I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Breakfast


"Playboy, what do you think you were gawking at?"

A feminine, tough voice rang at Alex's ears again, as he was being pulled to its direction. The red haired woman caught him from his shoulder, and forcefully turned him around.

Just like Jessica, his landlord, this gym woman had a smirk without any showing any signs of getting charmed. But unlike outside, Alex could feel she completely into him.

"Certainly not at you"

Alex smiled innocently at her. He did look at her for glimpses of seconds, but he didn't want to start problems with strangers, especially with his woman's, Cristina's friends.

From how friendly they talked earlier, Alex was convinced they were at least friends, or they know each other for long.

"Huh?! You bastard, I was referring to her, not me!"

Upon hearing what Alex smirkily uttered, the red head face turned into an ugly expression, then she pointed at Cristina who was embarrassingly looking down out of shyness.

Somehow, she felt upset after hearing that he wasn't looking at her, making her think she was inferior to Cristina. However, just as she said, she was referring to Cristina since the beginning. She undoubtedly saw him glance at her plump open breasts.

Certainly both women were incredibly beautiful and sexy, but Cristina looked more soft and fluffy, unlike her angry friend. Nonetheless, to see her friend getting furious at her man, she stood up and clasped onto her arm.

"S-Stop it, Lia, I-I know him"

Cristina stopped her friend, who named Lia, from her arm, pulling her away from Alex, and attempting to resolve the conflict.

Lia looked at her with a dumbfounded expression. She always protected her from playboys and **boys who were always trying to get in her pants, and all the time Cristina thanked her.

However, today it was different! Cristina clearly showed affection towards this handsome guy, along with blushing so shyily peeking at his face. Lia was shocked by this new behaviour!

"Seriously?! He might be handsome and charming, but you shouldn't fall for that! He is clearly a playboy!"

Lia yelled with a light blush at Cristina. She was right, Alex was definitely a playboy in some terms, but at least a good one. Yet, for Cristina, he was her lifelong man.

"N-No! He is not a playboy..."

Cristina yelled back, but softly and adorably, causing her friend, Lia, to look at her in amazement, it was the first she behaved like that, and it was a shock to her.

Cristina just met him yesterday's morning, but he was bonded with her, so she felt like her friend was bad-mouthing her instead.

Actually more like best friends. They were friends for quite a long time now, since they were both in college.

They both dropped out, Cristina had a rich background, so she started a gym, and Lia worked for her, as a manager assistant and a coach sometimes.

So with being together for years, Lia knew her well, and know how much she was shy and introvert, from everyone, not just males. Yet now, she was defending one as if he was her boyfriend.

"What gotten into you, Cristina?! Okay, nevermind!"

Lia shook her head, and sprinted away from them, going into the gym sale. She could understand why her friend acted like that! Even she started feeling attraction towards Alex just by spending a couple seconds together.

Not only that, she also felt goosebumps when she placed her hand on his shoulder, magically making her feel aroused, and causing her kitty to jolt in pleasure. There was no way she would want to stay with them there any longer.

"S-Sorry about that, don't ju-udge her, she is kind, but o-overprotective sometimes"

After her friend left, Cristina seated her fat ass back into the chair, and apologized to Alex for her friend's defensive behavior. Alex was cool about it as he had control over everything.

"It's okay, thanks, Cristina. See you later"

Alex smiled warmly at his woman, making her heart shake in happiness, but also biding his farewell, as he didn't have much time. He still had a date with Linda at 10 AM, and it already passed 9AM.

Hearing that, Cristina waved her hand slowly, setting him off. She missed him, but couldn't tell him to stay for more, as he seemed to be busy. Nevertheless, she knew he would come back again soon.

After that, Alex exited the gym, and headed towards his apartment, he still had about 40 minute before he went on his date with Linda, also their meeting spot was going to take place at Central Park, and it wasn't that far.

While heading to his new place, Alex passed by a convenience store, bought some groceries, things he would make his second breakfast with, eggs, bacon, and more.

Since the kitchen was furnished, and had most of the items he would need, Alex wasn't hesitant from trying his cooking skills. After buying everything, he went out to it, and soon reached there.

Going up the elevator to the second floor, his apartment building was so quie, and no one was in the lobby or his floor. He reached his flat, unlocked the door, and entered normally.

'One girl is still here, sleeping in that room, probably Ashley~'

After using her radar, Liza announced playfully, she could sense a young woman sleeping in one of the three rooms, it was most likely Ashley, as Mary would have gone to the store already.

However, to that, Alex nodded his head, and went to the kitchen. He didn't wake her up, as he didn't cook breakfast yet. Rarely he cooks, still, his skills weren't that bad.

It didn't take a long time for some baconz and eggs to cook, Alex fixed two plates as he could sense Ashley was waking up.

Shortly, he took the two plates along with two glasses of milk to the living room, placed them on the glass table, and sat on the couch.


After a while, a bedroom door opened, and as he predicted, it was Ashley who came out, rubbing her eyes while yawing, going to the bathroom without realizing her daddy was in the living room!

Alex saw her slowly walk towards the bathroom, wearing only a white crop top, and green sexy panties, she looked undoubtedly so seductive, but also cute with her brown messy hair.

While waiting for her to come out, he started eating out of extreme hunger! He was still thin, and even he had supernatural powers, his muscles consume every drop of energy that was in his body.

It wasn't a problem. He cooked a lot more, surely enough to make him full.


After a couple of minutes, the bathroom door opened, and Ashley came out, but this time her face was washed, and her hair was combed and styled into a cute ponytail.


Instantly upon noticing Alex sitting on the white leather couch with a smile on his face, looking at her lovingly, Ashley's face lit up, and she ran to him.

