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Jessica face immediately turned red after realizing her charming tenant was fully awake, looking at her with a grin, while she courageously held his hard cock with her hands.

"Hmm May I know what are you doing?"

Alex was having fun! Liza's plan was actually good, and he was enjoying punishing Jessica, especially after seeing her flushed face, which he never saw before.

"I I-I w-was just p-passing by, and I t-thought of v-visiting you"

The calmness and sharpness of Jessica's comely face always had disappeared! She was undoubtedly so embarrassed. She averted her gaze down, but still groped on his dick firmly.

"Huh? Visiting me, coming inside without my permission, and sucking my dick while I was sleeping? That sound convincing. Thanks for your unexpected visit"

Hearing his sarcastic response, she buried her red face onto the bed, and let go of his rod, covering her red ears with them. She was totally cute!

Alex's dick was lonely without her hand, but he was about to go put somewhere else better than just her soft hand!

'Remember our promise! You can't ** her until, she comes to you on her fours! If you refuse, I will make your dick soft forcefully!'

Liza threatened, but somehow her threats sounds harmless, as her cute sweet voice made them sounds like a kid's.

'What?! You can make my dick go limp again? Then do it, please...I was just going to ** her throat once, so it does go limp and soft. It feels uncomfortable having an erection after cumming a lot...'

Alex totally ignored Liza's threats as he didn't feel any ill intents from her, instead he shed lights on her skill! She could make his dick go soft, that meant all the horrible moments he had to cope with when his cock gets hard in unsuitable times was curable!

The price to pay for becoming a sex beast was him having a supernatural libido. His dick doesn't go soft until it's satisfied, or once a long time passed without having any lusty desires in his mind and heart.

'Yes, I can make it soft, but I will just use it just this time, I don't want you to ** this bitch until she loses her mind, because of her unfulfilled lust'

Liza set up a condition for having her life-saving ability. She thought Alex already knew how to control his dick, but it seemed not, so she took the chance to make him delay sex with Jessica for another time.

Alex nodded in approval, but before Liza could proceed with doing her magic, he took the chance and rubbed his pink glans against Jessica's uncovered parts of her cheeks. Her face was near his crotch, and his cock would be on her head if it was soft.

She was laying on her stomach burying her face due to an overwhelming embarrassment, Alex was also laying down, but to stroke his meaty rod against her face more, he kneeled on the bed.

However, soon, his dick began going softer unwillingly by Liza's magic, but it felt like normal, the normal feeling he felt when his dick go limp naturally.


For the first time in several days, his cock went soft in a few seconds after arousal. Alex from happiness teased Jessica more, he didn't expect her to act this shy, and it was his chance to see more of her cute side, rather lustful side.


After pulling back his shorts, jumping off the bed, and looking the young woman, who was shyily covering her face in the bed. Her rounded ass was freely available for him! Alex couldn't help but spank it a little, for the sake of getting Jessica more aroused than ever.


While trying to overcome her embarrassment, instead she moaned softly as she received a slap on her soft buttocks. Her ass wasn't that big, a little smaller than Alice's, but curvaceous and firm, as if it was made only for spanking!

'I think you should go, her lust isn't at its peak yet, so I don't think she would make any moves by herself any time soon. You slept for around 40 minutes, so you gotta get back to work'

With being undoubtedly stuck with the idea of making Jessica beg for his cock, Liza suggested for Alex to leave for now, as it would take some time to make Jessica's lust and desire reach its peak level.

"Jessy~ I have to go now, make sure to lock the door behind you"

Alex uttered provocatively to the shy young woman, he truly loved teasing her, but time wasn't in his favor. No worries, he was sure he would make some 'time' for her soon.

Without receiving any response from the shivering Jessy, Alex left his room, then the apartment after locking it. Jessica had a master's key to every door in these residents, so she could lock and unlock any apartment without any problems.

'I'm in a good moooood now~ I'm looking forward to seeing that bitch next time!'

While walking in the streets, heading towards Mary's store, Liza suddenly yelled in playfully, after Jessica showed the reaction she wanted, she was happy with it, as a prideful creature, that meant a lot to her.

As a response, Alex smiled and nodded his head in agreement, he was looking forward to meeting Jessica again, as it was definitely going to 'special' meeting.

While thinking about all the lustful things, which could happen soon. Without realizing, Alex was already in front of the store door, he went in normally, straight to the cashier desk.

Both Mary and Ashley were there, and their faces immediately brighten as they saw him, but both of them didn't say anything, as they were busy with clients.

Without saying anything either, Alex went to Ashley's room, took his green apron, and wore it as normal, then headed out to carry on his work.

Even though his shift was done almost two hours ago. He finishes at 04:00 PM, and it was 05:40 PM at that moment, but he planned on going home at 08:00 PM.

Still, he decided to work instead, as he had literally nothing to do. He worked as the store clerk, dealing with some annoying females, who came only to take a look on his looks, rather than buying anything.

However, in spite of how boring and annoying it was, time flew quickly, and it was almost 8 PM already, it was totally a long day, but so nice.

"Hubby? Are you going soon?"

After Alex came behind the cashier desk, joining his two women, as there were no customers inside the store, also it was already time for him to leave.

"Yes, I need to go, I will be here tomorrow on time"

Seeing saddens in Mary's face, Alex smiled faintly, and caressed her soft cheeks. He spent almost the whole day with her, but still she felt sad as he was about to leave.

