too.

However, she kept her playful nature, and her sweet playful smile, making Anna more annoyed, but somehow Anna kept her cool, and played her comeback.


Anna turned around fully to her darling, facing him, but closing her beautiful pearl like green eyes, and raising her chin up. Clearly yearning for a kiss.

Alex was amused, but he still decided to kiss the jealous Anna. He preferred to make Linda jealous instead of Anna, as Anna was already taking a big place in his heart, unlike Linda who he just met yesterday.

'Kiss her already! You're breaking her heart now"

Liza yelled as Alex dazed while looking at Anna's beautiful face.

She could feel the fear rising in Anna's heart promptly. Closing her eyes nervously, while her rosy lips trembled lightly. She was so anxious Alex might not grant her request, and never kiss her. It was truly a life-changing moment.

Nevertheless, without wasting any more time, Alex leaned forward, and did what his beautiful woman was worriedly waiting for. As soon as her rosy lips felt another tender pair on them, her heart skipped a beat!

She was so nervous, but all that nervousness vanished as soon Alex kissed her shaking lips. It wasn't a deep kiss, and it ended after a few seconds.

"Hmm~ Now ** off, bitch"

Immediately after Alex leaned back, ending their lovely sweet kiss. Anna glanced back at the gal Linda, and gave her the middle finger with a grin. She felt she won after getting that warm kiss.

"My darling, don't forget about our date tomorrow, see you~ "

Linda was feeling jealous too, she was surprised by the affectionate kiss that happened in front of her, but she kept her smiley face, and walked away, as she didn't want to have a fight with Anna.

But on her way, she stopped, and looked back at both of them, still smiling mockingly at Anna. She reminded Alex of the movie date they had tomorrow, making Anna frown upon hearing that.

Calling Alex darling was definitely something Anna didn't like at all, aside from the date thing.

Linda invited Alex to go with her to the cinema to watch a movie, still she didn't give him the time their date starts, but since Alex already accepted to go, the time could be discussed through messages.

Both of them watched the tempting you woman leave with a small grocery bag, showing them her bouncy fat buttocks, which were peeking a little from her pink skirt.

"darn it, you're really a magnet for sluts, darling"

Anna sighed after Linda disappeared from her sight. She was kind of content this time, as she basically won against another of her darling's sluts, and received a sweet kiss!

It wasn't a lie if she was curious about the date Alex was having with Linda tomorrow, but she kept her calm, and walked into the store. She learned her lesson, and didn't want to prey into her darling's personal life, even if it was making her feel so jealous.

Alex smiled faintly, and walked in behind Anna. Anna somehow did pretty well with her aggressive side, and she well played against Linda.

"Wow! He is real!"

"I'm in love"

Two girls giggled after they passed by Alex and Anna. It seemed Anna's social media account was doing pretty good attracting people, when it comes to people who lived nearby.

That was a great thing, but Alex ignored the few stares he received, and kept walking behind Anna, who was already at the cashier desk, standing in front of Mary.

"I am sorry for earlier"

Before Anna could apologize, Mary bowed down a little, and apologized first. She also made some mistakes here and there, and took part of making things aggressive between the three of them.

However, just like Anna who was realized her mistakes, and planned to apologize, Mary as well was sorry, and she admitted her faults.

"I'm sorry too for getting out of control earlier, I should have kept my composure. It just hit me hard when I realized my darling isn't only mine..."

After Mary leaned back, Anna also apologized sincerely to her, despite not bowing down, she let out some genuine words, which Mary gladly understood and accepted.

Alex nodded in content after watching his women's apologize to eachother. He didn't thought it would come to this point.

After that, while smiling sweetly, Mary pulled two green aprons from below the desk, and handed them to both Alex and Anna. They both removed off their aprons while Anna dragged Alex outside.

Nevertheless, Alex took the apron with a smile, and proceed in wearing it, so Anna did, but not with a smile like him, she just kept an expressionless face, that looked quite cold.

Despite apologizing, she still felt bitter with the fact, she was sharing her man with other women, but she couldn't complain anymore as it was at least with a kind-hearted woman like Mary.

"Let's get back to work, It seems there are some clients here today"

Alex uttered calmly while looking around, there were a couple of people inside, mostly women. His charming face definitely brought some customers.

"Yes! There's a quite decent amount of customers today, and all my gratitude goes to Anna!"

Mary smiled back sweetly at Anna. She could tell all the customers she received since Anna left were because of her, as some of them asked for Alex, while the others kept looking around for him.

She was glad and properly thanked Anna, if it wasn't for her, her store would mostly likely be haunted at that time. Unlike before, Anna smiled back lightly, and nodded in approval. Like everyone else, she loved getting praised, especially if it was coming from your love competitor.

"You should go get a break, we will take care of the store"

Anna suggested to Mary, she already worked for over an hour alone, because of their cafe date, and since the store didn't have that many customers, three people were more than enough to run it.

