I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – What's going on?

What's going on?

"Babe. No, Alex, Would you go out with me?"

Linda suddenly stopped while clinching into Alex, and asked him to go out with her! Her face was red beet like never before, but she properly gathered her courage and confessed her lovely desire!

It would be a lie if Alex said he wasn't surprised by this sudden love proposal. Of the women he had, Linda was technically the first one to ask him to date her. He knew Alice was doing it on Monday too, but still, Linda took first.

In addition, who would expect the seductive slutty Linda would actually desire a relationship with him, from first glance, anyone would say she on was only for sex, but it was the total opposite in reality! She definitely longed for a boyfriend, and Alex was the desired one.

However, what was even more stunning, Menina didn't oppose it at all. She was definitely surprised at first too, but she remained silent, gazing at her friend's blushing face meaningfully.

The opposite was Anna, she would literally eat alive any woman just for thinking to take her darling for themselves! That clingy behavior was the savior of Alex, but today nothing would save him! Most likely he had to answer by yes or no.

'What should I do? You know I can't be in a relationship, and also I don't want to reject her'

Having no other way, Alex asked his savior, the succubus that lead to all this and change his whole life in nights. As a female, she definitely knew how to respond to females' sensitive feelings.

'Yes, you definitely can't reject her, even though she is like your slave now, she still has her heart and feelings. Hmmm...Okay! Let me take care of it'

Alex truly didn't know how Liza was going to take care of it; even so, he didn't have time to think about it, as his lips moved by themselves!

"Huh!? Fuck no, remember you're my slut~ always mine"

Suddenly, his lips moved because of Liza's possession, the same way she did with his arm. The voice remained the same, but the tone and the chuckle were definitely unusual.

Liza took control of his mouth and lungs, and uttered some shameless vulgar words for Linda's reddened ears! Making them even reddened, and causing her to smile widely!

"Owhh! Woah!! I never thought being your slut would sound nicer than being your girlfriend! I absolutely love it!!"

Linda was surprised at first, but soon and unexpectedly excitement was all over her face after hearing his playful statement! He rejected her being his girlfriend but gave her a way better title.

'How that even works...'

Just recovering from the puzzled state he was in because of Liza taking control over his mouth, Linda playfully loud voice resounded in his ears, leaving him dumbfounded.

'Well you always have to give something in exchange, you still rejected her, but also gave her something else instead, you should always give something, so yeah~ don't thank me fufufu~'

That was a different kind of surprise, to think getting called a slut would be something delightful for her, yet, she was extremely happy about it, indeed, she was his slut.

"Can I be your slut too? Please"

Even Menina was participating in this, she didn't ask him to date her, but instead, she begged to be his slut, and with a serious expression! That just added up to Alex's surprise, but in the end, he nodded with an awkward smile.

"Of course, you're mine too"

Alex played the game Liza started, and soon a light smile appeared on Menina's flawless face upon hearing his approval.

Just like Linda was doing, she also came near, and hugged him from the left side, while her friend was on the right, cuddling with him on the sidewalk as if it was nothing.

That was a good thing he was saved, but now he needed to move, people were already starting to gawk at them strangely. He wouldn't care if a man didn't just faint while passing by them... The pavement was crowded with people coming and going, and Linda and Menina were absolutely mouthwatering.

"Hmm I should go, I still have things to do, thanks for today's date"

Alex spoke to the two young women who burying their faces in his chest while hugging him from the side, but both of them broke their hugs as soon as they heard his sweet voice.

"Thank you too, babe! We go on a date another time soon, or maybe you pass by our apartment!"

Looking at Alex with a lovely smile, Linda wasn't satisfied with one date, and suggested going for more, whether outside or in their apartment.

Alex was kind of surprised that both of them lived together, it was good, no, perfect! He was not lazy to meet them again, since it was definitely not going to be the last.

"Yes, sure, I would love to"

Finding nothing stopping him from spending more time with both his new hotties, Alex nodded his head in approval. He was actually thrilled about another "date".

"Yay! I will send you the address via message, come any time!"

Linda showed her playful nature again. Feeling so much connected with Alex, there was no way she wouldn't feel happy by spending more time with him.

It was the same for the silent Menina, she was smiling and nodding her head while looking at his face lovingly. Anyone could tell she was in love!

"Okay, I will definitely pass by sometime. By the way, you have my number, Menina?"

Speaking of messaging, Alex turned his head towards Menina, and asked whether she had his number or not, since she was also his woman, they both need to say in touch.

"Yes, I have it, no I stole it from Linda. She refused to share it with me at first, such a greedy hoe"

Menina responded to his question with a faint smile, while slightly peeking at Linda. Alex recalled he told Linda to share his number with her friend, but it seems jealousy was in the between, fortunately, she gave it to her in the end.

However, now with them being connected to each other, somehow jealousy was nowhere to find between them. Only good feelings and intentions.


But before he could speak, he saw a familiar figure walking away from them, followed by two men from behind, disguised in the crowd! Alex was confused at first, the person was someone he probably knew, but they were stalked!

'Is that your teacher? Hmmm? Her name is Jane, right?'

