I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Night With Auntie (P1) [ 18]

Night With Auntie (P1) [ 18]

[ 18]

(A/N: Today, I thought of starting to put 18 explicit chapter warnings, should I keep putting warnings on every mature chapter?)


"Could you let your auntie sleep with you tonight?~"

A mature seductive voice echoed softly in his ears, it was coming from his mom's bestfriend, Carla, who was on top of him, kneeling on her fours, and looking at him affectionately.

It was a little dark in the room, if it wasn't the moon light creeping inside, as well as his supernatural sight, Alex would have missed the lustful gaze in his auntie's eyes.

"Yes, of course, auntie"

Alex smiled faintly, he wasn't expecting his auntie to lose herself this quickly, sneak into his room, and get on top of him.

Even her smooth black hair was slowly sliding on his cheeks and neck, and her smooth bare skin glistened in beauty and sexiness out of her obscene see-through night lingerie. It was totally an astonishing sensation.

However, he knew sooner or later, his auntie would come and ask for his love, as she was completely charmed by him. Just like now, she couldn't hold herself anymore, and came asking for help.

Still, Alex played dumb, and gave permission to Carla to sleep next to him. She was confused at first, because she thought he misunderstood her lusty intentions, but she went inside the blanket and slept next to him normally, but awkwardly.

She was holding her self from doing anything sexual, the fact that she was in bed together with Alex, made her feel shameful. Nevertheless, She just slept hugging him from the side, not wanting to take advantage of her friend's "innocent" son.

'Should I spicy things up!? Your hottie auntie is sleeping with you, horny and aroused, lusting for your dick, and you won't do anything?!!'

'I'm sure this is one of your dreams since a long time ago, you always wanted to ** her! So do it now!'

Feeling the lust getting released nearby, the succubus Liza woke up, but just to inflame and push Alex's lust further, making the lust he had for her in years to be awakened!

"Carla, you look so beautiful today"

Alex turned around, hugged her, and pulled her leg up on him, and began caressing her smooth soft thighs, while looking at her wet a loving gaze.

"Hmmm~ You look so handsome, Alex, to the point of making me go crazy for you~"

Carla's face instantly lit up with a beautiful, seductive smile, her thoughts about Alex being innocent came out all wrong!

He was truly a beast in disguise! She felt so much pleasure from his hand, as it was fondling her plump thighs, causing her mature flower to start dripping with its nectar even more.

She didn't fully understand what was going on, from the attraction she felt towards him after she saw him, to the lust she was having for him, and the feeling of wanting to be **ed so roughly by him. It all happened so quick, but she wasn't hesitating to try to fulfill her desires.

"Hmm!!! Hummmmm~ Huffff~"

While pondering about her desires, feelings, and the pleasure she was receiving from Alex's gentle hand! He surprised her with a kiss! He couldn't hold himself back, as her lips looked so delicious and sweet.

Without realizing that was officially the beginning of the change in their relationship.

Gladly accepting that change, Carla hugged him back, and began kissing him passionately as well, using her tongue, sucking his.

Sensing her lust rise, Alex's hand went straight to her crotch, just to start rubbing her pussy with her black G-string on!

She was just wearing a light sexy night lingerie, along with black sexy underwears. Carla truly looked sexy, sadly, he couldn't see her astonishing body, as they were under the blanket.

"Huhh~ Ohh~ A-Alex! Huuh~ Ohh~ Ahhh!"

Feeling this heavenly pleasure for the first time in her life, Carla let out her pleased moans as she held herself back, especially when Alex pulled down her sexy panties, and began caressing her pink kitty directly!

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Alex! S-Slower!! Ahhh! Ohhh! Uhh!"

While putting his fingers out and in, caressing her bottom lips, and leaving hickeys on her neck, Carla unwillingly squirted! She was already feeling her body falling apart from the pleasure!

"Ahhhhh~ Alex, I want it Ahh~ Ohhh! Hmmm~"

Feeling her pussy burning and itching for his dick inside, Carla shamelessly pleaded for his manhood, her best friend's son's dick! To which he gladly gave it to her.

He drew her leg up to his chest, held it there firmly, pulled down his shorts, then pointed his cock to her wet cave. Caressing his glans against it for a little while, he slowly shoved it inside.

"Ohhhhh! Owhhhh!! Ahhh~ Ohhhh~"

Carla's mouth opened as an "O" and her eyes opened widely, as she felt a huge fat rod piercing her slippery tight hole, she realised right away that her friend's son had a monster between his legs!

"Ohhh! Holy **! It's so **ing biggg! Ahhhh! Ohh! Fuck!!! Alex!! Ohhh~"

Feeling it still going inside, already reaching the unexplored areas in her pussy, and slowly making its way to towards her womb's borders.

