I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – New Home

New Home

Jessica stepped out of the elevator, gazed at the three with a gentle smile. She looked so beautiful as always, wearing the same style of clothes, a white elegant blouse, and a blue pencil skirt, yet she was astonishing.

"Hi there. Those are my housemates I told you about"

Alex smiled gently back, reminding the landlord beauty of what he discussed with her that morning. He told her he would be living with two other people, and she gave him two additional keys.

"Oh, I remember now. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here"

Jessica bowed a little down for both Mary and Ashley, greeting them politely to their new home. She acted nicely with her tenants, earning a place in their hearts.

'Such a bitch, she is still keeping her composure'

Looking at Jessica, who looked pretty normal and restrain, Liza uttered with an awkward tone. She hated the fact that Jessica was doing fine holding herself back, even when the sex beast, Alex, was around.

'Don't do anything stupid again,'

Alex was pretty anxious when he heard Liza's hateful words. He was worried she might do something bad to Jessica, as she was a prideful succubus.

'I won't do anything, but promise me to not ** her until she crawls on her fours just blow you~'

Liza chuckled as she imagined that scene, she was developing bad feelings for Jessica, but it seemed it only related to sex. She would love to see her getting banged by Alex.

Alex nodded his head lightly as a response. Without any doubts, he would be **ing Jessica soon, no matter what was his opinion, Liza would definitely do anything to make her get punished!

"See you later, Jessica"

Alex uttered with a calm expression, along with a seductive smile. He wasn't going to make any moves on her, as he promised Liza.

He didn't give her that much attention, just to make her lust, jealousy, and desires increase, gradually destroying her ladylike composure.

Mary and Ashley followed Alex, then went into the elevator, going up to the second floor, and heading directly to their apartment. The flats building didn't have many apartments, as each apartment was big and spacious.

There were only four apartments in each floor, and the desired apartment was the second in the fourth floor. They headed there. Alex pulled his key, opened the door for both his beautiful women.

"Woah! It is so big and nice!"

Ashley was the first one to exclaim in amazement, her eyes were quickly exploring the living room, as they glistened in happiness and excitement.

Mary was stunned by how much luxurious and tidy the apartment looked, but she kept her voice for herself, as Ashley was already making too much noise.

Alex only smiled warmly as his saw both of them explore their new home. In 18 years, they finally found a decent place to live in, no tiny one-room apartments, and no more living in the store.

Both of them were content, especially Ashley. All her life was miserable, as only knew the poverty, but she was all grateful to her mom for everything.

Feeling comfortable, she began going around, exploring the kitchen, the bedrooms, and everything else. The whole apartment was furnished, thought, its furniture look basic, just in black and white.

After each woman went to look around, Alex closed the door behind him, and went to sit on the white leather couch in the living room.

Since both were busy, he took the chance to rest, as he didn't get any, since he woke in the morning. Cumming several times, and working on the store, were much more exhausting than he thought.

"D-Daddy, s-should I blow you?"

Coming out of the bathroom, Ashley found her daddy sitting comfortably on the couch, spreading his legs apart, she thought he might desire a blowjob.

"No, I'm fine, leave it for another time"

Looking at his blushing young woman, Alex waved his hand with a smile. Ashley was shy, still, she stuck to calling him "Daddy", as she slowly became a corrupted lewd girl.

Hearing his answer, Ashley didn't get any less happy, instead she just went, and sat on his lap from the side, kissing his cheeks and lips lightly.

"Are we really going to live here? Y-You will be here with us?"

Pressing her soft fat buttocks against his thighs, Ashley asked with a sweet blush. She still didn't know where this courage and boldness came to her, but she was delighted as she expressed her feelings more to him.

"Yes, we are going to live here, including me, but I won't be able to stay for nights yet, my mom lives alone, and I still didn't tell her about me moving out"

Looking at Ashley flawless face, Alex kissed her cheeks gently, and explained. He couldn't stay in nights, as he couldn't leave his mom alone.

He still didn't know when he could move out with peace in mind. However, for now, he would be spending only day time here.

"Okay, but make sure to be here on the day"

Suddenly, two arms wrapped around Alex and Ashley necks from behind, holding them closer to eachother, as well as putting her face in the between. Mary came from behind, and gently hugged both of them.

"Of course, I will come here on my free time"

Alex responded as he rubbed his cheek against Mary's. She wasn't concerned about a bit about, as she knew Alex would be either be spending time with her in the store or here.

She never thought she would be spending all this time with Alex, she was slowly embedding his existence in her life forever.

"Daddy, are you sure you don't w-want me to give you a h-head? Your t-thing is poking me"

Living the warmth for a couple of minutes, Ashley suddenly asked as she felt her daddy's dick hitting against coochie from below as she sat on it.

"No, I'm really fine, he just gets up whenever something touches him"

Ashley was pressing her soft ass cheeks on his little brother, making his forcibly erected from the pressure. Despite, Ashley complaining about it, as she wanted to relieve her daddy, she remained sitting on it willingly.

"I'm really shocked but how incredible your dick is. It doesn't go limp at all even after cumming a lot! In addition, to the mind-blowing erotic smell, the huge size, and the thickness of your semen..."

