I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Jane Needs Help

Jane Needs Help

"Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!"

Jane's voice echoed all over the place. Fortunately, Liza was putting a soundproof barrier around them since the beginning, and Jane's screams couldn't reach people on the streets.

She was on her knees, sobbing while holding her head with both hands, truly in a miserable state. Turned out, unlike Liza, Rose was a true succubus, who had no care or sympathy for humans, following only her goals!

Still, Rose couldn't be blamed, she was a hell creature, and a succubus on top of that, so doing such a thing was pretty normal for her, including having sex with blood-related family members.

However, it wasn't normal at all for humans, but somehow Rose didn't know about it, and did used her host, Jane, just for sex, and in order to regain her powers back.

'Damn...How are we going to deal with the mess your friend did?...'

Alex was feeling so annoyed, he never thought there was a day where he would see his playful, seductive teacher sobbing so helplessly, recalling everything she did while being under the influence of Rose.

Simply, she was involuntarily crying because Rose's actions ruined her life! Alex couldn't hold himself from feeling compassion while looking at her. With influence of this new succubus, Jane ended up having sex with her father and brother.

It was totally unacceptable, even for Alex, he felt so angry when Liza mentioned him adding his mom to his harem, just saying it made him upset. So Jane was undoubtedly EXTRA upset with it.

Her relationship with her father, brother, and even other people she knows and slept with was completely shattered. Alex was sure Rose didn't stop just at her father and brother, but other males too.

It all started a few days ago, to be exact, one week before Liza possessed Alex. It happened when Jane was at her apartment, lying down on the couch, while reading a book, suddenly, she felt something painful pierced her body. Therefore, it all started from there.

Jane was frightened at first, she had a hard time believing that a succubus was talking on her head. With that, they had a long conversation, however, Rose shared little information unlike Liza did to Alex.

Even so, Rose told Jane her aim and goal from possessing her, but she was the opposite of Alex, she refused, and that was the start of the taking over.

By using her remaining powers, Rose made Jane's lust reaches its peak, and made the males around her horny. At first, she had sex with her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now, then she went to other people, like her landlord, neighbors, co-workers....

With having so much sex daily, sometimes she would forcefully take two men at the same time, obviously with that, her boyfriend found out and caught cheating on him, so he immediately broke up with her, leaving her suffer more with the devilish succubus.

He didn't know that she wasn't doing it with her own will, feeling so aroused, also the males around were the same, and Rose's zone caused it. They quickly start approaching her, and sleeping with her unknowingly.

Here and there, in the end, it lead her to having sex with her twin brother, and her father too. Fortunately, her mom didn't know about it yet, however, Jane still had sex with a lot of men, and particularly people she knew already.

'Well...I don't know...I can't erase weeks of memory with my current power and form...Let alone erasing the memory of everyone she had sex with...However, let me think of something'

Definitely Jane was in a complicated condition, even Liza couldn't find any way to save her. Alex couldn't help but look with dissatisfaction at Rose.

"Oops! Sorry about that, Alex. However, she knows too much, shall I kill her, my Queen? I'm sure she would kill herself in the end, so it is better to lessen the pain"

Rose was having no guilt or regret at what she done. She had no empathy for human whatsoever. Even so, she suggested killing Jane at least as a way of easing her pain.

Assuredly, with Jane at that state, she undoubtedly would commit suicide at some point in the future, because of all the things Rose did on her behalf. She wholly turned her life upside down.

"No, we are not killing her. You should be the one getting killed her here, Rose. However, instead of killing you, I will use you"

Before Alex could yell a NO in Rose's face, Liza took control of his vocal, and talked instead. Luckily, she was on his side, and refused Rose cruel suggestion.

However, with denying her servant's proposal, Liza unexpectedly declared! Alex could tell that Liza came up with an idea to help Jane, and Rose was its key.

'Darn it, I guess memory erasing is the only option available in the end'

Suddenly, Alex's hand jerked up, and landed gently on Jane's head, Jane was about to glance up, but she immediately fainted again. Liza slowly read her memory using her magic, looking at all the things she did recently, and the people she had contact with in the last couple weeks.

Alex was so surprised, he had no idea of what was happening, but he let Liza do her work. Since she emphasized with Jane and decided to help her, he stayed silent while watching what was taking place.

'For some context, I'm going to erase the memories of everybody she had sex with, it much better than erasing hers, it's meaningless anyway. Still, I won't be able to do that with my current powers, however, I have another plan.'

Feeling anxious about her decision, Liza shared her plans with Alex, hoping he would agree, and give her a last push before she do it.

Even though, it was a fine plan; she decided to take notice to his opinion. After she read Jane's recent memories, she waited for his response.

Her plan was erasing the memories of people Jane slept with, and surely there was a lot of them, so Alex was confused of how Liza was going to do it

However, it was just people she was in connection with in the past two weeks, around 20 men....From what Liza watched in Jane's memory, Rose made her have sex once with each man. Luckily, that eased her task.

Rose did that because every man she found, wasn't able to satisfy her lust, so she kept seeking for better. Nevertheless, she absorbed their lust, returned to her prime, and her was she.

