I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Library's pleasure [Part 2]

Library's pleasure [Part 2]

After hearing Alex's demand she should do before getting his pleasure again, saying nothing, Erin went down the table, under and towards his bulgy crotch, unzipped and unbuttoned his black pants. He was putting on black jeans; she pulled them a little down to his knees, dragging his underwear along with it.

Erin's expression instantly turned from an embarrassment into shock!

Alex's little brother wasn't a 'little brother' but a big brother! His cock was fully erected and hard, as he was horny since the intercourse with Alice that morning, and touching Erin's clit made him immediately aroused again!

"I–It's so big!" Erin exclaimed with a surprised expression, her face was blushing so hard, but her lust was getting out of hand.

Liza didn't lie when she claimed Alex had a big dick, he absolutely had a T-Rex under his pants. However, that giant dinosaur was proudly throbbing in front of the stunned young woman, slowly making her mind blurred.

"Touch it" Alex ordered with a serious expression and in a calm tone.

Glancing up at his serious face, Erin lost her mind, that was what she was yearning for.

It was not the first time Erin saw a dick in real life; she had a boyfriend in high school, and they did it once, but they broke up after one month because Erin was quiet and inactive with him. However, It was her first time seeing a massive cock, as her Ex-boyfriend's dick was nothing compared to Alex's.

After gazing at his face lovingly and lustfully, Erin did as he commanded her. She grabbed his burning veiny rod; it was so hot, and that made her kitty on flames.

"Hmmm~ Ohh~ Ahh~"

Once her hand wrapped around his meaty steak, Erin let out some horny whines, and without realizing it, she began moving her hand up and down.


This time, Alex groaned as Erin's soft tender hand stroked his dick slowly, she was giving Alex a handjob, his first handjob, aside from his hands, that was the first time a woman touched his grown brother.

Looking down at her moving up and down in sync, Her hand was small, as it was covering less than half of his dick, and that made it look even bigger.

After rubbing Alex's dick with her hand for a while, Erin stopped…. The lust was slowly corrupting her mind; she closed the distance between her face and that twitching rod; she sniffed it boldly.

A strong lewd manly scent was getting in her small nose. Corrupting her mind, and making it go crazier, crazy enough to make to put her rosy lips on the tip of his dick.

Alex was kind of bewildered, he thought she will touch his dick for a second then ask him to touch her back as promised, but she went further, even further than expected!

She slid just the tip of her tongue up the underside, faintly below his red glans, so light he can barely feel it—it was mostly just the sensation of her breath. She breathed slowly but densely on his twitching cock. Once she reaches the head, she slid her lips over it… just the glans… sucking it in, swirling her tongue around it. It was just some clumsily sucks and licks, but so heavenly!

However, After a few minutes, Erin had gotten used to it, and she began shoving more of that delicious meat in her mouth, stretching her lips to the maximum! It was also her first time giving a fellatio, and her mouth was still getting used to it.

Slowly, after occupying her whole mouth with it, Erin started moving her head back and forth, while at the same stroking his dick with her hand.

Erin was going deeper, she couldn't suck his entire dick, as it was long and thick, but she tried her best, because the more she went deeper, the more it felt much better! Feeling his glans hitting the back of her throat, definitely felt the best!

Soaking half of his cock with her saliva, Erin slowly rammed that meaty rod down her throat, making lots of wet slippery noises.


"Agghhh~ Don't push yourself too hard, you're doing well"

Alex reassured Erin, and patted her head by his hand, he was feeling a whole new pleasure, the pleasure of oral sex. Still, he caressed her smooth purple hair; it was silky and hair styled into a bun, a small messy ball in the back of her head, with that she didn't have a problem with her hair interfering while sucking her now favorite popsicle.

Receiving so much pleasure coming from his palm, Erin glanced up at Alex, watching him staring at her with a pleased expression, she couldn't help but felt so much joy. She went even further and sucked his rod like a slut.

"Aghh~ Ahhh~ Damn good~ Ahh~"

After a couple of minutes, Alex started sensing a tingling sensation in his balls, also his dick started throbbing aggressively inside of her warm mouth.