Getting a little tired from standing behind them, Mary came, and sat on the couch next to Alex, she was talking full of excitement, but after noticing Alex's smirk, her face immediately flushed!

Even with the strong supernatural connection she was having with both of them, talking enthusiastically about Alex's cock, was hella embarrassing.

"Seriously??! Do dicks become soft after cumming??!"

Having no experience, and knowledge about sex, or just playing dumb, Ashley asked with a dumbfounded expression. Aside from porn actors dicks, her daddy's dick was the first dick she have seen in real life.

Also having no source of information, like friends, as she had been bullied her almost all her life. Ashley thought every male's cock's was the same as his.

"Yes, but your daddy's meaty rod is so special, It's also bigger and longer than others'. It's my first time seeing such a thing too"

After calming down a little, Mary took the chance to teach her daughter some basic knowledge. Their relationship was finally warming up, and they started talking more often than before.

However, their first ever happy chitchats were about Alex's dick, and sex in general!

Their conversation continued for several minutes, totally emerged in it. While that was happening, Alex was resting himself, he was exhausted from all the activities he did today, also sleepy.

He was feeling just fine earlier, but after relaxing his muscles while he sat. He started feeling all the tiredness, which was disguised as energy.

"Hubby, you should go sleep a little, Ashley and I will go back and take care of the store. You can come back later too"

Looking at her sleepy hubby, who was slowly closing, and opening his charming eyes as if he was drank. Mary spoke concernedly, and Ashley pushed her self into the couch, to let him go rest as her mom's suggested.

'You should go take a nap in one of the bedrooms, you did great today, but it's not done yet, so go take some rest'

Even Liza proposed on him going to sleep a little. He didn't think he would get sleepy after just seating on the comfy couch. However, he needed to go take a nap, as it was just 5 pm.

With his new routine now, he usually goes home in 8 pm, so he still had had some time to go back to work after his quick nap.

"Thanks, girls, I will be coming back soon"

Alex yawned as he stood up from the couch, trying his best to stay walking still while going to one of the rooms. The three rooms had removal number stickers, from one to three. He went into the first one, and jumped on the bed.

All the rooms had windows, making the sunlight to be all over inside if the sunblocks weren't used. But as for today, it was cloudy, so it was quite dark inside, suitable for sleeping.

'Wake me up after 30 minutes'

Just laying comfortably on his bed, Alex was worried that he might end up oversleeping, so he asked Liza to wake him up after half an hour, it wasn't a lot, but enough for a nap.

'Okay, I will do so'

With being said, Alex immediately let his body and mind to rest, unlike him, Liza wasn't tired at all, rather energetic as she absorbed lots of lusts today, totally the best day for her.

While Alex was sleeping, Mary, and Ashley stayed for a little more, carrying on their conversation while sitting together on the couch, but after a couple of minutes, they stood up and left the apartment towards the store.

Since they already agreed to Alex's offer, that meant this was their new home, and they would be living here from today's on. The only thing needed to be done, was bringing their clothes.

Aside from their clothes, and valuable things, they hadn't anything else to move out to here. Mary was sleeping only on her couch, as for Ashley, her bed broke today while her mommy pounded her pussy with her daddy's cock.

Since, their new place have beds, desks and closet, they didn't need anything aside from their appreals. They would take care of everything later.




Time passed so quickly for the sleepy Alex, he was still sleeping, but slowly regaining his conscious as he felt a tingling sensation going through his body.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

Hearing wet noises coming up to his ears from down there at his legs, Alex's opened his eyes just to see a stunning view...

Jessica was sucking his limp fat dick willingly!

She was laying down on her stomach, between his legs, sucking and licking his limp cock with a lustful expression. She was sucking it as if she was looking for something precious inside.

'W-What the hell is going on?'

The first person to ask was Liza, as she was the only one who could explain what was going on!

'Well, first, it's been 40 minutes since you slept, and a couple of minutes earlier, this bitch came inside using her keys, coming to straight to suck your cock as she couldn't hold it anymore, hehe'

Unlike Alex, who was confused by what was going on. He thought of Jessica using her master's key to get inside his apartment, but never thought she would actually get inside to suck his cock!

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp.

'Why didn't you wake me up?'

Alex couldn't himself from asking, he knew Liza wasn't a fan of Jessica, so he thought she would tell him if she came near.

'I was going to wake up you, but I loved her desperate obscene face. She is sucking your cock so desperately, after she knew it's her lust fulfiller.

Looking down at her sucking his cock carelessly, but willingly. It was limp, but fat and long enough to enjoy sucking. Jessica still didn't notice Alex's gaze, as he didn't make any moves.

"Humm~ Huff~ What's the **? It's getting so big..."

She had been sucking his meat rod for a couple of minutes, thinking it was already fully erected, but after he woke, it promptly started rising up, and getting hard, causing her to look at his face to check, but just to find him awake!

"Landlady, aren't trespassing on my property?"

Alex adjust his position to get a full view on Jessica's stunned embarrassed face, then chuckled, as her hands were wrapped around his giant cock...

Chapter end

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