I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – An Overwhelmed Daddy [ 18]

An Overwhelmed Daddy [ 18]

"It is so fat even when it's soft~ I'm in love with its tender texture now fufufu~"

Anna giggled lewdly after she pulled down Alex's shorts inhesitantly. It was all out of sudden, and he still didn't get an erection. She was on her knees on the floor under the desk, holding her darling's meaty rod shamelessly.

"You are not worried Mary might come out on us?"

Alex gazed down at Anna with an impressed expression. She wasn't worried at all about Mary coming out, and seeing her suck his dick. Speaking of that, he looked pretty calm too.

"No, why should I be embarrassed of her? I'm sure she already sucked this delicious dick before, but now it's all mine~"

Anna was surely not concerned at all. However, Alex was ill at ease, he felt a little troubled, even though Mary showed some understanding with the idea of him hooking up with other women.

"You have gotten into a slut now"

Alex chuckled, Anna was a virgin when she had her first sex with him, nonetheless, now she was definitely a whore over his dick now.

It was understandable, as he was receiving every drop of lust her body released, it was necessary to take care of it, and satisfy her.

"Hmmm~ Ahmm~ Ohmmm~ It is so delicious~"

While thinking of how much slutty Anna became, the slut herself couldn't hold herself back, and shoved his fat cock in her hot mouth. It was still soft, but it was slowly getting stiff and erected.

Anna rammed his whole cock in her mouth, and down to her windpipe, just waiting it to getting fully hard in her throat, while giving his balls so licks with her stretched out tongue.

"Aaghh~ Oghhh~ Hghhg~"

With his little brother getting into a big brother, Anna began gagging on his cock as it was slowly choking her, occupying her throat entirely.

It was the first time she was able to swallow his entire thing, even with his help, she couldn't push it all in, but fortunately now, It disappeared in her mouth, but making her gasp for air!

Alex didn't do anything and left everything for Anna, who was relieving her stress. He was also serving the other customers. Trying to act normal, as his cock was getting squeezed by her mouth.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

With no time to waste, Anna stared moving her head back and forth, but not getting too far from the base, determined to ravaged her mouth completely with that big fat rod.

"Aghh~ **ing good!"

Feeling his dick surrounded with a burning hot walls, getting sucked and licking with another sensational tongue, Alex couldn't help but groan in pleasure.

"Aghhhh! Haff! I couldn't keep it any longer, sorry, daddy~"

After a few more sucks, Anna pulled the whole thing out of her mouth, as she didn't have any oxygen left in her lungs, however, she immediately went back to sucking it.

"Hmmm~ Mmmff~ Hufff~ give me your milk, daddy~"

Anna lasciviously pleaded while sucking her favorite popsicle while jerking it off with her hands at the same time.

"You're calling me daddy now, or what? Hmm~"

Alex couldn't help but ask Anna why she switched from calling him darling to daddy, he guessed it was because she felt jealous of Ashley, and now she was letting it out on his cock.

"Ahh~ I know you loved it Hmmm~ when that little slut Ashley called you daddy Ughhmm~ You're my darling, but daddy too!"

Anna explained while her daddy's rod inside mouth. Still, she didn't say whether it was temporarily or permanently. Alex liked both, but it seemed Anna realized when he was amazed when Ashley first time said it!

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

Alex just nodded his head as a response, he couldn't ponder over it, as he was getting an incredible blowjob from his bitch Anna.

She would suck his dick down her throat until the half, while the other half was squeezed and rubbed with her wanton hands, leaving him to feel like he was getting eaten alive.

"Hmmm~ Daddy, give me your thick sweet milk~ Ahhmmmm~ flood your slut with your hot fluid, daddy~"

After few minutes of sucking but nothing was coming out off her daddy's rod, even the throbbing wasn't occurring yet, Alex already came seven times, and Anna's milking still needed more time and efforts.

"Hmm~ If you try harder"

Alex was truly feeling a heavenly pleasure going all the way down his spine, However, his dick was too greedy to let out the drink Anna asked for.

"Ahh~ Can I help you"

Suddenly, a feminine mature voice resounded from behind, a familiar voice that absolutely belonged to... Mary!

Alex glanced behind quickly, just to find her standing there, biting her bottom lip, and rubbing her crotch! When he sinks in lust, he no longer pay attention to his surroundings, and Liza takes the chance to make things more lustful for her, by not warning him!

Mary caressed her kitty while watching Anna blowing her man's dick, she watched them for a few seconds before lust took even her, and made her presence.

"Hmmm~ Fucking...Ghh~...No"

Anna was startled when she heard Mary's voice in front of her. She was mostly covered but Alex's thighs, however her fat soft buttocks were a little visible as she kneeled sucking her daddy. Her voluptuous large ass expended as she pressed it again her feet!

Nevertheless, she glanced from the side while having it still in her mouth, and instantly rejected Mary's help. Her daddy's dick was only hers!

"Just let her help you, you're getting nothing if you stayed alone"

Alex was super excited! He could see no signs of any weird behavior from Mary, she was totally okay with him getting fellated by Anna, she even asked if she could take part!

A double blowjob, it was a dream of his, and he tried to make Anna into it too, It was truly something he would to experience.

"Ahh~ Fine!... But I will take all your thick semen!"

Anna pulled out his dick, and declared. She couldn't help but agree upon seeing her darling's excited, cute face. However, there was a term! It was her getting all the hot fresh milk!

Getting permission from both, Mary walked near Alex, and began kissing him! Sharing a deep passionate kiss, letting him suck he rosy sweet lips, before she went down on him.

