I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Movie Date (P2) [ 18]

Movie Date (P2) [ 18]

"Ohh!~ Fuck! It is still going!! Ohhh~ Hufff~"

Sitting on his cock, slipping it all the way to her womb, Linda couldn't help but whine! Of course, while stretching her tongue like a puppy for her friend, Menina, to see.

"Wow, you're unexpectedly so tight"

Feeling his dick getting literally getting crushed by her pussy walls, Alex exclaimed in surprise. Somehow, he was expecting her clit to be already loose.

"Ahh~ I may dress vulgarly, but I'm not a slut! Ohh! Uh!!"

Without turning around or glancing back, Linda protested on Alex's rushed wrong thoughts. It would be a lie if he didn't think she was a slut.

She always wore very revealing clothes and acted slutty with him. Even her today's clothes were extra nudy, her very tight jeans shorts almost reached her crotch, she definitely could be mistaken for a prostitute. Yet, her tight pussy was saying the opposite!

"Uhmm~ Ah~ Oh~ Hummm~ Yes~ Uhmm~ Ahh~"

Linda moaned sweetly as she slowly plunged her pussy on his cock, slapping her fat buttocks against his, causing them to bounce beautifully. She couldn't help but bite her bottom lip while gazing at her friend's face, blankingly.

Undoubtedly, she wasn't frozen by that astonishing sight of Linda's slutty face, instead, she began taking off her clothes, along with Linda's, while her eyes glistened in pink too!

Both of them were barely holding up, and even forgot they were inside the auditorium! Slowly both of them became naked, Linda was riding his cock, while Menina sucked on her friend's rosy nipples voluntarily.

Plap~ Plut~ Plukh~! Plat~

"Ohh~ Humm~ Uhh~ Oh my god! I'm dying! Uh! Ohmmm~ Ahhh~"

The sounds of Alex's dick penetrating Linda's tight cunt, along with nipples sucking noises, resounded all over Alex ears, as he witnessed Linda's fat sot buttocks going up and down on his abdomen with a pleased grin.

He was kind of expecting Linda and Menina to ** with him in the theater, but he didn't predict it would be this vulgar! Fortunately no one was behind them, and it was dark, both women took the chance, and tasted his pleasure!

The movie was nothing to care about anymore. Alex groped Linda's peachy butt and began slamming it up and down! Causing the slapping sounds to resounded even more.

"Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! I'm cumming!!~ Ohhhh! Ahh!"

Just 5 seconds after Alex fully went on, Linda's legs began trembling so much, and fluid was constantly dropping on the floor. Getting stimulated by Menina, and his cock at the same time, was too much to handle!

Pah! Pahhh! Plap! Plap! Pahhh!

No mercy for her trembling pussy, Alex only added more force into his pulls, ignoring the fact she just orgasmed, and her clit was still sensitive, all he cared about that moment was busting his load inside.

However, with feeling his desire to cum building up, Alex pulled her inward, grabbed her legs and pulled them up like a V, then clasped on her thick thighs, and lifted her buttocks off him a little, sinking his ten fingers into them immediately.

Linda was kind of startled, she was sluttishly smacking her voluptuous ass against his lap, but suddenly her body raised, along with her legs flying in the air.

She leaned on his chest, looking at Menina, who was stunned whore like face, after she received a better view of what was happening to her friend, and what was going to happen!

Pahh! Pahhh! Pahhh! Pahhhh!

"Uhhh!! Holy FUCK ! Ohh! Uh! Ah! Uh! I'm cummingggg! Ohhhh!"

With no time to get ready, Alex started thrusting his hips up and down, so swiftly, as if his crotch was a hammer and Linda's pussy was the nail! Taking her by the roughness, and making her shot her fluids at her friend's amazed face!

Even with having things under control, Alex was no longer able to hold himself up, the urge grew, and Linda's pussy was his cum dump.

"Uhhhh! So **ing hot! It's pouring into my womb! Ohhh!! Ahh~ Ohh~"

After a few more pussy smacking, Linda drew out her tongue even lustier, and her eyes sparkled in happiness, as Alex's semen were gushing into her womb.

"Aghhh~ Ohh~ Fhew!"

It couldn't go without realizing some grunts, he wasn't tired yet, but cumming was definitely a difficult, yet a pleasurable action. Nonetheless, he let go of Linda's thighs, making her sit more deeply on his rod as her feet touch the ground.