Liza's voice assured him from thinking he was just hallucinating! His hottie teacher, who was wearing only a mini red dress, walked down the street, and was followed by two big-built men.

It was strange, it looked like the two giants were no good, walking behind her slowly without being suspicious. That made Alex so curious and cautious as well, he was glaring at that scene with a serious expression, confusing both Linda and Menina.

"Sorry, girls, I need to go now, see you later"

Feeling somehow anxious by that, Alex smiled down at both his women, and excused himself. Walking slowly behind both men, trying to figure out what was going on. His date was already done, so it was okay to leave.

As a normal human, he was obviously worried about others around him, especially someone he knows. He kept following them, his teacher was walking slowly, so he kept his slow pace.

'You know she is a whore? A real one, and maybe she was the one who seduced them; also, I have been feeling something off about her since I saw her'

Liza uttered, giving Alex few possibilities. Definitely, Jane, his teacher, was kind of a slut. She even came once to the class after getting creampied by two different men! With that, He was convinced she might have seduced those men, who were following her.

Not just any normal men, but big ones, bodybuilders! Lurking behind her, however, after a little more observation, truly Jane was the one who planned everything...

Suddenly, she disappeared into a narrow alley, and the two men followed. Certainly, it looked to Alex as a prostitute going to work with her clients, so he had no more reason to follow anymore, unless he was interested in seeing two men banging his teacher.

'Something is off, your teacher gives me some strange yet familiar vibes! Follow them, they stopped'

Unlike him, Liza wanted to go further and explore. Alex felt the seriousness coming from her, as if she was worried about something. He did as she said, and he was going into the alley unwillingly.

'Wait, let me erase our existence first'

Before he stepped into the alley, Liza's voice rang in his ears again. Alex was truly dumbfounded by her sudden weird behavior, surprising him more than her skill that could hide their existence.

Yes, it was a skill that could hide them spirituality, but he was confused about its purpose, he knew his fellow humans don't have a built-in radar like him to detect others, so it didn't make any sense to hide themselves.

However, what was more confusing was Liza, she was definitely up to something, and his teacher Jane was giving her some alters.

"You could go now"

After a couple more seconds, Liza signaled to him to go in, and that was what he did. Going in with a stormy head, and with determination to know what the hell was happening.

Going a little deeper, and turning left, he began hearing some voices, a feminine voice actually, and it was undoubtedly his teacher's! She was yelling loudly at someone.

"You **ing pieces of **! Your bodies are huge, but your dicks are tiny, it pisses me off, just ** off"

The voice grow up louder and Alex was able to hear it clearly. He walked a little bit and turned right, then took a peek at what taking place there. It was quite spacious there, in the shape of a box, surrounded by buildings.

But what was more stunning than the space was there were two men bowing down to the ground in front of a familiar woman, the two men were totally naked, while his teacher was still in her clothes, fortunately.

'What the **.... Her eyes are glowing red!'

There was definitely something more dumbfounding than two bodybuilders naked from head to toe and kowtowing down completely as if they were worshiping a god. What added water to clay, was his teacher's brown eyes were beaming in complete red!

His slutty teacher wasn't actually **ing with the two men, but actually stepping on their heads with her high heel while her eyes acted weirdly.

'I knew! I always sensed something weird about her, go in!'

Alex was startled by Liza's sudden cry, telling him to make himself known to the three. It would be a lie if he didn't feel hesitant, but he had some good reason. His teacher wasn't absolutely normal!

'Come on! Go in, you will know everything after, and don't worry I have everything under control'

Liza could feel the hesitation in Alex, so she tried to reassure him that everything was fine, and nothing back was going bad going to happen. Indeed, she had confidence that she would deal with it.

After a couple more seconds of thinking and rethinking his decision, Alex decided to make himself known as he came to light.

"You worthless **s!—Huh?! Who are you?!!!.... Alex?!"

As soon as he came near, Jane immediately noticed him, she was no less surprised than him, but she quickly regained her composure. Her seduction of two bodybuilders was a "failure", but fortunately another BIG prey came in willingly.

"What are you doing here, boy?~ Did you miss me? I know you have been having a hard time during my classes~ my apologies fufufu"

Jane really regained her composure, switched her face into a smiley, and seductively walked near Alex. Somehow, she knew he was lusting for her the other day when he was super horny. It wasn't his fault, she was extremely sexy.

Even now, her tight mini-red dress was alluring, it was only covering half of her thick thighs, and barely supporting her plump breasts. She was at the peak of her beauty, but it wasn't charming Alex as she thought.

"Rose, Kneel down to your queen"

Suddenly and again, Alex's eyes glowed in red, and his lips moved in their own, producing a very serious voice, telling the woman in front of him to kneel down. Alex was sure her name was Jane, but Liza called her rose...

"Oh!!! Y-Your Majesty the queen Isabella!?!!"

Unexpectedly, upon hearing what Alex unwillingly said, Jane's face turn slightly pale, and she immediately kneeled down on one kneel, bowing down her head, out of excitement, rather fear.

'What's in hell is going on here'


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Chapter end

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