I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Our first kiss

Our first kiss

Alex was so horny, and he got even more after he heard what Erin's said, she clearly wanted to have sex with him.

Alex's dick was half erected after he released his load in Erin's throat, but when he saw how much Erin's pussy was wet, and heard her lewd bold statement, his dick got hard as a rock again and started throbbing lightly.

Seeing his long and thick dick got hard again, Erin smiled embarrassingly, that's meant for her that Alex's big brother wants to ravage her pussy as she asked.

Before Alex got drowned in his desires and lust, he woke up after hearing footsteps coming toward them.

Certainly, someone was coming in their direction.

Alex looked at Erin, but he didn't see any expressions other than a lewd, needy expression. It seemed that he was the only one who could hear it.

Liza felt Alex's confusion again and decided to explain again.

'Our senses became strong as I get stronger, now you hear and see better than normal humans, and there are more skills I unlocked besides this, I will tell you about them later' Liza explained.

Alex nodded, he pulled up his pants and adjusted them, and then stood facing Erin, he was taller than her, which made her look like a small cute puppy compared to him.

"I'm sorry, I can't do it now, but I promise, I will ravage your pussy so roughly next time" Alex smiled with a confident voice and a calm expression.

Erin was so horny, and she wanted Alex inside of her, but she understood and obeyed what he said, then nodded her small head in agreement.

He placed his firm big hands on her cheeks and caressed it,

"Thanks, Erin" Alex smiled again at Erin.

After gaining confidence in himself, and getting more at ease with his special powers, Alex still thanked Erin for the pleasure she provided him, giving him the best blowjob!

Erin was kind of surprised and embarrassed, because it was the first time, Alex called her by her name.

She loved it and closed her eyes to feel Alex's hands more.

Nevertheless, after a few seconds, he drew his hands back from her cheeks.

Footsteps grow closer and Erin was able to hear them now, she turned around, and a person appeared out of the bookshelves.

"There you are! I have been looking for you for ages! What were you doing?" a brown haired girl shouted after she saw Erin.

She had a suspicious look in her face, Erin had never left her desk during her assistance time, even for the toilet.

It was Erin's only friend, her name was Lily, she was the same age, and nearly the same height as Erin, she was pretty, but Erin was cuter than she.

Erin was nervous and couldn't say anything, she knew she can't say that she was giving Alex a blowjob.

Alex saw Erin's embarrassed and nervous expression and decided to take the lead.

"I asked her to explain to me the content of this book, it was difficult for me, and Erin told me that she read this book before, and I asked her for help" Alex came next to Erin and lift his book to show it to Lily.

Lily was surprised by how handsome and charming Alex was, but she quickly regained her consciousness.

"Are you Alex...? You look so different from the Alex I know, I–I mean, you look more handsome now..." Lily asked with a confused, flushed face.

Alex was infamous for having such a rare condition, and almost everyone on the campus knew him.

"Yes, I'm Alex Evans that you know, I'm sorry for borrowing Erin for quite a time" Alex said with an apologetic tone to make Lily stop asking more questions.

"N–No it's okay! I was just looking for Erin because they're some students asking for help, and she wasn't in her desk, so I came to look for her" seeing a handsome guy like Alex apologize, Lily hurriedly explained to her why she was looking for Erin.

Erin abandoned her work to seek more pleasure, she was completely drowned in her desires.

She looked at Alex one last time before she went back to do her work, her face was less red than before and her expression was so cute, she looked like a little puppy looking at its owner.

"S–See you later, A–Alex" Erin looked at Alex's eyes and said with an embarrassed expression, then went to her friend.

Lily was very surprised about how her nerd friend acted around Alex, He has definitely gotten so handsome and charminger than before, his eyes were beautiful as rubies,

She saw handsome boys hitting Erin multiple times when they were still in high school together. Erin always rejected them respectfully, and she never acted with them like how she acted with Alex now.

"See you later, Erin" Alex said with a smile and waved his hand at Erin.

Erin's face immediately turned red as a tomato, she turned around

She started walking away to hide her embarrassed face, Lily was still standing and staring at Alex.

Alex felt her stare and looked at her.

"See you later too, Lily" Alex added while waving his hand at Lily.

Lily's face flushed and turned rosy too. She turned back and walked hurriedly to reach Erin.

Lily finally understood why Erin was acting around Alex like that.

After both of them left, Alex sighed, he was feeling so helpless now, he was so horny and doesn't have anyone to bend his horniness in.

Alex sat down on the couch again, opened the book, and started reading it.

'Nerdy boy' Liza chuckled.

After a few minutes, he was still horny, no matter how much he tried to distract himself from obscene things, he didn't succeed, the images of Erin giving him a blowjob were repeating consistently.

He never felt so pleasure in his left, even though it was Erin's first blowjob, and it wasn't perfect, but it really felt so good to him, he would love to have his dick inside Erin's mouth forever.

Alex let out a heavy sigh.

'It seems that you're having a hard time, I'm sorry I can't help you with anything now, but why don't you go to the bathroom and jerk off?' Liza suggested.

Alex always ignored bold advice and suggestions.

But this idea was somehow good, if he jerked off, he will get less horny, which will help him continue his day normally.

Alex picked up his book and put it in his backpack, zipped it, got up, and went to the exit of the library.

Alex could keep the book until tomorrow afternoon if he wanted, but he was planning on returning it back after lunchtime.

He exited the library, and went to the bathroom, after a few seconds of walking. Alex felt someone holding him from his black hoodie cuff!

Feeling a light resistance pulling him, He turned around to see who, and as he sensed, it was none other Alice!

Her face was beet red, but she was fixedly gazing at Alex's face.

She moved her hand from his hoodie cuff to his hand, she dragged him to a room, and locked it.

Alex understood what was going to happen, he could feel Alice lust was getting out of control.

'It seems she reached her limits already' Liza grinned as she was going to watch another shot of lusty moments.

Even after getting inside, Alice was still holding his hand, slowly she closed her eyes, calmly raised her foot heels, and...placed her lips on Alex's lips.

In spite of Alex predicting that she would kiss him, he still felt a embarrassed, however he didn't back off. He closed his eyes too, and kissed Alice back passionately...

Chapter end

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