She was panting so heavily, while her whole body jolt, as she felt her womb melting from the heat. Still, just like him, she was still not tired! Full of energy.

"Bitch! Get off him, it's my turn!!"

Menina yelled at Linda, who amazingly flipped her body, making herself face Alex, kissing him suddenly, and slowly wiggling her soft rounded buttocks on his dick. Her ass movement were so perfect and seductive.

Even so, Menina was rubbing the hell out her dripping pussy, while impatiently waiting for her turn, but since Linda wasn't getting off, she went up, and took his lips to him.

Their rosy lips were all over his face, licking his cheeks, kissing and sucking on his lips, and sometimes sucking each other's tongue. Alex wasn't going to waste this chance!

"Hummmm~ Hummm~ Hufffmmm~"

He turned his head to Menina, groped her fatty butt cheeks, and massaged them. She was sitting on her knees, on his right, enjoying the sweetness of his lips, as her pussy got stroked for him.

However, that wasn't the best feeling she felt at that moment, but the feeling of connection she was suddenly forming with him!

'Completely yours'

After a while, Liza's succubus voice resounded in his head, as he fully felt bonded with Menina! He kept fingering his new woman's pussy, and sucking her lips and tongue, while Linda kissed and licked his neck.

It was truly a magnificent sensation, better than watching any movie. It felt so hot skin to skin, that hotness was slowly dazing their minds, even Alex's!

Plut! Plaukh! Plap! Plat!

Trying to get his attention back, and kisses, Linda increasing her thrusting speed, and aggressively rammed his whole cock inside, while squeezing the hell out of it! She was jealous, and a slut for his lips!

Somehow, sensing that Menina was more intimate with Alex after that deep kiss, she knew it had to be the same for her too! Clearly wants to be owned by him.

"Finally! Hummm~ Uhmmm~"

Linda's face lit up as Alex turned his head around to her, stealing her lips, sucking them, and playing with her tongue, unconsciously she was getting enslaved by him!

'Compelety yours, too'

Liza announced, with a chuckle, she was having the best time of her life on earth. Alex was having threesomes more often now, releasing more lust for her to absorb.

"Ah~ Uh~ your fingers as so big~ Uh~ Ah! Oh! Hmm~"

Even though, he switched his face to Linda, he left two fingers stretched up for Menina. She pinned his arm down fixedly, and rid on beautifully if they were his cock! With [Touch of Pleasure] It was nearly the same stimulation.

Plaut! Plap! Plaukh! Plap!

"Uhh! Fuck! Ahh! Ohh! Hmm! Uhhn!"

With no way to bear all the pleasure she was going through, getting her plump breasts squeezed so aggressively with his hands, and receiving his fierce kisses, Linda smashed the hell of her ass against his crotch! Enjoying the throbbing his cock was making.

"Uhh!! Uhmmm! Ahhh! Oghhh! Fuck! Yes! It can't get any better! Ohhhh! Just fill me up again! Uhh! Ahhh! Uhhh!"

The throbbing just increased, causing Linda to break the kiss, for the sake of pleading for his cum again! It was totally understandable, as the throbs his cock produced became double the strength of normal men.

Feeling like a living dildo vibrator inside her pussy, going in and hurriedly as she slammed her ass on it, making her squirt enormous times. Soon, Linda cried out, as she received what she yearned for!

"Wooahh!! It feels incredibleeee! Ahhh! Uhh! Ohh~"

Glancing up, and stretching her tongue all out, letting her saliva roll down her chin, as her pussy was dripping of her man's cum. Goosebumps weren't leaving her body, also her, not leaving with getting more kisses!

"Get up, Linda! Hummm! It's my turn now! Alex, please ** me~"

Linda was definitely not getting up with all means, even if she wanted her, she couldn't, her legs were like jello. Menina understood that, instead of pushing her limp friend to the same, She stood up, clasped on the back of the backrest. She firmly held on the seat in front of them.

Using every slutty cell in her brain, she bent her belly inward, and ass up forward, giving Alex a view of both her needy pink holes, and inviting him for a doggy style!

"Woahh! Wait, babe, I still need more cuddling!"

Linda cried out after Alex easily lifted her body up, and gently placed her in a sitting position on the seat beside him. Menina's ass was perfect at that position! Totally like heart shape.

Looking at that lascivious piece of art, beautifully rounded and juicy. Alex stood up, with no desire other than nailing that ass!


"Ahh! Uhhhhhh!!! Hmmmm!"