Feeling his desire to cum just around the corner, Alex groped Erin's head tightly, and began pushing it up and down, causing her choke on his fat cock, and making her swallow it all in.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

"Ghhhh! Hmmm! Hufff! huffffmmm~"

Erin didn't resist Alex's aggressiveness, she loved it and let him gladly ** her throat. Also, she realized he wanted to cum soon, so she did her best, pulling out her tongue, and giving him a slippery slide to go faster!

While Alex was wrecking her throat, her cunt was dripping with its juices on the floor, she already squirted so many times! Her pussy so wet and hot.

"Ahh~ Ohh~ I'm going faster" Alex declared, as he felt an overwhelming pleasure in his spine.

Just after few seconds, Alex started moving her head even faster, making her swallow all his rod, and ejaculated in her trembling throat.

"I'm cummingg—" Alex groaned as he pushed his dick as deep as he wished in Erin's throat.

Alex heard gulping noises from Erin's throat as she swallowed his semen while gasping for air, He pulled his dick back to her tongue to let her breath properly.

"Hahhh!... hah! hah..." Erin was trying to breathe with Alex's dick in her mouth, he pulled most of his dick out, but he left the glans inside her mouth.

Alex tried to pull his dick out of Erin's mouth, but she stopped him, she tightened her lips and didn't let it get out of her mouth. Slowly sucked every drop of the milk that was left in his dick.

Slurrrp~ Slurrrrpp~ Slurrrp~

Then she pulled Alex's dick out of her mouth, yet she began licking all the way down, and giving his balls some good sucks.

"Ahh~ Your s-semen is so delicious and sweet Ahhh~ I always heard that it's taste bitter" The lust-driven Erin uttered in a weak voice coupled with her heavy breathing, However, Alex managed to hear her what she said.

Hearing that made him ponder, he over-studied biology in high school, and what she said was true, semen supposed to taste bitter or salty in most cases.

But after thinking a little more, Alex knew that it was one of Liza tricks, she was a succubus after all! He couldn't ask her, as Erin was still between his thighs, licking his dick glans and balls, in hope she would find more of his addictive milk.

Even though Alex and Liza share the same body now and the same senses, they didn't share the same soul and mind. If he wanted to communicate with her, he needed to speak loud enough for his ears to hear what he spoke.

However, Liza felt Alex's confusion, and she knew what it was about, also she heard what Erin eagerly said.

'While you were ravaging her throat, I regained some of my powers, and I managed to unlock some low-tier skills. One of them was [Semen Taste], it's a passive skill, and it makes semen sweet, tasty, and addictive, I'm sure this girl would love to get a taste of your semen every day from now on~" Liza happily explained.

Alex nodded in acknowledgment, he was glad Liza was already regaining her powers, he also obtained an understanding on what he should do.

After licking all the warm thick fluid of his rod, and gulping everything down to her stomach, Erin came out of under the table, then she went to the left side like before, but with different intentions.

She raised her skirt up again, and stared at Alex thoughtfully, rather lustfully.

"Holy crap... It's so wet!" Alex blurted out after he looked at Erin's crotch and panties.

It was literally 'dripping wet'. Drops of her pussy juices were consistently falling down in the floor, and some sliding down her thick thighs. Her cute panties became see-through, and the pinkness of her pussy lips was completely clear.

'Hhmmm~ I can tell that she squirted three times while you were wrecking her throat. Good job!' Liza, the succubus, was also a little amazed by how much Erin was wet.

After lifting her skirt, giving a great view to Alex, Erin gathered some courage and spoke shiveringly.

"I– I want you to ravage my p–pussy like you did to my throat..."




I hope you are enjoying the story so far! Thanks for all the support, and I would like to apologize for any mistake I did, and I will do in the next few chapters, However, I promised that the writing skills and the story will only get better, as it goes, so prepare yourself!

Here is my discord server, you will literally find everything there, so check it out~

Thanks again!

Chapter end

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