Carla cast away the blanket out of curiosity and impression, just to find out a huge fat rod penetrating her pussy, and it still didn't get in fully, half of it was still outside!

Plut~ Plat~ Plukh~ Platt~

Tasting her mature tight pussy, which he always lusted for. Alex started pulling in and out Carla's lascivious ass, as he placed his hand on her soft fat buttocks, and he slammed her bottom body with his, also he thrust his hips in sync!

"Ahhh! Oh! Fuck!!! Uhh~ Ohhh! Ahh~ Fuck! Harder!! Ohhh! Ahh~"

In all the women he **ed, Carla was the loudest moaner! She whined and whimpered so loudly, as she was having a whole new experience, the true feeling of sex's pleasure!

Phah! Pahh! Puhh! Pahhh!

Alex began thrusting his hips faster as he pulled her big booty rougher! He was longing to ** his auntie, and now he couldn't himself, but to do it aggressively!

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Uhh! Harder! Fuck me harder!! Ohh! Hummm! Ohh!!"

Carla's moans were just getting louder, as he took off her bra, revealed her busty titties. He started sucking on her nipples fiercely like a baby.

Getting **ed so roughly and passionately, her green eyes sparkled in pink, two pink hearts occupied them.

Immediately after, Carla pushed Alex to the side, and jumped on top of him, then began smacking her rounded soft ass against his crotch!

Pahh! Phut! Pahhh! Phah! Plaut! Pahhh!

"Ohh! Fuck! Yes! Oh! Fuck! Ahh! Ohh! Ahh! Your cock is the best! Ohh~ Ahh! Yess!!!"

Alex was a little surprised by this turn of events, he was **ing her auntie brain's out, her lust reached its peak, but unlike all the women he **ed, Carla kind of wanted to dominate him at that moment!

"Ahgh~ Ohh~ Aghh~"

Yet, he was absolutely enjoying it! His hottie auntie was riding his cock, thrusting her voluptuous ass in and out, and making her plump titties to jiggle in front of his face, it was an astonishing feeling.

The feeling of his dick getting crushed by her tight, delicious pussy!

"Ahh!! Fuck!! Harder! Oh! Ah! Oh! Alex Fuckk me harderr! Ohh! Uhhmh!"

The bold, courageous whining even went louder as Alex groped her bouncy fat buttocks from the sides, while he aggressively sucked on her titties. Instantly, he began pulling her ass up faster, and making his bed ramble from the force.

Plutt! Plkh! Plat! Plut!


While clasping on her ass so tightly, ramming it down on his fat cock, and making it bounce and jiggle like jello. Alex added a few aggressive spanks from the sides, to spice things up more, causing the slutty Carla to stretch out her tongue involuntarily as she was having a hard time breathing!

However, Alex reached his limits soon, yet didn't have any intention to stop entirely.

"Huff! Ohh! Alex?! Fuck me and fill me up with your semen~ Ohh~ Mark me...Huff~...as yours~ Ohhh~ Huff!"

Suddenly, Alex stopped pulling Carla's ass on his dick, as well as he stopped thrusting his hips. His cock was throbbing violently inside, so he pulled up her butt, hanging it in there, and making her upper body to pressed against his.

"Hugghhhh! Ahh! Oh! Fuck! Harder! Oh! Ah! Oh! Fuck ** **!!! Ahh! Ghh! Hufffff!"

Without anything warning, After, Alex adjusted his laying position. He pulled his bottom body a little up, then began thrusting his hips up and down so promptly and aggressively! Fucking his auntie pussy senselessly!

Pah! Pahh! PAh! Pah! Paahh!

The sound of his hips slapping against her soft buttocks clouded his mind, Alex groped them even tighter, causing his ten fingers to plunge into her soft flesh.

"Aghh! Ohh~"

The feeling of cumming was around the corner, and Alex couldn't help but groan in pleasure, he was soon cumming, finally pouring his semen into his beloved auntie's pussy, like he always craved for!

Since he was a young boy, and since he discovered fapping. He often bust a nut for his auntie, but today, after waiting many years, he was busting inside her tight pussy!

"Ahh! Ohh! Fuck! Alex! Fuckk! Hmm! Ahh! Ahhhh! Ohhh! Aghhh!!!"

Feeling her inside being wrecked so roughly, on the outside her ass was getting clapped with his hips, along with her nipples being bite with his teeth, yet the best feeling, was the feeling of a hot fluid invading her womb, filling it up, and making her unwillingly orgasm!

"Ohhh~ Oghhh~ Fuck it~ Ahh~"

Alex groaned so loudly, as he kept ramming his hips against his auntie large buttocks, letting all the cum out of his balls inside of her, and letting go off everything.