Mary was about to refuse Anna suggestions, but once she saw Alex's smiley nodding face, she changed her mind, and decided to go take a quick nap. Unlike Anna and Alex who came on 11 am, Mary was running the store alone since 6 am, that made her pretty tired.

"Okay, I will go rest, but I will be back quickly! Take care of the store"

Mary smiled gently at both of them, and made her way towards her room. She trusted Alex, and she knew he would take care of the store as if it was his.

After Mary left with peace in mind, both of her two beautiful employees came to the back of the desk counter in her place, trying to carry on their job.

Their job was going normally, you could say quite boringly, as there were few customers here and there, that was good, but they mostly females though.

Anna looked coldly at every woman who looked at her darling blushingly. Still, she did her work properly, as it was the result of her idea.

However, she quickly regained her smiley face as soon as they left, and returned to chat with her darling happily.


An opening door sound echoed from behind, making only Anna turned around to see, as Alex already sensed who it was.

Unlike what Anna expected, It wasn't Mary, but her daughter, Ashley. Almost an hour passed since Mary left for her long nap.

"I-I'm s-sorry f-for earlier"

Walking towards them while looking down at the ground fixedly, Ashley stopped when reached closely to Anna and Alex, I mean her daddy!

She felt so embarrassed, and hid her face in her black hoodie hood. Unlike before, she was wearing her baggy hoodie now, along with back shorts, which weren't fully visible because of the hoodie.

"Ahm Don't worry about it, I'm also sorry"

Anna looked at Ashley with a complex expression, she still felt a little shocked after Ashley called Alex daddy, which it was clearly in a sexual way.

However, desiring to end all the problems, Anna properly apologized too, and she somehow accepted Ashley's weirdness, as she experienced the same thing before.

"How are you feeling?"

Alex spoke with a smile, which Ashley unfortunately didn't see due to her embarrassment. He was about to tap on her shoulder, but Liza yelled!

'Stop! Her body is still super sensitive now, even a normal touch might lead to awake her unfulfilled lust again!'

Liza stopped Alex from causing another disaster! Ashley's lust wasn't fulfilled, as Alex didn't do anything about it. Her lust was in low level now, but any intimacy would lead to an instant rise in it.

'Seriously? But wasn't she masturbating just now?'

Alex drew back his arm and asked. Anna saw that, and felt confused, but didn't say anything as Ashley herself didn't notice, because of her hidden face.

With his succubus's powers, his sense gotten even stronger, on top of that, he gained a sixth sense, and it was the ability to sense lust with all its types within the person's body!

'Yes, I'm sure she was rubbing the hell out of her pussy, but still she needs you, after enslaving her, you become the only one who can relieve her, even her hands won't work anymore'

Liza explained even further, making Alex more aware of his responsibilities. He enslaved the beauty Ashley, and made her lust reach its peak, with all that he needed to pound her virgin pussy soon!

"I-I'm fine now, sorry, I g-got to go, I w-want to go for a quick w-walk in the park"

After standing awkwardly there for a few seconds, Ashley uttered her intentions. That day weather wasn't nice, and not perfect for a walk as it was cloudy, and probably going to be rainy.

Still, Ashley needed to go relieve her stress, and throw off the shame she was having, and so she did. After saying her last words, she turned around, and walked out the store hastily.

"What a change, her slutty nature disappeared now"

Anna remarked, she was shocked again by the huge change in Ashley's personality. From someone who moaned seductively while calling Alex her daddy, to an innocent shy girl, who couldn't bring herself to look at them.

Alex nodded his head with a smile, he understood those changes, as they were related to their desires. He returned to his work, a couple of customers were going in and getting out, serving them with a faint smile, while Anna coldly stared.

It continued like that for over thirty more minutes. Mary was still in her room, resting properly. Alex could see the tiredness in her face, so it was a good suggestion from Anna for her to go rest.

"This is so frustrating!"

Anna sighed and leaned her upper body on the desk. She was worked out already, what was annoying her was the girls who consistently asked for Alex's info, which she refused to give.

The problem was she could only convince them gently, she couldn't use her bitch attitude as they were her valuable clients.

"Go to take a rest too"

Alex smiled and pointed at a black chair behind them. He could understand Anna's frustration, luckily for him, he stayed in the back silently, as Anna immediately served every female that showed interest in him.

"I would like to seat somewhere else, where I could relieve my frustration~"

Anna smiled back at Alex, but her smile was kind of lewd. Shortly, she drew herself back from the desk, and stared at her darling lovingly.

Suddenly, her face disappeared from his sight, as she squatted! She went down the desk, adjusting herself in front of Alex's legs.

"What are you doing?"

Alex smirked. He could feel lust awakening in Anna's body, after she squatted, causing her face to be just right in front of his crotch.

"I wanna suck my daddy's fat cock~ Can't I?"

Chapter end

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