I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Movie Date (P3) [ 18]

Movie Date (P3) [ 18]

"Ohh~ It stretching it wide~ Ahhhh~ So **ing amazing already~ Ohh~"

Menina suddenly stood up, hopped on his lap, smiling at him so lewdly, and inhesitantly adjusting his soaked cock to her asshole. It was slippery by her juices and cum, so his squishy pink glans slipped slowly inside

"Uhh~ you're so tight down there, Hmmmmm~"

Letting out some grunts but getting immediately chocked with her plump breasts; sandwiching his handsome face with her boobies while hugging his head tightly, Menina slowly plunged his huge cock into her virgin butt hole!

"Whooahh! Ohhh~ It feels so incredible! Hummmm~ Ohhh~"

The face his slut was making was extraordinarily beautiful; biting on her bottom lip strongly, and smiling lovingly as her eyes glowed in pink. She was truly different from before.

Alex couldn't understand what made her change, she was already a shamless slut before, but now it was on another level, not hesitate to ** her virgin asshole for the first time.

Plap~ Plut~ Plap~ Plat~

Without any problems, Menina began moving her ass up and down, taking his whole cock inside, sharing the heat of her plump soft buttocks with his thighs, and kissing his forehead fondly.

"Oh~ Uh~ Ah~ You're sooo gooood! Uhh! Linda, you should try it in your ass sometimes, Ohh~ Uhh! His dick is burning my pussy too! Ohhh~"

Looking at her friend, who was sitting on her seat, and stroking her creampied clit while looking at her man's dick going in and out of a butthole, Menina vulgarly uttered to her, waking her up a little.

"Shut up, slut! I can see, and I'm too tired for more, do your thing quietly"

Linda just began rubbing her pussy even faster; looking at meaning smiley face with a blush. She couldn't understand how she was smiling when was a huge rod ramming into her small anus; however, Linda masturbated on it!

Plut! Plap! Plat! Plap!

After getting more used to it, Menina began moving her whole body up and down, slamming her ass on his cock, and savoring every inch of it.

"Aghh~ Uhgg! Aghhh~"

Slowly but surely, Alex was ascending to heaven; feeling his dick getting squeezed like a sponge, and his balls getting slammed roughly, his wish was to cum!

Plap! Plut! Plap! Plat!

Menina hugged him even tightly, and banged herself down on him swiftly as soon as she felt a slight twitch in his rod! Alex wasn't able to do anything, he just let her ** his dick with her butt; longing for an ass creampie!

"Uhh! Ahh! Fuck! Uh! My asshole is getting wrecked! Uhn! Ahh! Yes! Fill it up! Ahh! Uhh! Ohh! Ahh!!!"

Without any care for her surroundings, Menina whimpered and moaned so loudly as she felt a familiar hot fluid shooting inside her vigorously, it was too much, and it felt like lava!

"Uhh~ Ohhhh~ Hmmm~ My **boy, we aren't done yet~ Uhmmm~ Ahhh~"

Menina was creampied twice in two different holes, however, instantly after she began shaking her ass on his dick again, she was panting, but couldn't waste any moment.

Nevertheless, Alex already gave her a chance. He stood up, put her back on the back of the backrest in front of them, pulled her legs up on his shoulders, without drawing out his dick out of her.

Alex squeezed her soft large breasts with both of his hands, crashing them with his fingers, slowly began thrusting his dick back and forth.

"Woaahah!!! What are you doing!! Uhh! Ahhhh! Fuck!! Ahh!"

With her back laying on the soft red crest rail, while her legs were resting on his shoulders, and having her bottom body totally supported by his hips. Menina was whined loudly as her butt hole getting tortured!

Pahh! Pahh!! Pahh! Pahh!

Switching his hands from her soft springy mountains to her rounded buttocks, Alex lifted her a little bit, and began thrusting even faster! Slapping his abdomen strongly against her ass, and making it bounce from the force!

He was frustrated because of earlier, he didn't enjoy Menina's asshole properly, because she was the one in charge, also he was annoyed because of her calling him a **boy! In addition to all that, the movie was ending in 30 minutes, so he ended to hurry up!