That made her voluptuous ass to fall on him, and bounce all over, while his rod still forcefully occupied her creampied pussy. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the whine and whimpers she let out near his ears.

"Ohh~ Ahh~ I never knew you...Huff~...giant between your legs, I'm getting...Huhh~...addicted to it~ Ohhh~ Your cum is so hot~ This is my first time getting creampied~ It feels incredible Hmmm~"

Carla rested her face on his chest, and slowly moved her ass in circles, as she panted heavily. Her eyes were still glowing pink, more than before! She was fully satisfied with this new experience!

But what surprised Alex today, was Carla having her first creampie ever! Alex knew she wasn't a virgin, she was 37 years, surely she had met someone before, but still he felt content knowing he was the first to ejaculate inside.

However, that happiness slowly turned into lust...

Alex slowly pushed her to the side, making her to laying down on her shoulder suddenly, he stood on his knees, dangling his cock in front of her surprised luscious face!

"Suck it for me, auntie~"

Looking at her stunned face, Alex smiled proudly, and lightly slapped his erected big cock with her cheeks! Her jaw dropped after seeing his big dragon, and with that she shoved it into her mouth.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

"Hmmm~ Huhhhmmm~ Uhmmmm! Mwwwhhhmm~"

Laying down on her right side, resting from the intense rough sex she just had, while slowly sucking on the cock like a lollipop. That made her lose her mind completely, with all that, Carla began stroking her overflowing creampied cunt with her hand hurriedly, as it felt itchy again!

'Liza, could you somehow refill my balls? I still want more...'

Alex shamelessly asked as he had a ton of lust built up for Carla all those years, not only that, her mature hot body was something out of the world. Her figure was totally perfect.

But the best thing in her, was she moaned so loudly and freely without holding herself at all, letting out beautiful hymns for Alex's ears, making him super aroused.

'Yes, I could do that, but I can't make renew your energy and stamina like earlier, so once you get tired, there's no more today. You're still a human, and using a lot of magic on you, might end up causing unwanted damage. However, yes, I could do that'

Liza's response was enough to make Alex goose bump in happiness, he knew he couldn't go any further with his empty balls, however, he soon started falling some changes. They quickly got refilled again!

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp!

After getting used to it, Carla lifted her body a little up, groping his big balls, and massaging them with her hand, while sucking, and jerking off his cock with the other one!

She was doing pretty well sucking his huge cock, well enough to make him want to ravage her throat!


"Ghhuhmm! Hummm! Hghh!! Aghh! Ohh!"

Without any notice or mercy, Alex gripped on her smooth hair, collecting it into a ponytail, then began choking her on his rod, pulling her head inward, making his cock slid all the way down to her throat!

"You look so beautiful again, Carla~"

Hearing her name coming from his mouth. Carla glanced up at him with her teary green eyes, while most of his dick was inside her mouth. She undoubtedly looked so beautiful.

"Ghh! Ghhhn~ Hugggg! Ohhhh!! Gughh!"

Being bewitched by his dirty praise, Carla was taken by surprise! Alex began thrusting his hips back, and forth this time, making her involuntarily gasp for air.

It didn't stop just right there, he took the chance, and began crushing her boobs with his hand, squeezing them so aggressively, and pinching her rosy nipples senselessly, she was totally losing it, as well as he.

"Ohh~ Aghh~ Dammmn~"

Alex already was feeling so much pleasure, as his whole body shivered, also already feeling the urge to cum, as his balls were overflowing with semen, refilled just to bust them on his auntie.


"Ghhhuhhhh! Ohhhghhh! Aghhhhh! Hummmmghhff!"

The urge to cum just made him intenser! Sliding his dick all the down her throat, truly **ing her mouth beautifully.

Feeling her whole body tremble in pleasure, Carla couldn't help, but clinched into his thighs, wrap her arms around them, and letting him fill up her mouth with his delicious cum!


"Aghhhhhh~ so **ing good~ Ohh~"

Shortly, Alex glanced up at the roof with his eyes closed, groaning in pleasure, as long shots of his thick milk went down his auntie's throat.

Pushing all his dick inside, making her lips to rest on the base unwillingly. However, she held into his thighs firmly, as she totally loved it! She glanced up, her hearty eyes sparkled more in lust, while she willingly gulped his addictive semen.

"Ohh~ You won't be sleeping tonight, Carla~"

Alex glanced down at his auntie, after letting out all the semen inside his canal. Just to find her gagging for air while she happily swallowed his whole cock inside.

Her eyes were astonishing with those pink hearts, which glistened in response to his loving gaze...

Chapter end

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