Seeing a lovely ass, and not spanking it? That was something you can't just slide for Alex. However, catching her by spank, He rushedly shoved his whole cock inside!

"Extremely tight for you too"

Alex had to comment again, Even thought Menina was more like a gothic girl, she wore revealing vulgar just like Linda, totally like whore, but it seems you can't judge a book by its cover! Both of their pussies were fresh and tight, even though they weren't virgins.

Plap~ Plut~ Plap~ Plat~

Going slowly, while taking some time to give the actual movie a chance, watching it, while enjoying the tightness of his woman's clit. Linda did the same, she was sitting on her seat, she couldn't stand, so she decided to watch them, and also the movie, while her pussy overflowed with white thick semen.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

"Uhmm! Himmm! Ahh! Fuck me Hardeerrrr, Alex! Uhh~ Ahh~

Unlike both of them, who had something to entertain with, Menina was feeling hotter ever slow thrust Alex gave her, she even started moving her ass back and forth to get more pleasure!

"Oh! Sorry about that"

Retuning his focus on Menina finally, Alex groped a handful of her buttocks, and started ramming his cock harder and rougher, just like she wanted. He was actually so crazy about her well-developed ass, but the movie caught his attention.

Pah! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh!


Focusing more on his "movie", watching ever second of it, its bounces, and movements, Alex couldn't help but make it red with his firm big hands, crisply smacking her pussy with his sagging balls, and hammering her from behind roughly.

"Ahh! Ahhh! Uh! Oh! Yes! Fuckinggg good! Harder! Yes!! Uhh! Ahhhhh!"

Menina was no quieter than Linda, it felt kind of weird for him, if it wasn't for Liza's soundproof barrier, he was sure he would get caught so many times. However, his women without knowing its existence, they moaned so loudly and carelessly.

Pahhhh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh!

However, it was already set for him, and that wasn't something he should ponder over, instead, he began increasing speed more, causing her legs to shake, as drops of her juices rolled down her thick smooth thighs.

With desire to feel more pleasure, Alex held Menina's thighs, squeezed them together, and lifted her off the ground, here it was the beginning of the real ass-smacking!

Pahh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahh!

"Uh! Uh! Ah! Oh! Ah! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhhh! I'm cummingggg!! Ah! Uh!"

After Alex took a good grip on her light body, he held her from her upper inner thighs, where the softest and the squashiest flesh in her body reside. Causing her legs to shiver, as her body was getting **ed on the air!

Plap! Plukh! Plut! Plap~

Plunging into her slippery wet hole, still it was sucking him in, pleading for his semen inside. Alex only went faster, taking hold of Menina firmly, **ing her brains out, and enjoying every thrust he gives.

"Uh! Ahh! Shit!!! It's vibrating inside me! Ohh! Ahh! Yes! Creampie me! Ohh!

A tingling sensation rang in his balls, and immediately after, his dick jerked inside of Menina's cumsucking cunt, informing her of the upcoming flood! She helpless clasped on the back of the backrest, letting her man hammer her ass.

Pahh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahhhh!

"Aghh~ Ughh~ Amazing~"

After a few more shots, Alex couldn't hold it anymore, and ejaculated inside his gothic woman's womb, filling it all up, and getting the remaining to gush out.

It felt truly amazing to ** such a great tight pussy, still, it only made Alex want more. However, he let go of Menina, making her back on her feet. Her legs were trembling while she breathed heavily, she seemed to be in an overwhelming pleasure.

'That felt truly amazing'

Alex leaned back, pulled his erected soaked cock out, and sat back on his seating, gazing at Menina's overflowing cunt with a smirk.

'Linda said she is a succubus, and I still didn't see any of her skills yet~ Seems it was a lie'

Recalling what Linda told him the other day when they met outside the store, so she could get his number. She definitely said Menina wasn't a shy silent girl, but a succubus in disguise, yet, they didn't see any of those characteristics.

Definitely, her pussy was amazing, and her ass was seductively outstanding. However, she just stayed still, and let him ** her.

"Wooah! It's starting!"

Linda suddenly blurted out as Menina clumsily and slowly stood up properly, turning herself around, facing her man with an astonishing lewd smile, and her hearty eyes. She smiled obscenely, and came near him, limping.

Without any problems, she came into his lap, adjusted his dick to her hole! Not her pussy, but asshole! Giggling in his ears. It felt she was totally a different person at that moment!

"Oh~ My **boy, I always wondered how would it feel in butthole, seems we are going to find out~"

Chapter end

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