"Ahhh! Hmm! Uhh! Ohh! Uuh! Alex! Harder! Fuck me harder!! Uhh! Ahh! Ohh!"

Unexpectedly, Menina only moaned louder, begging him to get even harder! He squeezed her tender busty ass tighter, causing the tips of his fingers to disappear in her flesh, then thrust harder.

Plat! Plut! Plap! Plap!

All he could hear, was Menina's moans, slapping sounds, and wet noises, coming from both her anus, and from Linda pussy.

She was still sitting and rubbing the hell out of her burning pussy! Watching your friend getting **ed in the ass by your man in front of you was truly exciting!

Pahh! Pahh! Pahhh! Pahhh!

"Aghh~ Sooo tight!~ Ohh~"

However, it was going to end soon, Alex began breathing heavily, while vigorously slapping his hips on Menina's ass, promptly and roughly, enough to make his fire his second cum blast inside her!

"Aghhhh~ Hmmm~ Ahhh~ Uhhh~"

Menina just panted, making her slim thin belly to go up and down, while she let go of her head, taking a glimpse of the movie screen upside down. She had things under control, however, Alex was no normal to ** with.

"Ahhhh! Hmmmm~ Uhhh~ Fuck you, guys! You made me frig on you!"

Suddenly a moan moaned resounded in the back, it was from Linda, who let out her fluids out with her trembling body. All the three of them felt tired, but lust clouded their heads, and they ended up having sex in a movie theater!


After pumping every drop of seed inside her unbreedable hole, Alex put her shaking legs on the ground, and reposed back on his seating, gazing at his gothic woman panting heavily while shivering consistently.

Alex was still wondering what had gotten into her earlier, she was definitely a little bit different from usual, more like slutty. It wasn't bad at all, but he was pondering about it.

"She has a multiple personality disorder, when she gets so excited, she automatically switches to a different person, it's not that serious. Anyway, Hmmmmm~ Huff~ Why your cock doesn't get soft!! Hmmm~"

Linda explained Menina's condition, making him so surprised, then she plunged his cock inside her mouth again, leaning from the side, and sucking his dirty rod.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

Menina's condition didn't seem to be bad, her personality didn't seem to change that much, and her memory were still the same. Surprisingly, the only difference is the second one is a solid slut.

"Ohh~ Alex~ I wanna suck your cock too~ Hmmm~"

Hearing the slurping noises coming from her man's crotch, Menina gazed up to find her friend Linda, who is supposed to be tired sucking his cock!

Additionally, she stopped calling Alex her **boy, she could tell he was frustrated because of it earlier. She used it only, because she wanted him to get on her more.

Nonetheless, she crawled on her four until she reached him, placed her hands on his knees, then she began licking his veiny stick along with Linda, licking all the way down to his balls, as they were licking on a popsicle.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp

"Aghh~ I enjoyed the movie today~ Ahh~"

Alex couldn't help but groaned as he satisfyingly received a double blowjob. Linda licked his red hot glans with the tip of her narrow tongue, licking like a puppy who met his owner in years. Making his whole dick to turn red, and his veins to pop out!

As for Menina! She sucked him up and down, like sucking a hot dog vertically. It looked like she was biting him, but it was opposite! It felt as if she was pouring lava on him instead of her saliva!

Slurp! Licks! Slurp!

"Aghhh! Uhhh! You sluts~ Ghhh~"

Receiving all that torturing pleasure, Alex grasped on the armrests and raised his face above. Feeling quick short licks on his glans, and a warm squeezing of lips on his stick. His mind slowly blurred, even forgot about Menina's condition!

"Hmmm~ babe, I truly love your cock now~ It's so red and full of veins~ Fufufu~ Hhmmm~ Uhmmm~"

Giggling while observing the cock he made her feel a heavenly pleasure, it looked it was about to pop out! Linda went even cruel, using all her skills. She shoved his glans into her mouth, and started slurping on it as if it was noodles!

