I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – New Phone

New Phone


Erin's cute oval face flushed, as soon she saw Alex. Unlike Lily, she didn't pay any attention to the unfamiliar, seductive girl beside him.

"Hi, I'm here to buy a phone obviously"

Alex waved his hand for Erin, and responded to Lily's dumbfounded expression. He didn't expect to meet them at this kind of places, but it wasn't impossible.

Also, Erin and Lily were best friends, and get along with each other. In fact, Lily was Erin's only friend, so you could meet them together more often.

Both of them looked gorgeous and cute, wearing simple but cute clothes. Lily wore a gingham mini orange and white patterned dress, which looked so cute on her, and Erin dressed a like usual, a small skirt, which was in blue, and a white tight blouse. Without any doubts, she was beautiful, rather comely.

"A phone? Me too! My phone fell out of my pocket, and broke completely... Don't you have a phone already? It's in your pocket"

Lily uttered playfully, but soon noticed a triangle shaped item in Alex shorts' pocket. She clearly could tell it was a phone, and she couldn't help but get confused a little.

Of course, anyone could have multiple phones at the same time, but rarely someone does it. Alex already had a phone, and if it wasn't working, he would carry it in his pocket. That was Lily's conclusion, also Erin's.

"Yes, it's not for me, it's for...this girl, Rose"

Alex introduced Rose awkwardly to both of the girls. He felt awkward, as he didn't know Rose that well, in addition she didn't look that friendly anyway.

"You know her? I have never seen her before around her. She strangely so pretty too"

Both Lily and Erin inspected the attractive young woman, who had an expressionless face, looking around the phone's store, looking for her desired phone, totally ignored the staring.

Lily had the idea of Rose being a whore at first, but she somehow changed her mind, as she could tell Alex wasn't that kind of guy to hire a prostitute and buy them a phone.

Erin didn't have the same ideas as Lily. Rose absolutely looked so beautiful, but her outfit was showing too much of her skin. It was Linda would be wearing. Likewise, people viewed her as a slutty woman too.

"I want that one! It looks nice, and I like it. Can you buy it for me? Please~"

Suddenly, Rose exclaimed while pointing at a golden colored phone behind the glass in the shelves, while gazing at Alex affectionately. She was pointing at a decent size phone, but its golden color back case hooked her eyes.

With her yell, Alex, along with the two girls, looked where she was pointing. They saw the phone Rose wanted. Alex returned his gaze to Rose after he saw the price tag on it with his sharp vision, shortly he nodded his head in approval.

It was a $550 phone... It wasn't that overpriced, but it definitely was expensive for Alex. Fortunately, he had $600 in his pocket, and looking at Rose's cute face, he ended up agreeing to buying it.

Money wasn't that much of a problem to him. Liza was already providing a fortune with just magic. Come to think about it! Rose also a succubus, so she might have creation magic too! Of course, she couldn't create anything with her current powers, but surely after having lots of sex with her Master, her powers would definitely be filled up again!

So that made the little left grains of worry in his mind disappear. He basically owns Rose, with that, it would be far that she would create some money for him. He was also thinking of getting further in that subject to be able to live nicely and comfortably.

"Okay, I will get it for you"

After nodding, Alex smiled faintly at Rose, making both Erin and Lily wonder what kind of relationship they had! Especially, Lily. As for Erin, she didn't mind, as she felt her Master won't leave her, even if he had all women in the world.

"Who is she? Your name is Rose, right?"

With Rose's fondly exclamation, Lily's question wasn't answer. So without any hesitation, she decided to ask! Of course, she was totally charmed by Alex, and it felt like he was her crush, and not any normal crush, but a crush you gave a little foot job in a public restaurant!

"Why do you **ing care?! Yes, he knows me and I know him, so quite asking your stupid jealous questions. It's not like you're **ing him or anything"

Being fooled by irritating questions, Rose decided to put an end to Lily's annoying, clearly out of jealousy questions. Rose was absolutely so furious, when Lily called her a prostitute after she came inside the store.

However, for the sake of her Master, she didn't respond, or show any ill intentions towards Lily. Alex seemed to know them personally, so it would be so bad, if she went against his friends.

Even so, she couldn't control herself anymore, and let out her annoyance on her. It was frustrating being called a whore by others. Her outfit might be revealing a lot, but still she undoubtedly not a slut.

"Huh?!! You have an attitude, huh? Neither, you're **ing with him. I'm sure he won't sleep with such a cheap prostitute"

Unlike what everyone thought. Lily didn't get angry and get her cool, she truly had a chilling personality, and knows well how to respond to her enemies. Well, Rose wasn't an enemy, but someone who was too arrogant, and Lily hated that.

Being a succubus, she could tell Lily was still a virgin, and didn't have any experience, that meant she never actually **ed with her Master! It was the same for her too...