"Hmm~ hmmm~"

Mary whined as her man tongue explored her mouth, and battled with hers. Alex was certainly going extreme in that kiss, as he was groping her voluptuous busty ass from behind, totally enjoying fondling her.

'She left the store in a good hands, huh?'

Watching Alex's massage and fondle Mary's soft buttocks with his hands, while kissing her fiercely. Fortunately, there were no customers in the store, and he didn't worry about anything, so his hands were in the right place!


Glancing up and seeing her daddy kissing another woman in front of her, while she was sucking his cock! Anna was absolutely pissed off, but fortunately she had what to relieve it on! She increased her speed, giving Alex's chills and goosebumps!

Luckily and unluckily, Mary soon kneeled too, and went down beside Anna. Fortunately, it was spacious under the desk, fitting perfectly there while kneeling, both the horny women didn't face any troubles.

However! The greedy Anna who absolutely didn't seem she was going to give Mary any of that delicious dick, instead Mary happily lowered down more, below Anna, clasped on his thighs, and began sucking, and licking his sagging balls!

SLURP! Slurp~ SLURP! Slurp~

"Aghhh~ Fuck! Ohhh~"

The noises of Anna aggressive throat **ing, and Mary's gentle sensitive balls licking got combined along with Alex pleasure groans, making them all feeling extremely horny.

"Ohhhh~ it feels so **ing good, Ahhh~"

Alex couldn't help but blurt out his whimpers with a pleased face, clasping on the desk, closing his eyes, and glancing up at the ceiling, while getting the best blowjob he ever received!

SLURP ! Slurrrrp~ Slurp! SLURP! Slurrrrp~

A nut blowing scene was happening down there! Getting sucked, licked, and kissed on both of his cock and balls, Alex's big brother was getting overwhelmed, and couldn't help but throbbed in help!

Feeling the throbbing in his veiny fat dick, plus the tingling vibrations in his balls, Not only Anna, but also Mary began getting more aggressive!

"Hmmm~ Cum for us, daddy~ Hafff~"

Not Anna, who pleaded this time! But Mary, she yearned for his cum, while calling him daddy! A true form of tremendous excitement was running all over Alex as he heard that.

Anna mouth was totally occupied, but she nodded in agreement. For the first time, she agreed with Mary on something, and it was her daddy's milk!

To respond to her man's throbbing nuts, Mary shoved them into her mouth entirely, but unlike Anna, who was **ing her throat aggressively, Mary gently sucked the hell out of them! Blasting Anna by what she wanted!


Alex clasped even more into the desk, and his mouth let out loud groans, also pushing his hips deeper, making Anna who was already clinching into his waist, swallow his whole cumming cock!

"HUff!! Haff! Ooh! Ahh! Uhn!! Ahh!"

Anna panted heavily as cum dripped out of her filled mouth! Alex quickly pulled out his cock out her mouth after he let out his shots, as she didn't get to breathe, and also he kind of slammed her head against the desk.

"Huff~ That was incredible"

Alex let out a deep sigh, he was kind of panting too, as it was already his eight time cumming! However, with Liza retuning her powers, his skills got pretty stronger along with that.

"I didn't get any cum, though!"

Mary stopped licking and sucking his balls, after he ejaculated, however, she complained lewdly as she didn't get any of his thick milk! Anna took it all.

"Huff~ Ahh~ My Daddy's milk is all... Hamm!... Mine"

Anna was huffing, but she couldn't help but show her slutty attitude, she drew her tongue all out, showing Mary what she received from her daddy. A bunch of thick semen was resting on her tongue, while she smirked at her proudly!

However, she was about to lose it all!

"Hhmmmm! Hummm! Ohmmm!"

Suddenly and unexpectedly! Mary attacked and kissed Anna! Stealing all the semen she had on her tongue shamelessly, making Alex truly stunned by that scene.

He never thought Mary would do it, Anna never expected it either, but lust clouded her mind, to the point of kissing her rivel for the chance of tasting their daddy's addictive semen!

'That's incredible! What a wonderful scene~'

Even Liza was kind of surprised, but as always, she was having the best time of her life, watching women fight over her Alex's semen.

She understood that Mary lost it, and couldn't help, but do unimaginable things to get that semen, as it was very addictive.

"Hufffff! You **ing slut! You took it all!"

Anna yelled in irritation, she lost all her well-earned semen to Mary, who was happily enjoying it in her mouth, making a snowball in her mouth before swallowing it.

Mary took Anna by surprised and kissed her, she didn't have anywhere to escape, as they were under the desk, and all that lead to her losing her precious meal.

"I helped you get it, and I deserve some, also you swallowed a bunch of it down your throat, you greedy whore~"

Mary provokingly chuckled, irritating Anna more, but surprising Alex to the core! Mary was always been a mature quiet woman, but now she was totally like Anna, just being a whore, even though their lust didn't reach its peak yet.

"Here, there's still some in here"

Hoping to solve the argument, Alex dangled his still erected cock in front of both of them faces, getting their attention, and rubbing it tightly, making more semen to came out.

"Ahh! Here please, daddy~"

Anna instantly came under Alex, opened her mouth, and drew her tongue like a dog below his glans, waiting for those precious drops to fall on her tongue.

"Me, too, please!"

Mary also came under her daddy, aligning her face just besides Anna's, stretching her tongue all out, waiting for her turn too, to which Alex gave her.

It was just the remaining cum that stayed inside, but now it was all over his sluts tongues. Alex smiled pridefully, while gazing at them lustfully.


While busily looking at his women, the door of the store was opened quite roughly, and soon Ashley, Mary's daughter, came into sight.

However, she looked terrified and scared, her clothes of a little wet, she looked at Alex, on the verge of crying...



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