'Okay...But how are you going to do? You certainly don't have enough power to do that, also why do you have ill intentions towards Rose...'

Just hearing Alex's okay, Liza proceed with her plan, making his left arm to point at Rose, with his palm opened to her succubus, Rose's flawless face turned pale. Slowly, a dark reddish energy, more like smoke, started coming out of her entire body, and running straight to Alex's hand.

"Y-Your Majesty, w-why are you absorbing my powers!"

Alex didn't wait a lot before he learned what was going on! Liza was sucking Rose's powers she earned by using Jane's body! It was all clear now. Liza couldn't erase others' memories with her current powers and form, but certainly with Rose's powers added up, it was possible.

Nonetheless, Rose was horrified by what her queen was doing! She regained 100% of her powers, but it was all getting sucked by Liza! Slowly going away without anyway to stop it.

Even if Rose had the ability to stop it, she would most likely refrain from stopping her. Liza was still the queen she swore to serve, also her childhood friend, so she just cried inside silently as her power was fading.


Abruptly, and unexpectedly, Rose passed out, and fell on the ground. Somehow, her supernatural body was physically in touch with the real world. That made Alex's kind of surprised.

But that wasn't what was important! Rose just fainted, and the reddish smoke disappeared. Yet, Alex understood what happened, it was simple, after Rose's powers reached a very low level, she blacked out.

'Holy **! The percentage of my powers exceed 70%! I could make myself a physical body now, but I will use it the sake of your teacher, so make sure to ** her a lot for me later fufufu~'

Even with the bad mood they were in, Liza's lewd jokes didn't go anywhere. Thinking of that, Jane would rather kill herself than sleep with a man at this moment, undoubtedly she needed lots of care before she could come out of hellish pit hole she was in.

'Okay, let's begin!'

Suddenly, Liza announced, but she didn't place his hand on the fainted Jane like before. However, something even crazier happened! Alex's body began floating! Going higher so fastly until he had a view over the whole city.

"Holy crap?!!"

Alex's jaw dropped as he suddenly found himself floating above his city! It all happened quick, and he didn't have time to figure out everything. Clearly, he was still feeling so awful with all those horrible events that happened at the same time.

'Found them. Fortunately, all those 20 men are still in the city'

It was the first time Alex learn how many men Jane **ed. It wasn't a little, nor lot, but speaking of a short time, 20 men was absolutely too much.

While still recovering from the shock state he was in. 20 red light long pillars appeared individually all over the city, stunning him to the core. Soon, his body started getting heated, while reddish smoke leaked out him.

He wasn't feeling any pain, but tiredness was all over his body. It took around 10 minutes before Liza's cheerful voice resounded in his head again.

'Done! Still I had to sacrifice 5% more of my powers, I'm left with only 30% now! If Rose wasn't a pure-blooded succubus, I would had to sacrifice even more! I hope it's worth, but your turn began from here"

Just as he prayed, Liza successed in erasing the sex minutes those men had with Jane, along with obscene memories too. Still, she had to use some of her powers, after Rose's ran out. It happened kind of quickly and easily, so Alex had some doubts.

Nevertheless, it would be a lie if he said he was feeling fine. Actually, the most complex question he had, was how Liza able to manipulate people's memories even with them being so far from her...

Nor she saw them in real life, just from Jane's memory, she did all this, and successfully completed her task. Totally impressive.

'That's why they call me the queen, I'm not the queen of an entire race for nothing~'

Liza could guess what Alex was thinking about, and she reminded him with a chuckle. Shortly, they returned to the ground, the same spot they were in, gazing at the two fainted women.

'Are you sure you erased everything?'

Looking at Jane miserable state, Alex asked, he believed that Liza done something, but he still had doubts whether it was perfect or not.

'Yes, everything is fine, but she still has her whole memories, unlike the men she had sex with I had to deal only with the sex period, but for her I need to erase every second of her memory after meeting Rose, and you know I can't do that. With all this, I suggest you take care of her once she wakes up'

Glancing at Jane too, Liza explained with a calm voice. She understood what Jane went through, and couldn't help but want to support her. Still, she couldn't ease her pain and erase her memory too.

'I'm still trying to understand everything that just happened, but you have my thanks on this, Liza'

Alex wasn't close with his teacher, but he felt extremely happy with Liza helping her, it was something incredibly nice from her, and she deserved appreciation.

'Ohh!!! That's so seductive when it's coming from my Alex!! I'm so glad I helped her!'

Unexpectedly, Liza was so happy after Alex seriously thanked her, she was genuinely content with it. Surprisingly, his words hit hard for her!


While smiling faintly by Liza's playful voice, some humming noises came from down there. It was Jane's! She finally regained her conscious. Raising her face, she lifelessly stare at Alex.

Her face was absolutely in a miserable state, her eyes were teary and red, cheeks full of dry tears, and saliva was rolling down her chin. Who would have thought he would see her in this condition.

However, was saddening, was that her eyes became so colorless, totally lifeless. She gazed at Alex as if she was actually staring through him, if it wasn't from her lips movement, he thought of that.


Chapter end

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