I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Weird Relationship [Bonus Chapter]

Weird Relationship [Bonus Chapter]

"Wake up, hone—"

The door suddenly opened, and soon a mature woman with a brown short hair entered. Shock was all over her face, while she gawked at her son's bed...

Looking at his mom's stunned face, Alex's mind completely woke up! His eyes opened so widely while gazing at her fully open brown eyes, which were fixed on the naked woman besides him.

'Humm! Good morning, what's going on? What are you so startled for...Oh, you **ed up'

Liza's sweet yawns sounded in his spinning head, despite being cute, it made him freak out. Just like him, she just woke up from her spiritual sleep, after sensing a rise in his anxiety.

Exactly like him, she was shocked when she saw his mom, standing at the door, looking at the bed with fixed eyes. Right away, she knew, Alex was **ed up.

As well as he, he realized that Liza didn't save his ass this time, and his mom saw everything...

"Huhh! S-sorry f-for d-disruption!"


After gazing at her naked ass friend sleeping in her son's bed, along with him naked too. She noticed his stunned stare, also looking at his erected dick because of its morning wood.

With her head ringing with all what she just witnessed, her face flushed in red, then she slammed down behind her. She wasn't stupid, her son had sex with her friend yesterday!!

"Goddammit... What should I do now..."

Alex's face was quite pale already, and his dick instantly went soft. He never thought his mom might get in, so he didn't lock the doors...

Indeed, his mom never entered his room without knocking before, However, what he didn't know, was his mom did it because of the fluid track on the floor!

It came all the way from her bedroom's door, until his room, sticky glowing juices were on the hallway, which made her open his door inhesitantly.

Out of curiosity and worry, of course, but just to find out something shocking! A magnificent shameless of view of her son and best friend, completely naked without any coverings, along with lewd smells coming off them.

'How about you add her to your harem? That would make it even better, I'm sure she won't feel awkward anymore'

Liza was startled at first, but not worried at all, she could sense Alex's heart pounding like drums, but still she couldn't hide her succubus's shameless ideas.

'What??? Fucking no, she is my mom!'

Alex yelled back in opposition, he felt mad at Liza for thinking of such things, she was a succubus, but she needed to put some limitations. He stood up, and began dressing clumsily.

'I just suggested, also I can't do anything even if I wanted, you have zero lust for your mother, so don't worry about me doing anything to her'

Feeling anger rising in Alex, Liza hurriedly tried to calm him down. It would be a lie if didn't think of making him lust for his mom, but finding no such desires in his heart, it was impossible.

Also, she could tell that Laura, his mom, developing love feelings, and certainly not for him. She loved him just as a son too, so she couldn't make her lust for him neither.

'Don't stress yourself about it, nothing terrible happened, you know if she was mad, she would have confronted you here, instead she ran away in embarrassment'

Trying to help him calm down, Liza uttered. She could feel his anger fading, but still his anxiety rising. He was over worried. Getting caught by your mom next with a naked woman, was something to worry about it, and getting caught **ing her best friend, was extra terrible.

However, he calmed down himself, after wearing back his clothes, he stinks with obscene scents, along with Carla's perfume, but couldn't go downstairs to take a shower, as he would collide with his mom awkwardly.

'Is there nothing I can do about it?...'

Sitting back on his bed, looking at Carla's body, his semen dried, but left some white spots on her holes, Alex couldn't get aroused as his mind was pondering to find a solution.

'I certainly can't do anything about it, unfortunately, my current powers don't eligible me to use memory erasing, and even when I have enough power, the time gap would be wider, and I can't erase or manipulate more than 5 minutes of memories here on earth'

'So, there's nothing I can about it, nor you, the only solution is to gather enough courage and sort out peacefully. It's not bad as you think'

Liza introduced a skill he didn't knew about it, which was about memory manipulation, but having his mind focused solely on his problems, Alex ignored it, and let out a sigh.

He was calming down slowly, Liza was right, if his mom was angry, she would have stayed to complain about it, but she was taken by embarrassment, and left right away after noticing his gaze.

"Hummm~ Huff~ Alex, you awake already?"

Gazing at her mature well-developed body blankingly, he didn't notice her eyes opening. Her cute yawn kind of startled him, but her beautiful smile was astonishing, her flawless face was blushing lightly, with her raven hair messed up over it.

"Is there something wrong? Your handsome face is quite pale"

Noticing the worry in his eyes, Carla's raised her upper body, and asked him concernedly. She was sure something happened, he was already wearing his clothes, sitting on his bed uncomfortably, and gazing back at her.

"My mom came into the room, and saw everything earlier"

Alex spoke with a clear voice, hiding the worry in his voice, but keeping it on his face unwillingly. He didn't want to make Carla feel anxious too.


Silently, Carla's emerald like eyes opened widely after hearing what Alex confidently uttered. Her heart jolt as she panicked! Her best friend knows that she **ed with her son!

Carla quickly stood up and wore her black sexy lingerie, she only came into his room with it yesterday, and it was the only clothes available at his room.

"Here, wear this on top, until you go back to your room"

Looking at her wearing her underwear promptly, as she was afraid Laura would come back into the room, also realizing that she won't go outside into the hall without only her lingerie, Alex threw a white T-shirt, which was a little oversized on him.


Carla uttered, andgrabbed the shirt off the bed, she thought it would get back if Laura caught her wearing her son's shirt after having sex with him at night, still, it was the only thing that cover her upper body, with glimpse of her bottom body. Alex was taller than her, so it was totally cute.

"I will go talk with L-Laura, I'm the one who seduced you, so it's my fault"

After wearing the cute shirt, Laura spoke with a trembling lips, while looking at Alex. He stood up, and smiled at faintly at her, it was kind of her to attempt to fix things, but it was her fault, as he was the one who seduced her!

Also, he realized that his situation wasn't that bad, it wasn't like he slept with his real auntie, it was just his mom's friend, also he could confirm that Carla was single, as she didn't have any sex lately, also her heart was available.

Carla nodded, and slowly went out of the room, planning to go to her temporary room first, to wear proper clothes, but bumping into Laura, who was climbing the stairs.

Alex also followed her from behind, but she stopped suddenly after going out, he immediately switched his eyes to the stairs, just to find his mom looking at them with a blushing face.

"I-I'm sorry, Laura, It was my fault, I came into his room, and ended up sleeping with him..."

Nevertheless, Carla slowly went close to her friend shakily, bowing down her head in embarrassment and shame. She knew it was something Laura wouldn't likely accept.

"It's also my fault"

Since Carla gathered her courage and spoke, Also Alex came closer and admitted his participation. But unlike her, he kept his face up, without any embarrassment.

"I-It's okay, I'm happy you g-grown up to be a healthy m-man"

Gazing at her son's bold face, Laura uttered tremblingly, she was too embarrassed, more than him. However, he felt extra awkward at that moment.

Hearing that, Carla lifted her face up a little, and looked at Laura with a red beet face. She felt a little ease after knowing she wasn't mad at them.

"P-Please, don't do it a-again in the h-hallway"

After her friend lifted her face up, Laura spoke to her shakily again, making their faces puzzled a little. They both heard her say "again" which meant they could ** another time! Thinking that she accepted their weird relationship.

However, looking at their puzzled expression and happy eyes, Laura uttered again, making their puzzled faces to turn into a shocked!

"W-When will you get m-married?...."


Master is here!

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I'm excited to earn more of your support, stay tuned for more chapters!

Chapter end

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