She wasn't expecting him to come on the morning, and even make breakfast for her!

"Good morning~ Ashley"

Ashley quickly rushed to him, smiling so widely, and without any hesitation she sat on his lap, placing her rounded butt on his thigh, hugging him as if she didn't see him in months.

"I-I'm sorry, I just missed you so much"

Quickly releasing what she has done, immediately her face flushed, Ashley tried to get up from his lap, but she couldn't as Alex grasped on her, hugging her from the waist. Kissing her neck and cheeks cutely.

To those sweet light kisses, Ashley didn't respond orally, but she hugged him tightly, while letting him mark her with his lips. It was such a heart-warming moment for both of them, but it soon ended.

"Let's eat now"

After leaving some light hickeys on his cutie's neck, Alec uttered with a smile, telling Ashley to come down off his lap to eat her breakfast.

"Okay, Daddy~"

Hearing that, Ashley stood up, lifting her bare buttocks off his thighs...Suddenly, she bent downz and squatted between his open legs! Surprising him with her abrupt move.

Without any hesitation, she pulled down Alex's shorts and boxer down to his knees, looking at his erected hard dick, she smiled faintly with reddened face.

"D-Daddy's semen is the best breakfast I could ever get, also your huge cock became hard because of my ass, so I have to take care of it"

Holding his fat cock in her hand, Ashley uttered while keeping her gaze down from embarrassment. She was embarrassed, but still expressed her love for his big brother!

"Be quick, I need to go out soon"

Alex drank some of his milk glass, giving Ashley permission to dig in, as she was holding his dick with both hands impatiently. However, hearing his approval, she instantly shoved his glans into his mouth, as the lewd smell was making her mind clouded.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

After giving his meat rod a few kisses, she began sucking and licking thirstily. She was doing it perfectly this time, but swiftly, her daddy told her he didn't have much time, and she wants to hold him late.

"Hmmm~ Haff~ Daddy, I'm getting addicted~ Hmmmm~"

Shoving her whole face into his crotch, as he was sitting crooked, while eating. However, it was no problem, her daddy's was long and thick! Still, Alex leaned back, and drew his body forward, hoping to get some balls sucks while he drinks his milk.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

After Alex dick came out more visibly, also his large nuts came into view, looking at his hairless smooth pair of eggs, Ashley shoved them into her mouth vulgarly while at the same time jacking off his cock with her tender hand faster!

"Ughh~ Good girl~"

Feeling so much pleasure running down his spine after Ashley shed some light on his sensitive balls, Alex patted her head while groaning in joy.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp !

There was no way in hell, Ashley won't increase her speed after hearing that. Her daddy just praised her and that made shake in happiness! That was enough to make her want his semen at any cost.

Sucking his dick at the same time massaging his balls gently with her hands. She couldn't swallow his dick all, but she focused on the sensitive parts, and it was the glans!

Slurrrp! Slurrrp! Slurrrp!

"Hummm~ Hufff! Hummm~ Hummm! Hffffmmmmm!"

"Aghh~ Ughhh~"

After just a couple more minutes, grunts and whines echoed all over the house. However, they were happiness moans! Ashley finally received her favourite milk! All in her mouth.

Shots of hot, thick semen rested on her mouth, filling it up to the end. It was his first load this morning, and it was massive!

Nonetheless, what was surprising, was Ashley still didn't swallow it, she stood up, slowly went to the opposite couch and sat on it, after giving Alex a show of her plump ass, which only had small green panties on!

But to Alex surprise! She did something quite stunning; after sitting on the couch, she grabbed her glass of milk, real milk, then opened her mouth widely, pouring her daddy's milk into her glass!

It was a lot of semen, so it took some time to pour it all out. Furthermore, Ashley took a spoon and began mixing her drinking, while averting her gaze in embarrassment.

'That's kinda nasty'

Alex uttered upon seeing what Ashley done, but he couldn't blame her, as his semen was very addictive and also delicious, in addition it was healthy, so it wasn't that bad even though it was kind of weird.

"I-I love your yogurt, Daddy"

After taking some sips of her extremely sweet milk, Ashley uttered with a flushed face as always, but made Alex dumbfounded. He didn't think, she already found out that his spilled "yogurt" was his semen!

"Always for you, sweetie"

Pulling back his shorts and underwear, Alex smilingly said. He would to get laid with Ashley, but Linda's date was in the way. As a man of commitment, he was going to keep his promise to her.

Nevertheless, he continued eating and chatting with Ashley until it reached 09:50 AM, he stood up and ready to leave.

"See you later at the store, take care"

After standing up and fixing his clothes, Alex left with a beam. He already spent a decent amount of time with Ashley just chatting happily, and it was time for him to head out, and that was he did, leaving the apartment, then the residence area, going straight to the park.

It wasn't that far, it was few minutes away from there, and you could quickly reach there on foot. So did Alex, he quickly arrived, and began looking for Linda.

Going the foot tracks inpurposely, looking for the hottie gal without any results, unfortunately his built-in radar couldn't tell nearby people's identity yet.

"You looking for us? Darling~"

While walking slowly around, suddenly a feminine familiar voice came from the nearby bench, exactly from a pink haired young woman, who was undoubtedly.... Linda! She was blonde, but dyed it pink yesterday!

Wearing a very short jean shorts, along with a pink tank top, in addition to her overloaded jewelry, and accessories, Linda sat on the bench comfortably, smiling so widely at her date.

However, there was another person next to her, an unexpected guest, who surely was none other than her gothic friend, Menina! Unlike the previous time, she was smiling devilishly while looking at him, soon her lips moved.

"Ready for the movie? Alex~"

Chapter end

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