"What!! I'm not a prostitu—"

Watching how things were heading to, Liza had to step in, and ended up shutting Rose's mouth forcefully, she was yelling so loudly, and already drew attention to them.

Alex was also going to step in, as things were going right. Lily might keep her composure, but Rose was nowhere to have that skill.

"Let's get it, your new phone"

Without giving, Lily nor Rose any time to react. Alex stepped towards the glass shelves where Rose pointed. Asked for the help of the store clerk there, took out the phone, checked it, then went to pay for it.

It wasn't that time-consuming. Since Rose already decided her phone, there wouldn't be any further negotiations. She followed him from behind, as her mouth, was shut willingly now.

Liza didn't keep shut for long, just long enough for Rose to consider her behavior. They were in the human world, and it was certainly different. With that, she shouldn't draw attention or break any rules there.

"Thanks, Mas— Alex! I will take care of it, now please give me your number"

Unintentionally, Rose was about to call Alex, Master in public, but she quickly swallowed it back. She clearly knew calling a human Master in such at time, was hella weird and unusual. However, she probably thanked him, and asked for his number, while her phone still booting up!

She was thrilled to try out human's technology, and especially have contracted with him! He was her Master! Alex in public.

Rose could only refer to him with his name when they're people around. She wanted to avoid saying the magical word, especially when it came to people he knew. She wasn't dumb, and didn't want to cause him any kind of annoyance in throughout his days.

"I-I want your number too"

Suddenly, and after sneaking behind his back, a very sweet trembling voice resounded in Alex's ears. He immediately knew who it was. Who it could be other than his tiny, chubby slave Erin?

"Me too!"

"No! I'm the first to ask! I'm going first"

Just like that, Alex ended up coming out the phone store with three girls numbers in his phone. Adding up on Anna, Linda, and Menina. Totally 6 numbers now. It felt so delightful for him to have that empty chat space filled.

The four of them all came out of the store, after finishing the business they had there. Lily also bought a phone, a decent size one just like Rose's.

"Uhm We need to go right now, see you tomorrow"

It was already 12 PM, 2 hours before his part-time job starts. Alex bid bye to both of the girls. He didn't really want to make things complicated with the arrogant Rose around, and also, he still needed that little hours to punish her!

"Okay, see you tomorrow"

The saddens appeared on Lily's face as Alex left with Rose. She was promptly developing affection for him, so she felt sad, after he left, but she shook her head, and walked away with Erin. She knew she could meet him tomorrow, so there was no need for glooming the mood.

"Thank you so much, Master!"

Going to his apartment, and on their way, and in an empty area. Ross finally let out her hidden emotions, and jumped on his arm. Unlike what she looked like, she was super grateful for his gift. She was prideful, but not for her Master.

"You're going to thank me a lot soon"

While smirking devilishly, and going straight to his place, Alex seductively uttered, making Rose immediately understand, and have several goosebumps! She was sure her Master's punishment was just around the corner.

"Hmmm~ I'm so thankful already, and I also have a very special surprise for you~"

Biting her bottom lip while clinching into his arm like an octopus. Rose's lust was building up again, and each step her feet took, she would feel chills run in her body. It was a truly wonderful moment.

It didn't take long before reaching the place where she was going to be banged. Alex and Rose, went into the elevator, then into his apartment. Like always, it was quite outside, and inside. No one was in the lobby as usual, and fortunately, there wasn't anyone inside his apartment either.

"It is so nice~ I like it"

Rose's curiously and impression won over her lust, and she slowly checked his apartment. It looked nice, tidy, and luxurious. Exactly like her. She explored everything, then slowly went to the last place, just to find a bedroom, a nice one. The room was sun lighted, and everything was clear, with the window open.

But aside from the nice room, there was a very beautiful rounded big ass, along with a smooth back and thighs. Ross already pulled down her red dress, leaving herself only in a very obscene red G-string!

While exploring the room, Alex was behind her, he also followed her eyes, but suddenly, he returned them to her, just to find her naked, glancing back at him with green eyes turning pink because of the glowing hearts!

She was barely holding herself back! Her lust wasn't fulfilled earlier, and just by being with her lustful Master, her lust reached its peak!

With that, she dragged down her sexy lingerie, while bending over, showing him her pink clit and asshole! So tasty!

Without any time-wasting, Rose jumped on the white sheeted mattress, on her fours in the side of the bed.

She bent down her belly, and drew out her soft fat buttocks professionally, showing off her lascivious delicious peach! However, that wasn't the thing that made Alex's heart shake!

What it seemed to be an orange string came out from above of her ass, it was strange, but Alex was stunned to see Rose has a... cat tail!! And soon, a pair of cute fluffy orange cat ears appeared on top of her head...

Rose glanced back, smiling while wiggled her butt from side to side, along with her cat tail played around.

"Fuck me, Master nyaa~"


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