"Hummm!! Hummmm~ Huffmmm~ Mmmmm~"

Suddenly, his cock jerked so violently, startling both of Linda and Menina, rather making them go faster! Using their lips and tongue to the maximum. Soon, making him involuntarily cum!

"Ughhmmmmm!! Ghhkkhhh! Oh! Fuckkk! Nooo!! It went up to my nose!! Ughhh!"

However, releasing his load inside Linda's mouth without any warning. It was a lot, and she mistakenly and instantly swallowed a bunch of it while exhaling at the same time, causing it to go up to her nostrils...

'What the **...'

Alex couldn't believe what he was seeing, drops of a white fluid slowly came out of Linda's nose, at the same time coughing because of swallowing a lot carelessly. He never expected to see her like that, completely a dump bitch that was suffering painfully.

"Haha~ That's what you get for being a greedy slut, you wanted to take his delicious semen all for yourself? Now take it, Haha! Hmmmmm~"

Looking at her friend in that state, Menina couldn't help but laugh. She went down on his cock, sucked the remaining cum in its canal, and licked the spilled one off his thighs, like an intellectual good bitch.

Alex leaned down on his seat, watched the last minutes of the actual movie along with Menina, who seated next to him, so did Linda, after taking care of her nose.

The two girls were completely naked except for their feet. Linda was wearing a half white half pink sports shoes, and Menina was putting on black boots, which they had some cool silver chains as decorations. As for Alex, similar to Linda, he was having on a black sports sneakers.

However, he was just half naked, his bottom body was obviously naked, but his top still had his white t-shirt, which had few water stains. No worries, Liza slowly dried them with her magic.

'Should I add them on the tree? They pretty get along with each other, but jealously will build up, and cause them problems~'

While watching the movie, Liza sweet voice rang in his head, suggesting adding Menina and Linda as the new branches of his tree. He already bonded them too, but still they were bonded to each other.

Recalling the absolute amazing threesome he just had, Alex nodded in approval, and the same white string came out of his chest, divided into two, one went to the left side, to Menina, and the other one went to the right to Linda.

Piercing both their hearts, then another white string appeared between them, connected to each other's chest. Instantly, both girls felt more affectionate to each other.

Without moving or saying anything, both of them looked at the theater screen strangely. However, the movie was already ending.

"Finally! This piece of ** ended! Let's get the hell out of here!"

After resting for about 15 minutes, the movie ended, and Linda stood up and began dressing, soon the lights are coming back, all of them were naked to some extent. Alex and Menina also started wearing back their clothes.

"Hugggh! Huff! It w-won't get up Huggg! Finally! Haff~"

Linda struggled to pull up her tight, tiny blue jeans shorts. They were a decent size, but compared to her fat buttocks and thick thighs, it was definitely so small, and even after pulling it up and wearing it, half of her butt cheeks were exposed.

Alex couldn't judge on her way of clothing, he was sure no man could ever get near her, as she was already his. He didn't know how his enslavement protection worked, but he felt there was something like that.

'If any man came near her in three meter radios with an extreme lust, he would faint immediately, so don't worry, no one going to have her ass expect you~'

Somehow feeling his puzzlement, Liza didn't hesitate to rest assured him, she well knew how the skills works, and everything was under control.

'I wonder how men fainted today because of this'

Alex chuckled and stood up. Certainly all his women were hotties, and beauties who surely get lust on every day, Even so, the protection was there, and he had nothing to worry about.

Anyways, almost everyone left the auditorium, except for few, and the three of them. Both girls already wore their clothes, looking beautiful but kinda messy, and stinky.

With everything okay, Alex walked away, going up and exciting the movie theater, then the whole cinema. Linda clinching into his arm, and Menina intimacy and closely walked beside him, but suddenly, they stopped after Linda stopped.

Smiling awkwardly at him with a flushed face, it seemed she was facing difficulties to utter what she wanted. A shamless whore like her was embarrassed!

"Hey, babe...I know it's a weird question, but would you go out with me?"

Chapter end

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