On Sundays, he had a different schedule, he would be working from 2 PM to 8 PM, so he had the whole morning free, but still he could tell he would meet them before work hours.

"D-Daddy, take care on your way home"

While caressing Mary's tender cheeks, suddenly Ashley jumped from behind, and hugged him, placed her smiley blushing face on his back.

"Yes, be careful outside"

Competing with her daughter, Mary also hugged Alex in the front, resting her head on the left part of his chest, hearing his unsteady heartbeats, she felt her heart melting down in happiness.

'... It feels so nice and warm...'

Alex was just going back home, which was only a few minutes away from the store, yet, Mary and Ashley flood him with love and care. It felt extremely nice, feeling loved.

It was incredibly good, he knew he had to balance between lust and love in his relationships with his women, but it seemed Mary and Ashley were doing it by themselves.

Likewise, it would be greatly bad if there was only lust between them, as love and lust complete each other, and having only one mean instability.

"Thanks, sweethearts, I need to go now, see you tomorrow"

After hugging for few minutes continuously, Alex broke the hug as it was getting long, he properly bid bye to both of them, then left the store, heading towards his house.

While walking slowly towards home, like usual, Alex pulled his phone to check for new messages, he didn't use today at all, and he had few messages, but only from Linda.

[Good evening! Darling~]

[Let's meet at the Central Park at 10:00 AM, and go together to the movies. The movie starts at 10:30 AM, hope you are looking forward to it, darling~]

[If you have any objections about the time, let me know]

As he expected, Linda gave him the needed information about his movie date tomorrow, he promised her to go to watch a movie together tomorrow, and he was down for it.

Also, Linda was clearly jealous! She started calling him "Darling" too after her unplanned meeting with Anna earlier. She felt so jealous after he inhesitantly kissed Anna in front of her! Still, she didn't give up, and gather her hope.

[No, the time suits me perfectly, see you there tomorrow]

Shortly, Alex replied, he had the whole morning free, so he had time to spend on watching a movie with a tempting gal. He shoved his phone back into his pocket, and walked away to home.

Pulling the keys, he was already at the doorsteps, unlocked the door, just hear two feminine voices coming from the living room. He already guessed both of them, as their voices were familiar.

"Seriously??! When are you going to tell him?"

"I'm still hesitant about it... I'm afraid he will be against it"

"You should tell him, C'mon~ I'm sure he won't mind it"

The two voice grew louder as he went inside, one definitely belonged to his mom, as for the other one, it was undoubtedly his mom's best friend's, Carla.

He didn't know what they were talking about, but he made sure they noticed him before carrying on their talk.

"Woah! You gotten so handsome and cute...and big, Alex!"

As soon as Carla noticed him, and the drastic change in his appearance, she exclaimed with a jaw drop! She didn't see him in six months, and today was a shock to her.

"Hello, auntie Carla"

Alex went to the living room, and stood beside his mom, His mom and Carla were sitting on the couches, Clara was on the small individual size one, and the big sized one was his mom's.

Also, since Carla was his mom's friend since a long time ago, even before he was born, he used to call her auntie, and still calls her so. She was 37 years old, but truly a masterpiece!

Sitting comfortably on the pink couch, wearing body-con mini black dress, which revealed most both her plump breasts, and smooth thick thighs. Her dress looked small compared to her voluptuous mature body, but totally fitting with her seductive comely face.

Making her look much younger than her age, the sexy dress and the light makeup on her pale face made her look absolutely stunning... Without forgetting her long silky raven hair, along with her emerald like green eyes.

Alex dazed off while looking at her...at that moment, she was definitely no longer his auntie... He wasn't the only one who changed, but also Carla, she was undoubtedly prettier than before.

With small chit-chats here and there, Alex excused himself, and went to the shower, he found out that his auntie would be sleeping over tonight, so he didn't need to stay chatting with her longer, as he would come back later.

Anyways, It didn't take long before he came back out of the shower, he went to dine along with the two beautiful mummies! Alex was starving, didn't hold himself back from eating a lot.

He had more chitchatting with both of them, without realizing, it was already 11 PM, his mom wasn't working tomorrow as it was Sunday, and it was the same Carla, she moved out to a different city, and she was on vacation now.

Even with having nothing urgent tomorrow, they all went upstairs to sleep. Alex's house had three rooms, the first one was his mom's, the second was an empty room, and the third one was his.

The second room wasn't that empty, it had a bed along with its necessities. It was actually made just for Carla's visits, it wasn't the first time she stays over, and his mom made a guest room for her.

Furthermore, Alex went to his typical tidy room, changed his clothes, received $300 bonus from Liza, then jumped on his bed happily, today was actually a great day for him, the best so far!

He was able to develop a good relationship with Anna, Mary, and Ashley, also made them get along with each other using [Harem Tree], In addition, having lots of sex! Taking Cristina's and Ashley's V-Cards, having Anal sex, double blowjob, and a threesome, all for the first time!

Thinking about how incredible tomorrow would be, Alex closed his eyes, and eventually fell asleep...

However, suddenly after about half an hour of sleeping deeply, his red charming eyes opened fully looking at the ceiling alertly... No, he couldn't see the roof, as a beautiful, flawless and mature face covered its view.

"Hey, Alex~ Can you let your auntie sleep with you tonight?~"

Chapter end

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